Tricking Out Your ATV/UTV For Ice Fishing

ATVs and UTVs vehicles

ATVs are usually not designed for extreme conditions of ice fishing. In this article, we share the useful tips and tell you how to trick out your quad to make ice fishing a pleasant experience.ATVs and UTVs vehicles are compact four-wheeled vehicle, which have increased passability. Such vehicles have appealed to many fans of extreme activities due to their maneuverability and tire durability.

According to many fishermen, such four-wheelers are useful and convenient for ice fishing, and they are better than snowmobiles in many aspects. For example, they can develop a sufficient speed and carry weighty equipment. In addition, ATVs can be ridden in any season and on any terrain.

But these advantages can be not enough for safe and productive ice fishing. How to trick out your ATV and what tools are required for your vehicle? We will tell you about it and willingly share some useful tips!

Useful Ice Fishing Tricks for ATVs

Ice fishing is an interesting and extreme activity. If you would like to prepare your vehicle for such fishing conditions and plan to come back with a good catch, then your four-wheeler needs to be equipped with some useful devices and tools.

  1. ATV Storage Box

An ATV storage box is indispensable tool not only for ice fishing, but also in everyday life. A lot of things can be stored inside the storage boxes, as they help to improve the cargo capacity of your vehicle. A high quality storage box will protect your equipment and all necessary things from the harmful effects of the environment, including snow, ice and dust.

Such boxes are made mainly of metal or resistant plastic. Also, storage baskets can be mounted both at the rear of your ATV, and at the front of the vehicle. If you wish, you can purchase a storage box with a lock to ensure that your belongings are not stolen.

  1. Bucket Holder

At first glance, it might seem that such holders are not useful. But buckets take up a lot of space and storing them in a removable storage box is not convenient. And buckets should always be at hand during your ice fishing. Therefore, bucket holder is worth installing in order to save space in your vehicle and provide comfortable transportation of buckets.

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Most of the bucket holders are mounted on the back of the ATV, and four 5-gallon buckets can be transported this way. Such holders are easy to install, and they can be removed if it is necessary.

  1. ATV Ice Auger Mount

Ice auger is a must-have tool for ice fishing. Using an ice auger allows you to drill a hole in the ice within few minutes to start fishing as soon as possible. That is why, it is recommended to purchase a special ATV auger mount to transport this tool to the place of ice fishing. It helps to fix your auger securely on the rear of your ATV.

Ice auger mount does not take up much space, and it does not interfere while you are getting to the fishing spot. The mount can be attached to the rear of your vehicle, as well as to the front for better weight distribution.

  1. Windshield

Installing a windshield on your four-wheeler is important not only for a comfortable ride, but also for your own safety. This is one of the most useful tricking outs for your four ATV, as it protects your face and eyes from snow, a strong gust of wind and prevents frostbite.

Windshields are made from highly resistant materials such as Plexiglas. It provides durability and good visibility during the ride. It is important to choose the right windshield, because the reliability of windshield fixation depends on its compatibility with your ATV. The right windshield is easy to install and protects you for many years.

  1. GPS Navigation System

Such devices will greatly facilitate the search for ideal fishing spots and prevents you from get lost in an unfamiliar area. The navigation devices should contain a built-in chartplotter and sonar system. These functions help you to navigate across the area and see a map of the pond bottom, where you are going to fish.

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It is preferably to choose those navigation systems, which already have built-in maps and can instantly analyze your location data. Such devices are usually attached to the vehicle, constantly track your location and you can synchronize it with your smartphone at any time.

  1. Snowplow

ATV snowplow is an essential accessory for ice fishing. It often happens that roads and ponds are covered with snow, and the snow needs to be cleared, so that you could safely reach the fishing spot. In this case, a snowplow will be very useful, because it does not take up much space, and you do not need to use physical force to clear the road or ice from the snow.

Snowplows come in many sizes. They are attached to the front quad rail and clear the snow in front of the vehicle as it moves. This tool is easy to install and can be removed when it is not needed.

  1. Studded Tires and Chains

These tools contribute to better traction of the wheels on icy surfaces. You should not forget that ATVs are usually not designed to ride on the ice, so regular tires are not safe for ice fishing. Studded tires are used in such situations to ensure vehicle stability and safe movement on ice.

Instead of studded tires, chains can also be used. Chains are easily put on tires and, if necessary, they can be removed and folded into a removable storage box. Chains are a more durable than studded tires, but they take up a lot of space in the trunk.


ATV ice fishing is a memorable and extreme pastime. Before going to the ice fishing, you need to make sure that your vehicle will is ready for such a ride. Preparing an ATV for ice fishing is not difficult. You just need to supply your vehicle with the necessary tools and devices, as well as take care of your safety.

We hope that our tips will help you to trick out your ATV for ice fishing!