How to Export, Backup or Import Outlook Email to Gmail?

outlook to gmail

Have you got a few hundred email messages in your Microsoft Outlook (a PST file) which have been organized in multiple different folders? Well, there is an obvious possibility to download your emails messages from Gmail to Outlook by the use of POP3 or IMAP. But the question here is: Is it possible to do the complete reverse of it?  Is there a possibility of Exporting outlook email to Gmail or is there a way to Import outlook email to Gmail?

Also, have you also been surfing the internet to find that set of right instructions in order to import or export your Outlook email messages as well as your folders to the Gmail account? Well, if yes then there might be 2 reasons for doing so. Either you are looking for a secure backup or you want to have the access to your previously saved emails in the computer later on. How to do it?

Here we have easy to follow step-by-step guides for you to transfer your Outlook emails to the Gmail account.

Export and Backup Your Emails from Outlook to Your Gmail Account:

Step 1: Enable IMAP in your Gmail account. After that, via IMAP, configure Outlook (or Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express) in order to sync with your Gmail id.

Enable IMAP in your Gmail account

Step 2: Now, into your Personal Folder (other than your default Gmail Account), Import your Outlook PST file.

Personal Address Book

In order to import, simply click File -> click Import & Export -> Import from another file or program. -> Click Next -> Personal Folder File (.pst) -> click Next.

You now have to Select the PST file which comprises of your email, pick those email folders which you have to import in Outlook after that and then click on Finish.

Step 3: Select the Personal folders which you have to backup and copy those folders to your Gmail Account Folder in Outlook (refer to the screenshot for more).

Now, right-click the folder you need to copy in the Folder List and then click Copy Folder name. To copy the selected folder in that location, click the Gmail Folder in Outlook. Moreover, you are allowed to repeat these steps as required for other the folders or files as well.

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Copy Folder name

And this is it. You will be able to access your Outlook email messages real soon in your Gmail Account.

Caution: The migration from your Outlook to your Gmail Account might take longer just in case you have a slow internet connection or you have got to transfer a huge Outlook PST File. Hence, it would be better to opt for the removal of every large email before you move them to your Gmail inbox via IMAP.

Import Your Outlook Email Messages or Contacts to Your Gmail:

If you are someone with either an email address which is basically a Hotmail account or an account in Windows Live email, your email message has got integrated into, a web-based email system by Microsoft. Moreover, if you have got a Gmail account and you are looking to migrate that email account to Gmail, this process has been made really simple and easy by Google.

Before getting started with the process of importing, you have to prepare your Outlook account. You will have to copy any messages that you have got to store from the Junk or Deleted folders into your Inbox. (There might also be the case where you simply won’t have any messages in these folders that you have to store—after all, these folders only contain email messages you want to get rid of or that you do not need—but you know (just in case if you need them).

In order to transfer your Outlook messages, address book contacts to your Gmail, or folders, simply follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to your Gmail account page and click the Settings button which is in the upper right corner of the page (it is just like a gear icon).
  2. Now, click the Accounts and Import tab at the top of the Settings page.
  3. Then in the section called Import mail and contacts, simply click Import mail and contacts.

Moreover, if you have imported before, you just have to select Import from another address.

  1. Right after that, a window will get opened asking you the following question: What account do you want to import from? Just go ahead and type your Outlook email address over here.
  2. Now, Select Continue.
  3. One more window will get opened asking you for logging into your Outlook account. You simply have to enter the password of your Outlook account and then simply click the Sign in button. While you get done with it successfully, the window will then ask you for the closing of the window in order to continue further.
  4. In the window that’s been labeled as Step 2: Import options, select the options that you want. These include:
  • Import contacts
  • Import mail, and
  • Import new email for the upcoming 30 days — messages that you get at your Outlook address will automatically be transferred to your Gmail account for the whole month.
  1. After that, simply go ahead and Select Start import. Now, click OK.
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The above steps will make the import process run without the requirement of any further assistance from your side. Other than that, you can also get back to working in your Gmail account. Also, you will be able to log out of your Gmail account and the process of importing the messages will continue running behind the scenes no matter if your Gmail account is open.

Moreover, this process of importing may take a while to get finished (a couple of hours or even a couple of days). But that completely depends on the number of emails as well as the contacts you have got to import to your account.

Open PST File without Outlook:

If you have been surfing online for days and struggling hard to learn about how you can open the PST file without having to use Outlook, we have some amazing tips for you. Other than Outlook, there are plenty of other options available that you can use to Open PST file very easily. These methods include using the OST PST Viewer and more. But since you might not be familiar with these, we have made it simpler and easy for you. You can follow this step-by-step guide in order to learn how to open PST File without outlook.