Best Colleges in the US: Here are 18 Best Colleges [Updated 2020]

best colleges in the us

The United States is among the best places to study in the world. There are scores of reputed colleges and other educational institutes in America that guarantee their students an incredibly bright career. You too should seriously consider studying in some of the best colleges in the US if you wish to make a make in the world. The kind of global exposure you get, the unique teaching methods you’ll encounter, and the amazing work opportunities that will land on your lap once your degree is done is definitely worth sought-after. So, sit back and allow us to tell you about some of the top colleges to study in the USA.

Wish to Study Abroad? Here are 18 Best Colleges in the US to Consider!

We’ve listed some of the best colleges in the US you can consider studying at when pursuing higher education. World-renowned and top class, these are some of the most amazing colleges to spend your student days at. Pick any of these American colleges depending on what type, of course, you’d like to pursue and what kind of environment suits you. Check out the colleges below!

1. Harvard University

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Arguably among the topmost and best colleges not just in the US but the world, Harvard University is the first choice for many students hoping to pursue higher education in the US. The college prides itself on its uniqueness and has churned out some of the most successful people in various fields. When a student is done studying at Harvard, he or she leaves the institute having learned the skill of how to think rather than what to think. The global exposure you will get here will incomparable to anything in the world. Should you have the skill set to qualify for admission here, by all means, jump at the opportunity!

2. Princeton University

Princeton, New Jersey

With Public Policy Analysis and Computer Hardware Engineering being among the most popular majors, Princeton University is one of the best colleges you can get admission to in America. Princeton’s graduates are known to be among the top earners in the world in their respective fields and are some of the most accomplished individuals ever. The best part about this particular college is that it offers financial aid to students who are economically backward or weak. It’s a good choice for those who cannot pay exorbitant college fees.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Popularly referred to simply as MIT, this is among the very best colleges in the US you should consider studying at. It offers outstanding opportunities for students to learn and grow in terms of research and all levels of academics. Associated learning and homework will consume most of the time of your student life and trust us, you will love every second of the high-pressure and intense atmosphere. However, be warned that classes at MIT are no joke and you are required to take it very seriously. Unsurprisingly, people from all over the world are vying for a spot at this prestigious institute.

4. Columbia University

New York, New York

Are you interested in Political Science? Would you like to know how Governments work? Are you a Computer Science whiz? How about giving Economics a try? If you identify with any of these amazing options, Columbia University is the place for you. Offering excellent teaching and academic opportunities, this is the most amazing place for you to spend your student life. In fact, many students get transferred to this university midway so that they can double their study and work opportunities. You should definitely consider Columbia University when looking at colleges in the US.

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5. Stanford University

Stanford, California

Stanford is among the topmost places to study in the world and not just among the best colleges in the US. Students have the freedom to switch majors here as well as the flexibility to study anything else in addition to their course. The campus life is incredibly fun and you will meet people from all across the world wherein the exchange of ideas will be simply fantastic. Also, the bonus point is that the weather in this particular part of the US is among the best. You need not worry about snow or freezing temperatures.

6. Yale University

New Haven, Connecticut

Hundreds of students apply for admission to Yale University every single year. The opportunities offered by this spectacular college are simply awesome and truly one-of-a-kind. While you will still see quite a bit of Greek life prevalent on the campus, you will also find scores of people from different cultural backgrounds. You can exchange ideas, swap cultural information, and in general, get to know about a lot of different people. The academics can be challenging but incredibly interesting at the same time.

7. Duke University

Durham, North Carolina

Also among the best colleges in the US is this unique and amazing place called Duke University. While it may not be as famous as Harvard or Stanford, it is no less when it comes to academic and research opportunities. The campus life is among the most interesting ones around and students have the freedom to use different study techniques and methods. Whether you are an out-and-out nerd or a student-cum-athlete, all your specific needs will be well taken care of at Duke University. Be assured that should you decide to join here, it will be the right choice.

8. University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For students who are completely into Finance, Economics, or Nursing, this is among the best places to study in the United States. There is incredible diversity when it comes to education as well as training methods which will leave you mind-numbed. The chance to mix with students from all possible streams is among the topmost highlights of the college. You can also attend lectures from all four undergraduate schools if you’d like to. Also, while there, you will be able to learn a lot more about the unbelievably interesting history behind this reputed US college.

