Balancing Fitness With Finances


Wanting to eat healthily, fitness,  gain muscle and lose a few pounds may sound easy enough, but if you’re just wanting to lose pounds on the scales and not from your bank balance it may appear trickier than you first thought.

Times are tough for us all right now, and now more than ever, we value our health and fitness most. As we take the right steps to help us remain fit and healthy or find the motivation to lose weight, we often feel overwhelmed by industry experts who recommend the latest home workout equipment to “Transform your body”. Or expensive celebrity-endorsed diet plans, all helping you achieve your “summer body by the time you can go on holiday again”. But if you are just hoping to learn how you can opt for a healthier lifestyle and not have to pay a small fortune to achieve results, check out the below tips.

Looking The Part On A Budget for Fitness

If you have ever bought new fitness gear to help motivate you to work out, you are not alone. The saying  “all the gear no idea” may ring true, but by having a new gym wardrobe, you feel motivated, confident, and comfortable for a workout knowing you look the part. However, you will find that while the quality is fantastic for most fitness brands, the price will have you running scared. A way around this is online discount codes. Searching online for online discount codes at Nike, Adidas and Puma will save you a small fortune at the checkout, so you can look the part and not break the bank.

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Don’t Shop on Hungry!

This advice is pretty self-explanatory, so don’t do it hungrily when you venture out for the weekly shop! You’ll find plenty of items to make it into your trolley just because you have a hunger craving!

Cooking at Home for Fitness

Cooking at home is much cheaper than eating out or, in today’s world, getting takeaways. Make it a habit to cook at home, rather than eating out at the last minute. Generally, you can feed an entire family of 4 for the same price as buying food for one or two people at a restaurant. Some people find it best to cook for the whole week on the weekends, while others cook one meal at a time. By cooking yourself, you also gain the benefit of knowing what precisely goes in your food.

Compare prices

As well as not going to the shop hungry, you always want to ensure you know what you are there for. Comparing which shop has the lowest price on price comparison sites and apps is a great way to ensure you are getting the best deal. So have a search around rather than spending more than you need to.

Try it all!

If you search online for home workouts, you will be astounded how much content is out there, and all honesty, it’s a little overwhelming! The best thing to do is have a general look at the different types of workouts out there. You can sample and try a wide variety of HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, Combat, Cardio its all free, so try a bit of everything and find something that excites and motivates you! Youtube also is a fantastic resource for free at-home workouts. Not only can you search for any type of exercise with hundreds of results. It also allows you to support small content creators and will enable you to adopt them as your free personal trainer!

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Finally…. Get Outside

It may sound simple, but going for a run, a jog, or a power walk are all great ways of getting out of the house; not only is it free, but it has also been scientifically effective in helping reduce stress and improve your mental health. Don’t feel pressured to sign yourself up for the next local marathon, instead set yourself a gradual target of increasing your daily steps; an excellent target to aim for is 10,000 steps a day. If you fancy a more intense challenge, you can train with the help of an app to work your way up towards running your first a 5 or 10K.