Gena Tew: Know The Positivity & Gain Inspiration From The Social Media Star!

Gena Tew

Living in 2022, we see influencers and their lives on social media all the time. And most of them have glamorous lives. Even if there are negative things in their life, we don’t get to see that side. But there are a few influencers who share their journeys. It’s incredibly hard to be vulnerable in front of thousands of people online, but they do it. Gena Tew is one such person. She’s an influencer and model who has been battling a serious disease for over a year. And she has been sharing her story and inspiring many.

If you wish to know about Gena Tew, her life, work, and struggles, we have written the perfect article for you. Stories like hers should be told, and we hope you find them inspiring as well. Read the following article to know more.

Gena Tew

Gena Tew Bio

Instagram model and influencer Gena Tew has been sharing her journey of battling AIDS with her followers for almost a year now. It is unknown when her diagnosis started, but she started posting about it on Instagram in March 2022. And towards the end, of September 2022, she posted a video of her taking her first steps in a year. This implies that her treatment started sometime in 2021. It is amazing to see how she has battled such a fatal disease and remained so positive. Her followers and supporters are incredibly happy to see her make progress.

Let’s get to know this inspiring person in detail.

Gena Tew Age

Gena was born on 16th December 1994. That will make her twenty-eight years of age by the time 2022 ends.

Gena Tew Early Life

Now as much as we know about her current life, her early life and childhood are a mystery. This is because various sources have various things to say about it.

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On one side, sources say that she lived happily with her parents and sister and attended school and also college. Tew’s sister got married and had three children, but she, unfortunately, passed away due to lung disease.

On the other hand, other sources claim that Gena did not always have a great life. In certain statements, Gena has mentioned that she was homeless for a while when she was seventeen or eighteen. This indicates that she had a hard life during those times.

When she was diagnosed with AIDS, doctors said that she had been living with the virus for eight to nine years. Hence, she contracted the virus at an early age. However, she has not revealed who she contracted it from, partly because she’s not sure herself. She guesses that it happened when she got assaulted a few times when she was homeless. Gena’s other guess is that she contracted the disease when she got a few free tattoos. This virus could’ve been transmitted to her via an unclean needle as well.

Despite different sources saying different things, Gena has a good relationship with her parents. From her posts and stories on social media, one can say that she is close to her family.

Gena Tew

Gena Tew Career

Gena is a successful model and social media star. She has been working as a model for quite some time and was even on the cover of ‘The Cover’ magazine. Other than that, she has worked with a lot of brands on various collaborations. As of October 2022, Gena Tew has over eighty thousand followers on her Instagram.

Gena Tew battling AIDS

Gena was diagnosed with AIDS in approximately 2021, but according to her medical reports, her health had been deteriorating for quite some time. Moreover, Gena has even posted updates regarding her progress on her social media since March 2022. And ever since then, people have been supportive of her fight against AIDS and wish her well.

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Doctors have said that Gena had been living with the virus for almost a decade. She must have contacted it when she was young. Gena, however, doesn’t want to go into details regarding from whom she might have gotten the virus. But she admits that she was naive at that point in life and doesn’t blame her younger self for what happened.

Since her diagnosis, Gena has lost a lot of weight but she has fortunately gained it back as well. In her most recent updates, she talked about how her weight went from sixty-five lbs to over ninety lbs.

Soon after being diagnosed, she lost the ability to walk. She couldn’t move her legs much and thus had to move about in a wheelchair. But in September 2022, she shared that she was able to take her first steps in a year.

The journey toward full recovery is a long one. But we hope she is triumphant in her battle against AIDS.

Gena Tew Net Worth

Gena has worked as a model and influencer for white some time. She had worked for various brands both as a model and an influencer. Her net worth as of 2022 is six hundred thousand dollars to seven hundred thousand dollars.

Gena Tew

Final thoughts

This is where we will conclude our article on Gena Tew. She is a very strong woman who has been fighting for her life for over a year now. Very few people dare to share something like this with the rest of the world. Gena has shown that she isn’t scared to tell her story. Her courage has now inspired a lot of people. We hope she recovers soon and stays the same strong, fearless woman that she is. If you intend to know more about her, follow her on social media.

What do you think about Gena and her story? Tell us in the comments below.