How to Make Rice Crispy Treats: Myths about Rice Krispies

How to Make Rice Crispy Treats

Who doesn’t like Rice Krispies! Famous the world over, kids and adults alike love to munch on this delicious dessert-cum-snack. The ratio of marshmallow to cereal needs to be exact to get it done correctly. Also, adding a couple of extra ingredients will make the treat a whole lot tastier. But if you were wondering how to make Rice Krispies treats the easy way, this is tailor-made for you! There is no need to sit for hours on end in front of your computer looking for that perfect Rice Krispies recipe. We’re already way ahead of you and have compiled the best recipes to make this mouth-watering food item. That’s not all. We’ve also listed (and busted!) some popular myths about Rice Krispies. Shall we get started then!

What Are The Ingredients Needed For Rice Krispies Treats?

Believe it or not, Rice Krispies treats are among the easiest ones to make. For those wondering how to make Rice Krispies treats since it’s your first time, be assured that it is quite easy to make. You only require about 5 ingredients to make this amazing treat. Check them out!

Rice Krispies Cereal: This is the first and most important ingredient any Rice Krispies treat needs. Find the best and most delicious quality you can and watch your treat turn out to be simply awesome!

Rice Krispies Cereal
Rice Krispies Cereal

Marshmallows: The second most important ingredient that needs to go in your Rice Krispies treat, marshmallows add a mind-numbing quality and deliciousness to the dish. They also help bind the mixture and keep it from falling apart.

Rice Krispies Marshmallows
Rice Krispies Marshmallows

Butter: Any awesome dessert will need this stunning ingredient at its very basic level. Rice Krispies are no different. You will need butter to make the most amazing Rice Krispies ever. The quantity will depend on how much of the dessert you intend to make.

butter rice krispies
butter rice krispies

Salt: Those wondering how to make Rice Krispies treats may find it strange that salt is included in the list of ingredients. However, do note that you don’t need a whole lot of this. In fact, you need just a pinch as it will add an amazing level of depth to your treat. Taste two different kinds – one with salt and another without it – to know the massive difference this unassuming ingredient can make.

salted caramel rice krispies
salted caramel rice krispies

Vanilla Extract: Another thing that can make Rice Krispies treats really pop happens to be vanilla extract. It adds incredible flavor to the treat and again, just like the salt, you need only a small teaspoon of it – even less if you aren’t making a huge quantity of the dessert.

rice krispies vanilla extract
rice krispies vanilla extract

The Correct Ratio of Cereal To Marshmallow:

When discussing how to make Rice Krispies treats the right way, let’s not forget that the most important thing is to get the ratio of cereal to marshmallows accurately. If you put an excessive amount of cereal in the treat, the blocks can turn out to be a bit bland, crunchy, and quite dry. If you throw in too many marshmallows, the Rice Krispies treats will be too sticky and easily fall apart. The standard baking pan is around 9/3 inches. Going by this measurement, the ideal ratio should be about 11 heaping cups of marshmallows to 9 cups of rice cereal. Do this and you cannot go wrong. Keep in mind that when we say marshmallows, we mean the mini ones.

Before you pour the mixture in your tray, consider lining it with parchment paper that’s been greased or buttered well. This is to prevent the Rice Krispies from sticking to the bottom of the tray. Don’t add butter to the bottom as it can make the dessert greasy. Additionally, you can also shower the paper with nonstick spray.

Method To Make Rice Krispies Treats:

Now that you know about the ingredients and the cereal-marshmallow ratio when learning how to make Rice Krispies treats, it’s time to cover the steps that go into the actual making of the treat. It’s quite simple actually and there is absolutely no need to fret. Read carefully the steps listed below and follow them as accurately as you can to make the best and tastiest Rice Krispies treats ever!

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The First Step: Take a 9/3 baking tray. Line it as well as you can with parchment paper. Spray the paper with nonstick liquid for extra precaution. Set the tray aside for now. You’ll need it later.

The Second Step: Take a large saucepan. Put it on medium flame and melt the butter in it. Make sure to stir the butter as often as needed so that the butter does not stick to the pan or get burnt. This is really important to do or else the entire process will go downhill from here.

The Third Step: Once the butter has melted, put the flame on low. Now, add all cups of the mini marshmallows except just one. Stir until you can see that all the marshmallows have melted completely and absolved in the butter. You should see an amazing mixture in front of you.

The Fourth Step: The marshmallows and butter have fused amazingly now. You must take the mixture off the heat by this step. Add in the vanilla extract and stir to mix it well. Next, add the cereal and keep stirring. Finally, add the remaining cup of mini marshmallows to it as well.

The Fifth Step: In your final step of how to make Rice Krispies treats perfectly, pour the mixture into the tray you prepped during the very first step. You only need to set it for approximately an hour. Once done, simply cut the treat in the shape of your choice and enjoy!

Additional Tips On How To Make Rice Krispies Treats:

Besides knowing how to make Rice Krispies treats using the method mentioned above, there are a couple of tips that can help make the process a lot more awesome and flawless. Follow them as best as you can, especially if you’re attempting to make the treat for the very first time. Check them out below before you take that recipe in hand and make your way to the kitchen!

1. As mentioned earlier, lining your baking tray with parchment paper is a must. This will keep the treat from sticking to the bottom of the baking tray or pan. If necessary, you can use binder clips on the tray that can help keep the parchment paper in place.

