Blackberry Scones : How to Make The Super Easy Sweet Dish Recipe?

blackberry scones

We all like scones, don’t we? And how about the fruit-luscious burst that you can have with blackberries? Will it not taste incredible? I’m sure you are already drooling as we mention this!! So, if you want to make blackberry scones most easily, look no further than our segment below!

We have a list of ingredients and recipes that will help you make the super easy recipe within minutes and with, of course, simple ingredients! So, let’s find how you need to make blackberry scones at home, right here in the segment below!

blackberry scones

Ingredients You Need to Make Blackberry Scones

Some of the ingredients that we’ve handpicked to make blackberry scones are:

  •       Fresh Blackberries (of course)
  •       All-purpose flour
  •       Baking soda
  •       Baking powder
  •       Unsalted butter
  •       Sour cream
  •       Lemon zest
  •       Eggs
  •       Kosher salt
  •       Sugar

With these super easy ingredients, you can easily make scones at home. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to work much behind this as well. WHY? Well, many people love the use of fancy equipment, but I don’t really think like that. If you know the proportions correctly and choose the amount of the ingredients wisely, you are sure to make these super tasty scones in no time, and they will taste just like the ones you have at any cafeteria.

blackberry scones

How to Make Blackberry Scones?

We’ll go step-by-step so that you don’t get confused! So, first, let’s get the dough ready for you!

How to make the dough?

  •       Start the process by preheating the oven at 400-degree Fahrenheit. Then, you can take a baking sheet and add the parchment paper to it! You can brush some butter over it to make sure the entire thing doesn’t stick to the pan, and you can take it off easily.
  •       Then, take a large bowl and add the all-purpose flour to it! Now add the dry ingredients like baking soda, baking powder, salt, and sugar. When you add the dry ingredients, use a whisker to whisk them well.
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(Pro Tip: I would always want you to add all the dry ingredients first before you mix the wet ones. This ensures that your dough is perfectly done.)

  •       Now it’s time to add the butter into the mixture. Ideally, using a pastry mixture is best. But if you don’t have any, you can always use a manual food processor. When you add the butter to the flour mixture, you will notice that they will form lumps in the dough.
  •       Separately, take a small bowl and add the lemon zest, sour cream, and egg. Use a fork to whisk the entire mixture properly.
  •       Once you are done with that, mix the entire sour cream mixture into the flour.
  •       Now add the blackberries. Ideally, don’t use a whisker to mix it, as it might smash all the blackberries in the dough. Take a spatula (ideally using a rubber one is fine) and then mix the entire dough.
  •       Once you are done with that, take it out on a chopping board or your countertop and start kneading. You wouldn’t have to knead the dough too much. Just slightly kneading the dough should be absolutely fine.
  •       You might smash up a few of the blackberries in the process, but that will not matter.
  •       Now use the palm of your hands to make yourself a thick disc.
  •       Take a biscuit cutter and cut it into pieces. It’s best that you cut it into six or eight pieces depending on the number of ingredients you take.

blackberry scones

How to Bake Blackberry Sconces?

Now you can place each of the pieces on the baking pan and allow it to bake for about 16 minutes. However, if you are looking at the front of the oven, you can always make sure that you are not under or overcooking it. Some people are not that confident, so you can take out the baking sheet before 16 minutes to check if it is done or not and then adjust the time according to your wish.

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Once the scones are ready, it’s time for you to serve them! But always remember to wait for it to cool for a while until you serve. If you serve the blackberry scones very early, it won’t taste good.

Tips to Make The Best Blackberry Scones

We’ve already given you an idea about how you need to make blackberry scones and what the entire process is. So, go ahead and incorporate these, and you’ll see yourself making fantastic scones in no time. However, some people mess up some things, and for that, you would need some tips and tricks!!

And that’s exactly what I’m going to talk about in this section. Let’s check out some pro tips to make blackberry scones at home:

  •       Do not spend too much of your time while making the dough. Some people try to make it super perfect, and that doesn’t really make the blackberry scones the way they are supposed to be made.
  •       Try to eat the scones when it is baked fresh. If you plan to have it on another day, you can always try freezing them! And before serving, remember to bake them for a while. Only then will you get the fresh flavors of blackberries, and the scone will be puffy.
  •       Always use cold butter. The usage of cold butter makes the scones so puffy and flaky!

Final Thoughts

So, with these super excellent tips, it shouldn’t be challenging to try out the blackberry scones. However, always remember to use fresh blackberries. Frozen ones usually don’t give scones the taste you get that are store-bought. However, if you manage to pull down the recipe properly, I’m sure you’ll be making scones at home every time you think of munching on this super snack. And of course, before we finish, if you try out this recipe, don’t forget to let me know in the comment section below how they turned out to be!