What are the Best Games to Play at Online Casinos?

Tips to Find the Best Online Casinos for Real Money

So, you’ve discovered there’s magic in casino games? Welcome to the gamblers’ world. Nearly all games require little to no skills to play. But they’re exciting, addictive and rewarding when you play for real money.

What’s more, there are hundreds of games themed after all sorts of Hollywood films. Whether you love horrors or sports, comedies or thrillers, there’s a game created for you. Below we’ve outlined the best Online Cricket Betting ID and who should play them.

Progressive Jackpots

If you’re like many players, you want to play casino games for the money. Maybe you’ve heard someone won a million dollars after placing a $1 bet. It’s true—someone once won €17.9 million after wagering a meager 75 euro cents.

Of course, not everyone gets to win millions or even hundreds of thousands. Most jackpot players won a few thousands or less. Nevertheless, pots allow you to take home a colossal amount of money without having to stake a lot.

Mega Moolah and Mega Fortunes are the most prominent jackpot games online. Microgaming created the former while NetEnt designed the latter. The slots are wildly famous because of their frequent jackpots that run in the millions of Euros.

High RTP Slots

RTP is short for return to player and refers to a game’s payout rate in the long haul. The average slot machine features a 95% RTP rate. It’s a much higher rate than the ordinary brick and mortar slot machine.

Despite this, you want to pick games with the highest RTP as they tend to pay out more frequently. At the same time, you should examine games for their quality. This way, you get to play games that are both entertaining are rewarding.

Microgaming’s Thunderstruck is the ideal example that offers a mix of excitement and many paying features. Although it came out way back in 2003, the game features five reels and a 96.1% RTP rate.

It’s themed after Norse mythology so that you form winning symbols by triggering Thor, his hammer and other symbols. Check out the game on free-spins.net to learn more about its features and the best strategy for playing it.

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Besides Thunderstruck, some more games with high RTP and excellent reviews from players include Gonzo’s Quest, Cleopatra slot, Thunderstruck II and Mega Joker. All the games have 96% RTP rates or higher. They’re video slots, accept low wagers and also feature random jackpots.

Live Poker

Poker is one of the few casino games that require skill to win. You need both luck and skills to edge out an opponent at the game, so talent alone won’t win you many games. Of course, this also depends on which poker version you play.

Texas Hold’em offers the best chance for combining luck with skills to rake the maximum profits in a game. Omaha High and Hi-Lo are more engaging while RAZZ lets you think harder to form a hand with the lowest value. You can also play Pai Gow, video or Caribbean stud poker.

At online casinos, live poker is played against fellow gamblers. Similarly to conventional poker tables, an online poker table consists of three to nine players. All players stream the action through web cameras. A human live dealer stands in front of a table inside a dedicated gaming studio.

Unlike playing against RNG software, live poker lets you win by exploiting the weaknesses of your human opponents. It’s also more exciting because you can socialize with players and interact with dealers.

European Roulette

Although you could also play the American roulette game, the European version offers better odds. Specifically, it features a house edge of 2.7% against 5.26% in the American game. Surprisingly, the considerable difference is caused by the presence of one extra pocket.

While the European roulette wheel features 37 pocket numbers, the American version has 38. Despite this, both games payout at a rate of 1 to 35. You could win a bet playing either wheel. But in the long run, the European game plays more frequently.

There’s a third roulette version that experienced players love even more: the French roulette. It resembles the standard European roulette but features a rule that lowers its house edge. One law, La Partage, dictates that if 50/50 bets land on the zero pocket—you get half of your stake back. Thanks to the rule, French roulette has a 1.35% house edge.

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Like poker and roulette, you’ll find blackjack is all popular online casinos. At its core, blackjack is a game of cards played against the dealer. The objective is to draw cards whose total value is closest to or equal to 21. You have no control which cards you get. But if you play strategically, you can beat the dealer consistently.

You could also play different versions of the game. They will usually have the same objectives, but their rules differ. With Spanish 21, for instance, players get six to eight decks albeit with one exception. Ten value cards don’t appear.

With Atlantic City blackjack, you can split hands up to three times while on Blackjack Switch, you can change your cards. Other blackjack variations include Pontoon, Vegas Strip and live blackjack.

Instant Win Games

If you love to take high risks, some casinos allow you to play games like lotto and scratch cards for a chance to win (or lose) money instantly. You can place bets as little as 10 cents with most games. But the downside is that the risk of losing money is much higher than the probability of winning.

To Conclude

The average online casino has 500+ games. From slots to blackjack, live poker to roulette, there are lots of games you could play at the comfort of your home. Progressive jackpots allow you to win huge sums of money, but their odds are relatively low.

High RTP rate games like Thunderstruck are entertaining and payout more frequently. If you love socializing with players, hop on to the live casino section and find roulette, blackjack or poker.