Common mistakes that could result in your Australia e-Visa being rejected

If there is one thing that both seasoned and first-time travelers complain about endlessly when planning a trip, it’s applying for a visa. Since even the tiniest mistake can result in your application being rejected, we know how stressful it can be!

Over many years of wandering around the globe, you learn a thing or two about visa applications, how to fill them out, and how to get approved without stress. 

Here are some mistakes to avoid when applying for your Australia e-visa to ensure the best outcome and some tips to help make the process even easier.

Not reading the instructions

The most common error visa applicants make is not reading the application instructions carefully. Applications can be confusing; thus, instructions are essential in explaining how to fill out the forms and what documentation is required. 

Incorrectly filled or incomplete forms can lead to significant delays in processing your visa application. Make your life easier by reading all the instructions carefully before filling out the form.

Applying for the wrong visa

Applying for the wrong visa may sound impossible, but likely to happen if you don’t read carefully. Visa options can sound very similar, like the Australia e-Visa and the Australia ETA, but they are issued for different reasons and nationalities.

Before applying for any visa category, research the eligibility criteria for each specific visa and which one is relevant to your trip.

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Avoid incorrect details and data mismatch

Another mistake travelers regularly make is providing incorrect or mismatched details when filling out the form. 

Many visa rejections are because of incorrect passport numbers, names different from those on the passport, or other details that need to be corrected on the application form. Always fill out the official information accurately, ensure it matches the passport, and double-check it before submitting.

Fraudulent documents or information

Submitting fraudulent documents suspected to be counterfeited or tampered with is grounds for visa rejection. Providing proper documentation is extremely important.

For example, documents such as bank statements often require an attestation stamp from the local authority to prove their authenticity. This must be done in the country where the bank statement is issued.

Wrong passport-sized photos 

Another significant issue visa applicants encounter is when they need to submit passport-sized photos. These photos must meet the exact requirements often specified in the application documents. Common issues with passport photographs include:

  • Wrong background color
  • The image is too dark
  • Incorrect photo size

Our advice

Contact visa experts like iVisa, who will walk the extra mile to ensure your application is error-free, and all your photos meet the requirements when applying for your [Australian e-Visitor Visa] and other travel paperwork. Sure, there is a fee involved, but the service offers the following:

  • More accessible, simplified application forms that are less complicated than the government’s.
  • A team of visa experts reviews your documents.
  • Its 24/7 customer service team makes the process easier for you. 
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This way, you can rest assured that your visa is on its way and focus on planning the fun part of your travels!