9. Vanderbilt University

Nashville, Tennessee

For Liberal Arts & Humanities, this is among the very best colleges in the US. You will be able to watch, study, investigate, and learn about some of the most interesting aspects of this subject in depth. It’s also famous for its Social Science Research Methods and Economics courses. The guidance you need to adjust at the university as well as in your studies will come not just from the professors but also from the seniors and other students. So, if you’re apprehensive about moving to the US, be assured that you will adjust quickly and will soon be mixing with everyone else at the college.

10. Washington University in St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri

The campus at Washington University in St. Louis is as gorgeous as its faculty is awesome. Among the topmost colleges in America, this is the best place for those who wish to study complicated subjects like Psychology, Finance, and Computer Science among others. The dorms are very comfortable and you will lack nothing you need. An additional bonus is a fact that the ambiance of the place is more friendly than competitive. This allows the students to learn and support one another rather than try to outperform each other. You will thrive in this incredible environment for sure.

11. University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, Indiana

Students who love subjects like Accounting, Finance, and Economics will find this to be the best choice for them. The kind of teaching you will receive here will propel you to reach heights you only ever dreamed of. Also, the other students and staff offer such incredible support that will leave you amazed at the fact that such a competitive place can offer such a friendly welcome. If you decide to get admission here, be assured that you will have a super bright career once you are done here as scores of job opportunities will come knocking on your door.

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12. Georgetown University

Washington, DC

This is among the best colleges in the US if you happen to be interested in International Relations. It’s also a great place for Finance as well as Political Science & Government students. So, if your interest falls within any of these areas, this place would be the perfect fit for you. The professors at Georgetown University go out of their way to help students and the amenities provided complement the efforts of the faculty. It’s the ideal place for driven, passionate, and intelligent students who genuinely wish to make a mark in the world.

13. University of Southern California

Los Angeles, California

For subjects such as Biology, Business, and Communications, this is the best place to study in the United States. Teaching is concise, clear, and results-oriented. Be assured that the study material provided along with the other amenities and facilities will be of the topmost quality. Even the campus life is none other and will give you the chance to interact with students from different parts of the world. Your time studying here will be the power base upon which you will build your entire career. Thereby, make sure to use every resource provided to its absolute best.

14. Amherst College

Amherst, Massachusetts

If you are into offbeat yet intriguing subjects such as Research & Experimental Psychology, this is among the best colleges in the US for you. The training you will be given here will be among the very best in the world and will prepare you for the amazing job opportunities that will follow once your education is complete. It’s a good place for students who love Mathematics and Economics as well. While there will be plenty to do at the fast-paced campus, you should know that there are scores of fun things to do outside of college as well. So, take some time out to stroll around and enjoy the surroundings.

15. University of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

Offering an incredibly rigorous environment, the University of Chicago is not for the faint-hearted. Mind you, while there is plenty of scopes to fool around and just be a student, academics are to be taken seriously here. There’s no joking around when it comes to studying. However, with that being said, it doesn’t mean that the place is boring. In fact, on the contrary, students thrive in this competition as well as a fun environment. If you’re into intense workouts or high-octane outdoor games, you can participate in various varsity sports at the university.

16. Tufts University

Medford, Massachusetts

By now you must have realized how many of the really awesome institutes in the US are located in Massachusetts. Well, this is one more to add to that incredible list. With its most popular majors being International Relations, Economics, and Biology, this is a truly amazing academic institute that ensures all its students make something decent out of their abilities. The study material, incredible faculty, and research opportunities offered at Tufts University are all par excellence. No wonder then the university expects so much out of its students! Should you decide to join here, be assured that it will be among the best decisions of your life.

17. Bowdoin College

Brunswick, Maine

If you’re thinking about what such a smallish and liberal arts school can offer you, allow us to tell you that it can offer a lot of things actually. Teaching is excellent here as are the welcoming peers. You will have the chance to learn a multitude of things other than your chosen subjects. Additionally, the dorm rooms are kept very clean and the food offered is pretty great as well. So, if you’re a hygiene freak of a foodie, this is great news. Not only will you be supported academically but should you need any other kind of help, that will be made available as well. While here, don’t forget to enjoy the hip campus and social life!

18. Dartmouth College

Hanover, New Hampshire

Whether you’re a bookworm that loves to hang out at the library or a social butterfly who wishes to mix with everyone on campus, Dartmouth has a place for you. There are all kinds of people found at this prestigious American college and you can mix with as many of them as possible. Unsurprisingly, this is among the very best colleges in the US you can study at. The challenges you will face in the lab or the classroom will the factors that push you forward in your academic life. As a result, be sure that you will learn invaluable things here and you can use them in every aspect of your life.