The details to pay attention to while choosing a 12-inch monitor

Today, we have access to the wide benefits of technology. Coming to the store, with just one request, we see dozens of options for every taste and purpose. The eyes run away from the choice, in each price category we can find several variants of different criteria. Yet, in all price categories, there are several aspects worth paying attention to. If you want to purchase a monitor that will serve you for years, rely on Beetronics Inc. 

Now, let’s observe how to find a 12 inch monitor in a huge variety of choices!

Select diagonal and aspect ratio

When deciding on the monitor size, it is worth considering the distance to the screen. Moreover, do pay attention to the level of quality of the content that the monitor displays. For example, the closer to the display you sit, the more noticeable all the imperfections of an image are.  

High resolution gives a clearer picture, but at the same time, the level of requirements for the video card increases. For large models, you will need the appropriate hardware if you sit close to the monitor.

Matrix type


  • IPS

It is the most popular type of matrix that gives an excellent picture at an inexpensive cost. There is also a good response speed, acceptable color, and viewing angle. Contrast reaches an average of 1000:1. Such monitors are used to watch movies and play games when the juicy picture is more important than the speed of response. IPS monitors are also most commonly bought, mainly due to their price and diversity. 


  • VA

It is a type of matrix with high static contrast. This may be good for dynamic games, as they have low response speed and review angles are not always pleasing. The contrast of such matrices is 3000:1 and more. They are great for HDR content. The most expensive models on these matrices can reach a response of 2-3 ms and a frequency of 200 Hz.

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  • TN

The matrix technology is put in most budget monitors and laptops. Color rendering is not great, and viewing angles are frustrating. However, the response speed is excellent, which pro gamers like. They reach a response speed of up to 1 ms, as well as a frequency of up to 240 Hz. 

Screen frequency

This is a characteristic calculated from the number of frames per second. The more this characteristic is, the more smooth the image is. 


  • 60-75 Hz

It is the most common frequency in monitors. This is the basis for choosing which is enough for most tasks. 


  • 100 -120 Hz

It is screen frequency for active gaming, blockbuster viewing, and smooth visuals. 100 -120 Hz are typical for large diagonals. 


  • 144 Hz

This kind of screen frequency is adored among gamers. It is believed that only owners of such monitors can win in online games. 


  • 180 – 240 Hz

This is what cyber sportsmen prefer to choose.


By the way, Beetronics Inc. provides a diversity of cool monitors. There you can find a product that will serve you for a long time. Moreover, this company offers monitors of different sizes, like a 12-inch monitor or a 27-inch monitor. 

Image contrast 

This characteristic is responsible for the depth of black, on which the saturation of other colors depends.


Distinguish between static contrast and dynamic contrast. When choosing, we will start from static, because dynamic contrast is more of a marketing term. High dynamic contrast ratios are achieved by reducing or increasing the brightness of the backlight.

12-inch monitors for cars

An automobile monitor is a device mounted in the interior of a vehicle. It helps in parking and entertains the driver and passengers during long journeys or stops. The functions of different auto monitors also differ. If you plan to buy such a device, you need to clearly understand what you need it for. As for 12-inch monitors, they are just suitable for cars.

Types of automobile monitors

There are several methods for classifying car monitors. By purpose, they can be divided into three groups:

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  1. Parking monitors.
  2. Car TVs. 
  3. Multimedia entertainment centers.

How to choose a monitor for a car? 

We recommend choosing a ceiling monitor in the car based on the following criteria:  


  • Vehicle type

The best options are minibusses, buses, and minivans. 


  • Display characteristics

Pay attention to the size (diagonal), type and quality of the matrix, and aspect ratio. 


  • Case characteristics

Pay attention to the color and material of the case. 


As for the monitor installation in a car, ceiling monitors for cars are the most relevant. They look like upside-down laptops hanging with the screen down. As mentioned above, these monitors are the most suitable for buses and minivans.

The most important feature of the ceiling monitor in the car is the diagonal display. The most common sizes are 7-12 inches for cars and 15-20 inches for SUVs and minibusses. In second place is the permissible resolution of the screen. It depends on the quality of the image. Next is the aspect ratio. The choice depends on how the monitor is used. To watch movies, it is better to choose a screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, and models with a 4:3 ratio are suitable for connecting to game consoles and other devices. Additionally, it is recommended to have a transparent coating on the display, which will save from solar glare. The normal voltage of the monitor is 12V in the car, and the minibus 24V.

Furthermore, the monitor in the car can be manufactured in different housings, with or without automatic opening. For example, the monitor in the metal case is more wear-resistant and durable. However, this body is somewhat inconvenient, as passengers can hit it with their heads when entering the cabin. To avoid such situations, monitors have been developed in plastic cases, which are opened by remote control or by hand.

Most modern models of monitors by Beetronics Inc. support the 12HD7 has HDMI, VGA, BNC, and RCA connections.


So, it was a brief look at 12-inch monitors. As you see, they are widely used and worth buying. Just be attentive and consider our recommendations while choosing a monitor. Thank you for reading!