Maximizing Your iPhone’s Potential: Handy Hacks and Techniques

Known for highlighting the user-friendly nature of its products, Apple proudly showcases the iPhone as a perfect embodiment of this philosophy. However, beyond its intuitive interface lies a realm of hidden complexities. This article unveils the lesser-known iPhone tips and tricks, aiming to guide users towards untapped potential. Explore advanced security features, battery management techniques, and personalized notifications. Now you will learn how to use an iPhone like a Pro.

How do I maximize my iPhone experience?

#1 Create text replacements

Users often find themselves repeatedly typing certain phrases, such as “On the way home” or “Love you more than the sun and moon!” To simplify this process, they can access the Text Replacement feature. By navigating to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement, users can add new phrases and corresponding shortcuts. Whenever a shortcut (e.g., “otw”) is entered, the complete phrase (e.g., “I’m on the way home, leave me alone!”) will automatically appear in the text preview. This feature can even be used to input specific combinations of emoji by assigning them to letter combinations.

#2 Turn on Dark Mode

iOS 13 users on their iPhones can conveniently activate a system-wide Dark Mode. This feature provides a black or dark-grey backdrop for both pre-installed and compatible third-party applications, enhancing readability and creating a more relaxing experience during evening usage.

To enable Dark Mode, users can navigate to the Settings app and select Display & Brightness. On the subsequent screen, they will find Light and Dark options displayed side by side. By choosing their preferred option, or by setting Dark Mode to activate automatically, users can optimize their viewing experience.

#3 Call recording

Understanding what tricks can iPhones do, you might not know about the possibility of recording calls. Among iPhone secrets, this is a very useful trick, as it allows you to protect yourself from contract violations, and scammers, and also relieve memory load. It is not necessary to remember all the details of the conversation, install the Call Recorder app from the App Store and you can listen to the recording at any time. Using the Call Recorder for iPhone application, you can save almost any number of recordings to your phone memory, as well as manage and send them by mail or messenger.

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#4 Swipe to type

Swipe typing is a built-in functionality available on iOS 13 and subsequent versions. Rather than tapping individual keys while typing, users can effortlessly swipe across the keypad to enter text. Although swipe typing may initially appear challenging, it quickly becomes an intuitive and efficient method once mastered. Not only does it simplify typing on iPhones, but it also significantly increases typing speed.

#5 Join a Group FaceTime call

The upcoming release of iOS 12 will introduce a highly anticipated feature to the FaceTime app. Users will soon have the ability to participate in engaging group video calls with up to 32 participants. To initiate a group FaceTime call, users can conveniently enter multiple contacts into the address box when starting a chat.

The user interface of group FaceTime calls has also undergone a delightful transformation. The tiles representing each participant will vary in size and prominence based on their recent activity in the conversation. By simply double-tapping a tile, users can bring that person to the forefront of their view, ensuring a seamless and dynamic group call experience.

#6 Maximize battery life

Many iPhone users have expressed concerns about their device’s short battery life. However, there are several simple tweaks that can significantly improve battery performance. For instance, disabling location services, enabling auto-brightness, and placing the iPhone face down can all contribute to longer battery life. But that’s not all! To discover even more secrets for optimizing your iPhone’s battery life, be sure to watch the informative video provided below.

#7 Sign Documents

Many people no longer have scanners and printers available at home nowadays. However, Apple provides a convenient solution for digitally signing documents. By capturing a screenshot of the document and tapping the thumbnail, users can access the Plus sign located on the lower right. Among the available options is the Signature feature, allowing users to sign directly on the screen or use a previously saved signature. Once the signing process is complete, simply tap Done and drag the signature onto the document in the screenshot. Users can adjust the size and placement of the signature before saving it for sending.

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#8 Quick delete in Calculator

The calculator app has a neat feature that allows users to delete figures individually, starting from the last number entered. It’s not common knowledge, and many people are surprised to discover this capability. To remove a number, all you have to do is swipe left or right over the displayed numbers on the calculator screen, and the last one will be erased. Give it a try and see how convenient it can be!


How can I make my iPhone smarter? iPhone users have access to a vast array of powerful features that can further enhance their device experience. To uncover the hidden potential of an iPhone, now you know how to use it like a pro. Take advantage of advanced security settings, battery optimization techniques, and personalized notifications for more enjoyable usage.