Best Free Dating Apps Tips for Men

Best Free Dating Apps

Thanks to the internet, we can do almost anything online, including dating. You don’t need to hit on girls in clubs or shopping malls anymore, as all it takes now is a few swipes on the Best Free Dating Apps. Yet, most guys fail, or more precisely, they suck. If you’re one of them, follow these online dating tips to increase your chances of getting more matches. 

Extra focus on the main profile pictures

“Several local dating sites allow you to upload multiple images of yourself. .This is a good feature as it gives the other a person a better idea of how you look. But, it’s is also true that most people won’t bother swiping your pictures if they don’t like your main profile picture. So, one of the essential online dating tips is to have your best photo as your primary profile picture. 

And what if you don’t have a good photo to upload? Well, click a picture. Nowadays, smartphone cameras are as good as DSLRs, so all you need to do is ask a friend to click a couple of good pictures. Make sure the image shows your face clearly. Don’t have a sideways pose or one in which you’re not looking in the camera. Eye contact is vital, so have an image that clearly shows the upper half of your body. 

That being said, other images in your profile are also important. But here you can get a bit creative. Have some sideways poses, group photos, or pictures with pets or kids. 

Write an interesting profile bio on the Best Free Dating Apps

Most men suck at this, but one of the crucial online dating profile tips for guys is to write a compelling bio. Writing a great bio allows you to introduce yourself to the person looking at your profile. Let’s say you love dogs and reading. A girl comes to your profile, and she likes dogs and reading, too. But since you’ve left your profile bio section empty, she’ll never come to know what it is that you’re looking for. 

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Also, your profile bio is not a CV, so don’t mention your educational qualification or work experience. You can have a line about what you do, but on the whole, it should be casual and personal. Mention things you like, such as your hobbies and interests or dreams and desires. In a nutshell, your profile bio should be a summary of your character and personality. 

“Heyy” won’t work on the Best Free Dating Apps

Now that you’re done with the profile picture and bio, let’s move onto the next important step – sending the first message. Knowing how to talk to girls is very important. First, don’t send messages blindly. Sending texts like hi, hey, hello, etc. don’t work, as a girl’s inbox is already filled with tens if not hundreds of such messages. If you want to be noticed, you’ll need to stand out.

Your first message should be tailored as per the person you’re writing to and what you’re expecting. Before sending a message, take some time and check out the girl’s profile. See if she’s mentioned something about her interests or hobbies. When framing the first message, take something from her profile. For instance, if the girl’s bio says that she loves ballet dancing, you can start your message by telling her that you like ballet dancing, too. 

Another mistake guys make is physical compliments. They don’t work anymore, and telling a beautiful woman that she looks beautiful won’t have much effect on her. Instead, compliment her on her hobbies or actions. For example, if the girl is a lawyer, you can acknowledge that it takes hard work to become a lawyer, and you’re really impressed. 

All in all, don’t send simple greetings but also refrain from sexual or physical compliments. It’s okay to send a slightly longer message as long as you know what you’re talking about. 

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The right way to talk on the Best Free Dating Apps

If you follow all the steps and you have some luck on your side, you’ll find your first match soon. Now, it’s time to start talking, and there are some do’s and don’ts to follow when talking to a girl on the best dating apps. Let’s discuss them in brief. 


  • Reply promptly. Some guys intentionally delay their response to show that they’re busy. That’s not good etiquette, so be timely and reply in a prompt fashion. 
  • Keep the text short. Unless the girl has a heart for reading, long texts can be burdensome. So, keep your messages short and crisp. If you have a lot to say, break down your message into smaller parts. 
  • Read your texts twice before sending. This is true, especially if you have your autocorrect turned on. Sometimes, autocorrections can change the entire meaning of your message. So, check your messages to save yourself from unnecessary embarrassment. 
  • Send morning and night greetings; It’s fine to send good morning and good night texts. 


  • Don’t be desperate. If the girl doesn’t reply promptly, either she could be busy, or she’s not interested in talking at the moment. In either case, texting over and over will just ruin your reputation. 
  • Don’t be creepy or overly flirtatious. Occasional compliments are recommended, but overdoing it could backfire. 
  • Don’t talk too much. Don’t forget that the sole purpose of online dating is to fix a date. So, leave something for your date. 

Fix the first date

When texting with a girl is going well, most guys forget that the only purpose of online dating is to get that first date. If you’ve been talking to the girl for a few weeks, and you think she’s interested, ask her out. You don’t necessarily need to call it a date. You can meet in a nearby cafe or restaurant, or go for a movie together. If the girl refuses, either you’ve not built enough trust, or the girl isn’t interested in you. 


Let’s quickly summarize the tips for local dating sites discussed above. The most important elements of online dating are having an irresistible profile image and a killer bio. When sending your first text, send something more detailed that encourages the girl to reply. And lastly, don’t be creepy, and follow the basic texting etiquette.