Things to have in mind when building a computer

new computer build

Have you ever considered building your custom made computer, specifically built to your specifications and size? Nothing brings more joy to the heart of every computer tech geek than having and using a computer that you made yourself.

There are various tech companies like Inside Tech that helps build mini personal computers with great and incredible power in their compact chassis. But if you are planning on building one yourself, there are essential things you need to keep in mind before and during the process. And we have compiled the most important ones for you here.

1. Preparation and planning.

This may sound a little cliché but preparing and planning your computer build before you start is very important. This is the aspect where you determine in your mind precisely what you want your computer to look like, the kind of basic functions you need it to perform and how compact you want it to be. During preparation, you determine both the external designs and the internal capacity of your computer.

2. Get your tools handy.

Knowing the tools you will be needing when building a computer is also of significant importance. There is nothing more annoying than setting out to build your computer and right in the middle of it, you find out that you are missing some tools of the trade. So you need to keep in mind and make available the kind of work materials you will need during the build. Some of the crucial tools that you will be needing includes but not limited to, needle nose pliers, screwdrivers, it’s optional but you may need a pair of simple tweezers just in case you have to put screws in the right places.

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3. Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The CPU or simply the processor is the life of a computer and an essential component you need to build a working computer. Just like the human brain, everything that runs in a computer is determined by the central processing unit. When you provide instructions to the computer, it is the CPU that converts those instructions into actions that the computers will then execute. It is the most critical component of the computer, so you need to pay serious attention to it. The most common manufacturers of processors are Intel and AMD, and they come with a lot of choices.

4. Decide on your motherboard.

This is generally a circuit board that helps connect all the components of your computer to make them run perfectly and in harmony. With the motherboard, all hardware on your computer can communicate with one another to bring about the smooth and coherent running of the computer.

There are lots and lots of motherboard options you can find at inside tech with different price ranges based on the type of computer you are building but keep in mind that your motherboard should correspond with your CPU component type because not every motherboard works well with just about any CPU.

5. Determine the Video card or Graphics processing unit best for you.

Most of the time, the success of your computer building will be tested based on how effective it is and also how well it looks. The graphic processing unit (GPU) is also a component you have to put a lot of thought into when choosing the type you want. Especially if you are building your computer for gaming or design purposes, in this aspect, the importance of your GPU cannot be overemphasized. The most common graphic cards manufacturer you should consider are AMD and NVIDIA. The most popular graphics cards out there include GTX 1050 Ti made by NVIDIA and the Radeon RX570 made by AMD. If you want to build a gaming laptop you should use powerful GPU.

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6. Your computer memory.

What is a computer without a memory? Your computer’s random access memory (RAM) is essential. This component keeps the data that your computer uses regularly and makes them easily accessible. When it comes to your computer memory, you can hardly have a “too big” memory because sooner or later you will need it, so it is best to keep it in mind that you need to go for a large and high memory when building your computer.

7. Choose a good covering case.

This is what houses all of the components of your computer. With computer cases, you have no limit because you can practically make them in any way you so desire. But keep in mind that your computer needs to look beautiful and sleek, so we advise you to go for the best designs.

In conclusion, if the process of building your computer seems to be ambiguous for you, you can contact any good Tech company with your specifications and they will build it to your taste.