Glycol Beer Chillers: Enhancing Your Brewing System

Discover how glycol beer chillers improve beer production by maintaining optimal temperatures. Explore glycol chiller operation, advantages, cost factors, and find the best glycol coolers in the USA at UBC Group USA.

No beer production can do without a cooling system. If you do not control the temperature, the product will spoil: It will lose freshness, taste, and aroma, for which we value it so much. The best solution is the glycol beer system, which cools the drink better than other similar devices.

The glycol cooling system is better because it allows you to quickly cool beer, set even the narrowest temperature ranges, it is suitable for long-draw systems, etc. Keep reading our article for more information.

How Does a Glycol Chiller Work for Beer?

Glycol beer chiller is a cooling system for beer lines, which keeps the right temperature of liquids for the proper fermentation of beer, and also reduces the temperature of the finished product.

Brewery glycol chiller is used in long-draw beer dispensing systems (7.5 m or more) where there is a risk that the drink gets warm before it reaches the beer tower. Increased temperature can negatively affect the taste and foaminess of the product.

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A glycol cooler is the best equipment you can choose for industrial production!

Optimal Temperature Control: Maintaining Quality Brews

The optimal glycol beer system temperature should be 26-28 F. 

If you don’t control it, the drink can go bad, and become cloudy, so you can see flakes in the liquid. Beer can also change its normal flavor to a taste of hydrogen sulfide or vinegar.

Glycol Power Packs: A Closer Look

Glycol power packs are an essential component of the cooling system.

The glycol unit for beer functions as follows:

  • Glycol power packs push the glycol through the center of the main line. It provides a constant flow of glycol and water through the beer system, eliminating the risk of heating drinks on their way from the keg to the dispensing point.
  • There are two glycol supply lines inside the main line (one outgoing and one return). There are also up to 8 beer lines with glycol cooling.

Advantages of Using a Glycol Beer Chiller System

  1. Helps to reduce yeast activity, making the yeast addition more accurate. If not controlled, it can affect the taste of beer.
  2. Minimizes the risk of wort caramelization, and allows it to quickly cool below the boiling point.
  3. Keeps the beer cold.
  4. Cools beverages much faster than any other system, and allows you to set maximum accurate temperature ranges with a fluctuation of only 1°C. 
  5. The antifreeze properties of the liquid positively affect the service life of your entire draft beer system.

Exploring Brewery Glycol Chiller Options

Brewery glycol chiller comes in different sizes and capacities, which is important to consider when choosing the right equipment for your needs. 

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To find a suitable beer line chiller for sale, check the following parameters of your system:

  • Size of kegs (the production volumes depend on them);
  • How often and how regularly you produce beer;
  • The time required to cool the beer to the required temperatures;
  • Interval between preparations of different batches;

Calculating the Cost: How Much Does a Glycol System Cost?

The purchase of such equipment requires quite large investments.

Thus, the cost of equipment may be affected by:

  1. Its size and power;
  2. Location: outside or inside;
  3. Manufacturer.

Typically, the price of such equipment varies from $1,000 for small devices to $3,000 for professional models.

Commercial Aspect: Where and How to Acquire Glycol Chillers

Do you know where to find better glycol coolers in the USA?

We are here to help you!

You do not have to spend time on independent market research of such products. Below you will find all the information about where to buy quality cooling systems for the brewery or large restaurant.


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