Ford Explorer Mass Air Flow Explained

Explorer Mass Air Flow

If you live in a place where the public transportation is reliable, then you would probably not want the need to own a car. For those who live in places where there is unreliable public transportation system, then there is a great need to own a car. Owning a car is not as simple as you think. It is not about just filling it with petrol whenever the fuel meter indicates that the fuel is running low. If you are an owner of a car, there are many things to look into to keep your car in good running condition. We tried to list Ford Explorer Mass Air Flow Explained.

Let us say that you own a Ford Explorer that comes with a complex engine which keeps the car in road worthy condition. Today, we will be looking at one small part but which plays an important role and that is the mass air flow sensor. It is used to control the rate of mass air flow entering a fuel injected internal combustion engine of your car through the air tube of your car. This is necessary for your car engine control unit to balance and send the right amount of fuel mass to the car engine.

You might ask, how do you know if you have a bad mass air flow sensor?  Many car drivers have been running their car for a long time with a bad mass air flow sensor without realizing it. In the long run, it will cause a severe damage to the engine. In order to avoid costly repair to your car engine, here are some useful tips to share with you concerning mass air flow sensor.

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You will need to keep the mass air flow sensor of your Ford Explorer clean. Make sure to use mass air flow sensor safe cleaner to spray into the sensor and on the sensor wires to clean off any built up dirt or particles. The cleaning job can done quickly and easily with a proper cleaner spray. Some sensors have to be replaced and cannot be cleansed. Choose and replace the proper Ford Explorer parts and sensor according to the model your vehicles, depending on whether it has been modified. If the engine has been modified, then the mass air flow sensor has to be altered to process more air and also to indicate your car computer to send the proper amount of fuel.

What are the symptoms of a bad mass air flow sensor?

If the Ford Explorer mass air flow sensor needs cleaning or replacing, one obvious sign is that you will notice black smoke being ejected from the tailpipe of the car. Another sign is that you will experience your car engine stalling or jerking during acceleration when driving on a street or on the expressway. These are clear symptoms of a bad maf sensor that your car needs immediate examination. Another symptom is that you will notice that the car’s petrol consumption has increased. Always check if the “check engine” light is lighted up. If you encountered any of the above symptoms or problems, it is wise to send your car for a thorough inspection by the mechanic.