New Jersey Beaches: 20 Best Beaches to Visit in New Jersey

New Jersey is among the most stunning places to visit in the United States. Also, with over 130 miles of stunning coastline, it’s home to some truly spectacular beaches as well. So, if you happen to be a beach lover heading to America, this is the place to visit! There are scores of awesome New Jersey beaches to choose from and you should try to cover as many of them as you can during your vacay. Keep reading to know about the awesome beach options and what to expect when you visit New Jersey.

20 Most Beautiful & Best New Jersey Beaches To Visit On Your Vacation!

Listed below are some of the best beaches in New Jersey to visit during your vacation to this part of the United States. Take a close look at all of them along with what they offer and visit as many of these gorgeous beaches as you can while there. Don’t forget to take your camera along and capture some truly breathtaking travel pictures!

1. Point Pleasant Beach

Point Pleasant Beach

Famous for its crystal clear and incredibly pristine waters, Point Pleasant is among the best beaches to visit in New Jersey. You can swim, surf, or simply laze about the beach and get a fabulous tan. Kids will enjoy running around and burning up all that endless energy. However, besides the beach waters, there are plenty of attractions to enjoy in the beach’s vicinity such as Jenkinson’s Boardwalk and Aquarium. You will come across arcade games, food stalls, and ice cream outlets among several other things at the boardwalk. Visit with a bunch of friends and double the fun!

2. Cape May

cape may beach

It will take you about three hours to reach the beach from the city but the drive is worth it as this is among the topmost New Jersey beaches to visit. Sprawled across a seemingly endless area, Cape May is home to a wide number of stunning beaches you can enjoy. Some of the top ones to visit include Steger Beach, Higbee Beach, and Poverty Beach among others. Besides swimming and surfing, several of these beaches offer the opportunity to go kayaking, windsurfing, as well as boating among other exciting things.

3. Wildwoods Beach

Wildwoods Beach

If you are looking for some of the most gorgeous but free New Jersey beaches to visit, Wildwoods is the place for you. The utterly stunning region is dotted with some of the most breathtakingly beautiful beaches you will ever come across. Also, what makes this place a top choice is that there are over 200 fun festivals and events held throughout the year right here! You can head to the Wildwoods Boardwalk for waterparks, rides, food stalls, restaurants, bars, shopping ops, and more.

4. Fisherman’s Cove

Fisherman’s Cove

This should be among the first beaches to visit in New Jersey for animal lovers. The stunning region is super famous for being home to innumerable species of gorgeous birds and other such awesome wildlife. That is the reason you will see many animal enthusiasts making a trip to Fisherman’s Cove on a regular basis. Dog lovers can leave their furry friends to run free here. Another bonus is that this stunning 55-acre beach is not at all crowded – a huge plus point for those hoping to avoid vast masses of people.

5. Long Island Beach

long island beach

This is among the most popular New Jersey beaches to explore during your vacation. Forever crowded, this awesome place is a hit among the tourists as well as locals in the area. Popularly called the LBI, this beach is situated just a little under a 2-hour drive from New York and offers around 18 miles of stunning sandy beaches. Expect to find a remarkable lighthouse, a really cool boardwalk, and an amusement park among other awesome attractions in the area. Spend an entire day here and you won’t even realize the time flying by!

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6. Sandy Hook Beach

Sandy Hook Beach

Easily accessible, Sandy Hook Beach can be reached in less than 35 minutes and is among the best places to explore in New Jersey. Sandy Hook is home to four gorgeous beaches and you can choose to visit any of them you like. This is a good place for adults traveling without kids as they can have a quiet time at the beach. You will find all the awesome things to enjoy here as on the other beaches in New Jersey. Take a day out of your itinerary to visit and enjoy this amazing place.

7. Stone Harbor Beach

stone harbor beach

For a typical family outing, this is among the best ever New Jersey beaches to visit. Its unique and comfy small-town charm will put you at ease instantly and shopaholics can enjoy a great time at this shopping district. None of the Stone Harbor Beaches are too crowded so you can relax without having to step on any toes. You can rent bikes to ride around the beach, make and paint your own pottery, kayak or paddleboard among several other fun things.

8. Atlantic City Beach

atlantic city beach

You’ll be glad to know that the entrance to this spectacular beach is absolutely free. There are scores of fun activities to enjoy at the beach, such as fishing, swimming, kayaking, surfing, and more. However, the most famous and popular part of the beach is the boardwalk – that’s where all the action is! There are scores of high-end eateries, shops, bars, and a lot more. It has plenty of attractions for all types of visitors to enjoy. There’s also a stunning lighthouse in the vicinity.

9. Gunnison Beach

If you’re into nude beaches, this is the best one to head to in New Jersey. Do keep in mind that you will have plenty of eyeful at this particular beach. Did we mention this was the only legal one of all nudist New Jersey beaches? Well, it is! So, if you’re all for giving up that very last shred of clothing to get that awesome suntan, go ahead by all means! No one will judge you here as long as you keep to yourself and don’t stare at your neighbors. It’s the perfect place to laze about the beach all day long.

