Single Niche Vs Multiple Niche- What Should You Go With?

A niche is a blogging term used by professional bloggers to describe a topic on which the blog is based. It is a specialised term in SEO and Blogging. Blogging has rejuvenated into multidimensional forms in the recent years. It has evolved, and it has aconsiderable impact on the readers based on the topic/niche. So choosing a niche is as important as the content on the blog.

A blog may be centred on a single niche, or it may include many niches altogether. Many times a new blogger thinks a multi-niche blog might fetch him/her a large number of viewers while some think that holding on to a single niche does better. Here is why single niche may be better than a multi-niche blog and the points clarifying the difficulty between single niche vs multiple niche.

1. Money becomes a tough issue

A single niche blog is more focused and targeted. It is subjective in its approach and is able to send a clear message about a certain issue. This increases the readability and quality of the content. The better the quality of the blog, the better the number of viewers and readers the blog will have. This indirectly increases the money fetching ability of the blog.

On the other hand, a multi-niche blog is more diffused in its content and doesn’t stay to the point on its subject matter. This lightens the interest of the readers and consequently reduces the number of views. Hence the money making dries up too.

2.SEO is full of friction in case of multi-niche blogs

The search engine optimisation in the case of multi-niche blogs is very difficult. With the advancements and more keyword oriented searches in search engines, a multi-niche fails to give us content that is more object-oriented. Therefore, there may be a very little chance that a multi-niche site shows up for every search on a search engine. On the contrary, for a specific keyword, it is more than likely that Google may give you a sufficient number of single niche blogs/sites that provide more information.

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3.The target audience

Every blog is intended to influence a certain audience. This is one of the basic principles of internet blogs. Each blog focuses on addressing the problems and issues faced by a specific group of people. So the readers and the blog, both are interwoven to each other. One cannot exist without the other.

In the case of a multi-niche blog, it is tough going to get the audience base of the blog. The number of multiple topics in the blogs doesn’t happen to strike a chord with readers if not handled sustainably. So a special team may be needed that comprises of experts in the respective fields of blogging. On the other hand, a single niche blog is fairly easy to handle. Being more topic-centric and concentrated, the audience base is easy to accumulate, thus increasing the target audience and hence, popularity.

4.Lack of coherence in multi-niche blog

A multi-niche blog owing to its multi-directional feature includes a lot of information and content. As we know, information and knowledge are power to a person. But providing information isn’t the only aim of a blog. A blog must be able to deliver information in a smooth transitional manner for a good reading experience.

In multi-niche blogs, it is a tedious task to maintain a healthy relation and coherence between the information provided on the blog. As a result, the reader might feel a forced interest that he exerts on himself while reading the blog. The consequence of which is the eventual disinterest of the audience to the multi-niche blog. On the other part, a single niche blog delivers on its topic effortlessly and with solidarity. As a result, the audience gets what it wants, a meaningful lucid, informative source. This is the key to the success of a blog.

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5.Difficulty to maintain a good connection with fellow bloggers

The widespread topics present in a multi-niche blog make it hard for a blogger to connect with fellow bloggers on a site. This is apparently because it is a very difficult thing to socialise with different people of varying tastes. The blogger may find it cumbersome to connect with the views and opinions of a group of bloggers from a variety of niches at the same time. This can be attributed to human nature. It is generally quite a task to relate you with people who have different choices and interests. Therefore, establishing a good rapport with bloggers from various niches is a herculean task.

A single-niche blog, contrarily, helps the blogger to communicate with bloggers who share the same niche effectively. This helps smooth and efficient exchange of information and flawless communication as well. So a single niche can help you get some friends among the bloggers.

6.A higher exit rate in case of Multi-niche blogs

A multi-niche blog may tend to scare away the readers due to some of its irrelevant information. Therefore, in the case of multi-niche blogs it may be seen that a reader may leave the blog for a short while before reading it completely. This decreases the popularity of multi-niche blogs.

A single niche blog has more chances of rooting the reader to the blog until it ends. This is one speciality of single niche blog that generates its popularity and favours it.

A single niche blog is in many ways more preferable than the multi-niche blog on account of the above reasons. Moreover, it is less of a complicated fact that a jack of all trades is a master of none. Specialising on one issue stands far better than describing many issues illegibly.