Hilma Biocare is a European Research Based Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Company with a Manufacturing Facility in India

High-Quality Medicines For Everyone

Hilma Biocare is a European research-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology company with a manufacturing facility in India, specializing in the development and production of products aimed at improving the quality of life. The main activity of the company is the production of pharmaceutical substances.

Our experts follow all the necessary drug manufacturing standards to provide our clients with superior-quality products. All our products are clinically tested before being released to the market.

The company’s product range includes about 45 drugs, more than 45% of which are included in the list of essential drugs. These drugs belong to the main pharmacotherapeutic areas and are manufactured in full compliance with GMP standards.

The company’s product line includes drugs used in testosterone therapy, antitumor therapy, cancer prevention, and the treatment of erectile dysfunction after surgical rehabilitation.

The company relies on modernization and expansion of production technologies. She is constantly developing new technologies, including digital ones. The company is achieving increasingly high results both in production and in the sale of finished products from year to year.

Our main goal is public products. A team of professional pharmacists takes care of the quality of the production process to offer high-quality products to customers. We conduct clinical trials for all our products before releasing them to the market.

Hilma Biocare produces only high-quality medicines that are available at reasonable prices, taking into account the purchasing power of ordinary citizens.

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