10. Ashbury Park Beach

This is among the most amazing beaches to visit in New Jersey. There are scores of fun things to enjoy besides the usual swimming, sunbathing, surfing, and kayaking experiences. Boardwalks offer a ton of exciting activities and from the month of October to May, the beach allows visitors to bring their pets along. So, if you’re visiting with your pets between these months, make sure to mark Ashbury Park Beach as one of the top places to visit in New Jersey.

11. Spring Lake Beach

You will find one of the longest boardwalks in New Jersey right at this beach. While the entrance to the beach will cost you a little bit, the great news is that at least the parking is free! However, do make sure to arrive early as the beach is a very popular outing area and so the parking spots fill up quite fast. There are plenty of fun things to do at the beach such as shop for souvenirs, grab an ice cream, gorge on delicious meals, or pop some lip-smacking candy in your mouth.

12. Inlet Beach

For avid surfers, this is among the topmost and best New Jersey beaches to visit. When the weather is warm, you’ll need to wait a bit for some decent and gorgeous breaks to conquer. However, during the winter, the waves are simply so epic and awesome that you won’t believe it! Do remember that these can be a bit challenging so ensure to take all the necessary precautions. Amateur surfers are not advised to try surfing on challenging waves as they can be unpredictable and, thereby, a safety risk.

13. Sea Girt Beach

If you’re on the lookout for a stunning but quiet place, Sea Girt is among the top choices to consider. Suitable for families as well as couples, the region will charm the socks right off your feet with its old-world charm and less-crowded beaches. While the old boardwalk is charming to enjoy, there’s a new one right in the vicinity that you should check out as well. Expect to find a tavern, an old-fashioned saloon, and some truly incredible albeit traditional pub fare. So, when you visit, gear up for a trip back in time!

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14. Ocean Grove Beach

Imagine fewer people walking around while you sit ordering a range of delicious craft beers. This is what you can expect when you visit the stunning Ocean Grove Beach – the epitome of peace and a bright sunny day! Enjoy kite flying events, sandcastle building competitions, and inner tube races if you visit during the summer. While this is among the best pet-friendly New Jersey beaches, you will need to pay a bit of entry fee. However, the fee is totally worth the money as there are scores of fun things you can enjoy once inside.

15. Lavallette Beach

One of the best and most beautiful New Jersey beaches, the gorgeous Lavallette Beach operates on a badge system wherein visitors need to purchase passes to enter into it. These can be daily, weekly, or even seasonal passes. There’s a yacht club, countless restaurants, shops, and scores of other things to explore in the region. In the month of June, there’s an annual truck festival held and is attended by a ton of people. The downside is that pets aren’t allowed onto the beach. You can, however, take them for a stroll on the boardwalk.

16. Strathmere Beach

One of the most gorgeous and peaceful beaches to visit in New Jersey, this is where you can watch the Dolphins play around in the water, head out for a swim of your own, or simply laze about and catch a fabulous tan. Grab a chilled beer or an ice cream to compliment the awesome and bright sunny day. You can sit on the outdoor deck of any of the restaurants and people watch if you don’t feel like doing much. Adrenaline junkies can take off for a swim, surf, or even kiteboard if they like. Be assured you will have the most amazing time here.

17. Belmar Beach

If you’re looking for a lot of options in just one place, this is among the best New Jersey beaches to visit. There are countless amenities and facilities here apart from the opportunity to have fun at Belmar Beach. For instance, you will come across water bottle filling stations and an electric charger at every other block along the way. The best part is that this is among the cleanest beaches in the region as it is cleaned every single morning. Do ensure to check out the iconic Belmar Boardwalk that was unfortunately damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

18. Long Branch Beach

This is THE place for shopaholics visiting New Jersey! You will be amazed at the number of shopping options Pier Village in Long Branch Beach has to offer. If you’re into clothes, there are one-of-a-kind boutiques that line the boardwalk and sell the trendiest of clothes. You can also shop for surfing accessories, running gear, or even delicious chocolate treats that you can only get here. So, take a stroll and enjoy as many sights as you can. End the day by grabbing a delicious meal at any of the restaurants in the region.

19. Whale Beach

Whale Beach is among the best ever New Jersey beaches for avid surfers. A well-hidden secret in the state, the frequent sandbars here ensure to offer some of the best breaks consistently all through the summer. The best part is that the beach isn’t crowded which gives surfers the opportunity to enjoy catching waves at their own pace and without interference. However, if you happen to be an amateur surfer, make sure to take all the necessary precautions as some of the breaks might seem pretty clean but can be deceptively dangerous.

20. Keansburg Beach

If you’re looking for an isolated but breathtakingly beautiful beach, this is among the topmost New Jersey beaches to consider visiting during your trip. Located near Middletown, Keansburg Beach offers visitors the chance to enjoy a fuss-free and peaceful outing. Also, you need not invest in a ticket or a pass to enter the beach and it is open to the public for every single day of the year. You can enjoy all of the awesome facilities and fun opportunities offered at the beach. Be sure to have the best vacation when you visit the stunning Keansburg beach!

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