What Benefits Does The Pilates Wunda Chair Provide?

Joseph Pilates introduced Pilates around a hundred years ago. Developed originally as one of the workout methods to gain flexibility and balance, today Pilates is one of the top-rated exercise routines around the world. There are now thousands of experienced teachers that teach Pilates, with newer equipment and methods added to the discipline with each passing year. The Pilates Wunda chair is among these equipment pieces that have gained a noteworthy following over the last few years. 

Its compact size confounds its amazing capacity to build lower-body power, upper-body strength, and core stability to enhance performance in many different types of athletes, helping people to retrain their bodies after an injury as well as increasing physical conditioning.

Even though it has formed an important portion of the Pilates system for several years, this “chair” has experienced new levels of interest and popularity as a fantastic tool when it comes to teaching clients in groups or individually.  

What Is The Wunda Chair?

The Pilates chair is essentially a box that features one side that offers resistance with the use of springs when pressed down. In some cases, the pedal part will be divided into different parts that work independently. 

Traditionally, these chairs were constructed out of wood. The chairs included a pedal and padded top. The original chair that Joseph Pilates designed performed a double duty since it could be converted into a sitting chair. 

A few large manufacturers of Pilates equipment sell streamlined, lightweight models of these chairs. These are focused on taking these chairs away from the “special equipment at a studio” category and rather into mainstream or home use. 

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Wunda Chair Workouts And Exercises

Some people assume that the Wunda Chair received such a name since it can work wonders, and many people after using this equipment, strongly agree with this. This equipment is frequently used for basic balance and strength exercises, with classes readily made available for beginners. 

Even though the overall design is basic, there are several exercises that one can perform on a Pilates chair. It is wonderful for gaining strength in the legs, arms, and of course, the core muscles. 

Exercises are performed standing, sitting, or lying on one of these chairs, or from different positions to either side of this equipment. One can expect a great deal of flexibility and stability work when using one of these chairs. 

Classes are always the better place to get started. But once the person has gained an understanding relating to the basic Pilates movement principles, this chair can become a great addition to home exercise routines. 

The Uses Of The Wunda Chair

The main advantage of a Wunda chair involves giving trainers the chance to add more resistance to their workouts. This added resistance towards the body results in more endurance, which is one of the well-known rules for all Pilates trainers. 

The Wunda chair not only supports the arms, shoulders, neck, and upper body, but also provides support to the spinal cord, pelvis, and lower back as well. Using this simple equipment often makes trainers’ endeavors more beneficial and satisfactory. 

Pilates Wunda Chair Advantages

– Excellent For Injury Rehabilitation

Using a Wunda chair for stretching often assists with improving flexibility in the body, increasing range of motion, building strength in the chest and arms, and decreasing overall tension in the body. 

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In addition to this, specific movements when using the chair provide a challenging, intense workout for the core muscle. Even though workouts on these chairs are usually more challenging when compared to reformer Pilates exercises, specific design features have meant that this does not always need to be this way. For example, the handle design on this chair, allows this equipment to provide more support for individuals suffering from muscle injuries. 

– Improve Sports Performance

When it comes to Pilates, the Wunda chair can be an extremely challenging piece of equipment. It is often used to enhance performance in runners, skiers, and footballers since it’s very effective when it comes to increasing leg and arm strength. The Pilates chair is also useful for sports such as golf, cricket, and tennis where mobility and upper body strength are required. 


Certain Pilates forms use the Wunda chair occasionally, while other forms such as Scott Pilates, use these chairs extensively. The Pilates chair is extremely useful for flexibility and stability exercises since the chair along with its structure offer improved support for the trainer to perform these techniques. Rather than using gravity and body weight as resistance in order to build endurance such as in mat Pilates, the Wunda chair offers the chance to use resistance that is naturally added for the trainer to successfully work with. For this reason, lots of Pilates trainers recommend the Wunda chair as a top-rated choice machine when performing Pilates exercises.