Bitvae C2 Water Flosser: An Easy Way To Prevent Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Bitvae C2 Water Flosser: An Easy Way To Prevent Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

In the vast world of oral care, if one brand categorically concentrates on innovating its range of dental care but within a specified price tag – Bitvae is the name! Just a couple of weeks back, Bitvae, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, launched the new Bitvae C2 Water Flosser to enhance dental care. With its ergonomic design and wide-mouth reservoir capacity – this is one of the most effective alternatives you can vouch for! 

However, the question remains – what is that ‘X’ factor that makes this brand an ‘immediate choice’ over the others in the market? Let’s check that out – 

What is Bitvae C2 Water Flosser all about? 

Bitvae, as an oral healthcare company, that strategically focuses on bridging the divide between the current dental products in the market and keeping up with the consumer demands of the changing requirements. After undergoing specific research, it has brought its superior-quality water flosser, Bitvae C2. 

One of the highest rated, with positive customer reviews – Bitvae’s water flosser is far more ‘target-oriented’ and ‘user-friendly’ compared to the other alternatives. 

How will it better your periodontal condition? 

In this section, you will get a better idea about why Bitvae C2 Water Flosser is the ultimate choice to better your gum’s strength and prevent cavities. 

  • When using standard dental floss, you will see that the ‘pockets’ of the mouth get cleaned (that is not cleaned by a manual toothbrush). However, when you use a jet stream of water (like a water flosser), it not just cleans food particles but also plaque. 
  • If you have any periodontal issues or are wearing braces, any dental restoration, or implants – then it is best to use the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser. This will assist in cleaning the food particles stuck in the braces and reduce gum-bleeding issues. 
  • Lastly, string floss or dental floss – as good as they may be – are not for sensitive teeth. So, if you do have sensitive gums or cavity-related issues, it is best to opt for a water flosser. 
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This one from the house of Bitvae, has an ultrasonic motor and is available in shades of pink, sky blue, frost white, and black. Also, it supports up to 3 pressure levels – low, medium, and high that you can customize as per your need. 

At what cost is it available? 

Currently, this product is marketed at $35.99. However, some websites may differ in price due to the extra charges and other fees levied on the product. 

What is the USP of this product? 

Though you have a fair idea of the benefits of this product, it is important to know ‘those key features’ that make this product better than its competitors – 

  • Ergonomic design 

The connection line, in this case, is higher than the traditional water flosser. Therefore, when you pick it or you are traveling with it – this is handy. The thinner bottom makes this easier to hold and use. Its cordless design adds to its list of positives. 

  • Extended 40-day battery life 

Though cordless designs are beneficial since they have a battery life (at lowest pressure mode) of up to 10 days, the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser comes with a 40-day extended battery life. 

  • Nozzle and pressure settings 

This is designed to offer a wider intensity (30-100 PSI) and offers a 360-degree rotating nozzle. Additionally, it comes with IPX7 waterproof format, silent design, and replaceable nozzles (6). 

  • 24 months warranty period 

Most of the traditional water flosses offer up to a 12 -15 month warranty period. Bitvae, keeping in mind the technicalities of a water flosser, offers 24 months warranty period. 

  • Detachable mouth water tank 

This is one that comes with a wide-mouthed water tank, compared to the traditional ones. Therefore, you can detach the tank, and clean the foul water within it. 

Bitvae, after years of strategizing, has ensured that its water flosser does not fall into the random traditional category and categorically serves to care for the users’ periodontal condition. 

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A quick fact-check before you leave 

Here are some of the most-asked queries about this product. Getting the answers – 

Q1. Where do I find details of the product before buying? 

The website provides relevant details about this product along with its images. Therefore, if you have any doubts regarding this product, how it looks, and how you will be able to use the same – you can check this website (the details are verified). 

Q2. What if I receive a defective product? Can I change it? 

Bitvae takes special care to ensure that its products are defect-free. However, in case of any such glitch, connect with the website/agency from where you have bought the product. Register a complaint and put it up for an exchange. The company will soon send you a new product. 

Q3. Does Bitvae have an affiliate program? 

As of the time of writing this article – Bitvae does not have an affiliate program. However, Bitvae is a part of the Amazon affiliate program, and hence you can use the Amazon link to earn a commission. 

Q4. Where can I buy Bitvae C2 Water Flosser? 

You can directly buy it from Bitvae’s website

Q5. Can I give a review of this product? 

If you have a review to give about this product, we suggest you click some pictures and give your statements accordingly. 

Key takeaways 

Assuming you have read this article well and have clarity regarding the positives of Bitvae C2 Water Flosser – here are some key takeaways to help you come to a decision. 

A water flosser is definitely a healthier oral care option compared to the traditional format. The fact that it can be used immediately after dental restorations and considerably reduces the chances of periodontal diseases and cavity formations – makes this an immediate pick vis-a-vis the traditional string flosser.