2. Vanilla extract is a secret ingredient that most Rice Krispies recipes don’t have in them. So, if you want that extra zing of flavor in your special dessert, definitely put this one in! Remember, you don’t need too much of it; just about half a teaspoon will do.

3. The marshmallows you use should be of the freshest variety possible. You will be amazed at the kind of difference this can make to your dish. Using the marshmallows that have been lying in your pantry for the past month or so will not have the same effect even if you try to reason that you are ultimately going to melt them anyway.

4. Throwing in a couple of extra mini marshmallows to the dessert will add a whole new level of crunch to it. Kids especially love it when Rice Krispies treats are a bit chewy and crunchy. Go ahead and give it a try!

5. NEVER press the Rice Krispies bars too harshly onto the pan. This will make them incredibly hard to eat. Always use gentle fingertips to do this part so that when it’s time to eat, they will be smooth in the mouth and gently spread out.

6. Use water when sticking the Rice Krispies into the pan. This will help you avoid getting the mixture stuck to your fingers. Be sure to shake the excess water off your hands before proceeding to press the Krispie bars gently onto the pan.

7. Once all the steps of how to make Rice Krispies treats have been done and these tips followed along the way, you can store them in air-tight containers for about 2 days or so. But it would be surprising if they last that long since everyone will want a piece of it pretty much all the time!

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Can Rice Krispies Treats Be Frozen?

While there is no rule that they cannot be frozen, Rice Krispies treats should not really be refrigerated. This will just make them incredibly hard to chew. Also, if you take them out of the fridge and leave them for a couple of minutes before consuming, they may turn soggy. If refrigerated and forgotten for a long time, Rice Krispies treats can also turn stale. Since these absolutely stellar and stunning desserts are quite simple to make, it’s best if you make a fresh batch every time you wish to eat them. That is a lot easier now that you know how to make Rice Krispies treats the quickest and best way! Add chia seeds in your daily food chart to became more fit and healthy.

Rice Krispies Treats FAQs:

Do they need to be frozen?

They definitely do not! Refrigerating Rice Krispies treats will make them super hard to eat. Instead, you only need to store them at room temperature. However, don’t forget to cover them to protect them from exposure to dust and insects. Using air-tight containers is the best option.

Why do some Rice Krispies treats turn hard?

There could be many reasons why Rice Krispies treats can become hard besides freezing them. For one, the inaccurate ratio of marshmallows to cereal could be one factor. Another could be not keeping the mix on low flame while adding in the mini marshmallows. Also, pressing them too hard with the fingertips when filling in the pan could be another reason they become hard.

Can Rice Krispies treats be made using some other cereal?

You can most definitely use some other cereal instead of rice cereal to make Rice Krispies treats. Some great substitutes are Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cheerios, Cocoa Krispies, and Golden Grahams among others. So, go ahead and substitute rice cereal with any of these in case you wish to experiment a bit with the recipe. You must know about avocado nutrition facts if you are maintaining a health-conscious daily routine.

Myths About Rice Krispies

You’d be surprised at the number of people that still don’t know how to make Rice Krispies treats. You’d be a lot more surprised at the number of people that don’t know the recipe but still claim to do so. An unfortunate consequence of this is that there are many myths about Rice Krispies that have been spread everywhere on the internet. Let’s take a bit of time to talk about and clear some of the biggest myths about Rice Krispies that people who don’t know how to make Rice Krispies treats end up believing.

Myth no. 1 – There are detrimental chemicals in Rice Krispies treats

Fact: No harmful or dangerous chemicals go into the making of Rice Krispies treats. The core ingredients, as discussed earlier when covering how to make Rice Krispies treats, are puffed rice, salt, marshmallows, sugar, and sometimes barley malt flavoring or vanilla extract.

Those who propagate this myth are actually confusing the dessert with a popular snack that are made from Rice Krispies treats. There are recipes that do not add even marshmallows to the treat. In fact, many of them will leave out all the extra additives and stick to the very authentic and original recipe that entails only the above-mentioned core ingredients. So, there you go! When made using only the core ingredients and by leaving all the extra stuff out, Rice Krispies treats are totally chemical-free!

Myth no. 2 – These treats are incredibly low in proteins, fiber, and vitamins

Fact: While it is true that Rice Krispies may not be massively huge on proteins and other such things, it isn’t true that they are totally devoid of them either. They can offer you about 1 gram of protein per serving. Also, when you learn how to make Rice Krispies treats, make a note that there are ways to make them rich in protein as well. For instance, you can add almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and other such seeds as you seem fit. It will take you a mere couple of minutes to search for a Rice Krispies recipe online that includes adding these amazing sources of proteins. So, there you go – another of the biggest myths about Rice Krispies has just been busted!

Myth no. 3 – They can lead to weight gain

Fact: Actually, Rice Krispies contain zero fat. Yes, believe it not, that’s the truth. None of the calories that Rice Krispies contain come from fats. When you add milk to the mixture, the calorie count will go up by a small margin. The treat remains fat-free unless additional elements such as sprinkles or chocolates to it. Adding nuts and fruits can elevate the nutritional value of Rice Krispies. Thereby, when you learn how to make Rice Krispies treats, know that you can change their calorie count and nutritious element by the additional ingredients you put into them. So, there’s another of the biggest myths of Rice Krispies busted! Eat all you want without worrying about it going to all the wrong places!