Develop an App – 10 Step by Step Guide for New Developers

develop an app

Developing an app is not an easy task but it is not impossible as well. You just need to know what you require and what you don’t to develop an app. Developers mostly require a cause to develop an application. So, the first thing which you must consider is why do you want or wish to develop applications? Do you have any prior experience with app development? If yes then good, if no then here is a guide for you regarding application development.

This guide isn’t for everyone but for people who have a basic knowledge of app development. The application development market across the US is pretty strong and if you are thinking to jump into the market then you must have a great plan of action. To get started with application development you must start from scratch. Now, for this purpose, you need to have three basic questions answered t yourself. These questions are:

  • Which is the best way to learn to code?
  • How can I become a programmer?
  • How to develop an app?

How to develop an app for beginners?

For beginners, there are some basic tutorials which you must follow to learn the application development process. The tutorial starts with coding then moves on to programming and finally app development. You just cannot learn coding from the internet as it requires ample time and study material. There are some coding languages which you must learn first as a primary step towards building an app. These languages are:

  • Python
  • Rails or Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • PHP
  • GO
  • C#

When you are done with coding languages, move ahead with programming. If you ask a professional programmer about how to become a pro programmer, the answer will keep building things. Well, to become a professional you need to start somewhere. This is where you get to start it by building your application.

How to create an app from scratch?

To develop or make an application from the grass-root level requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You need to have a plan of action, an idea, the demand to develop an app. Generally, applications have their database so if you have decided to develop your app then you must learn one such database query language. Further, you must know some of the Dev-Ops to start with the development server activities. This, in turn, will help you with launching the app. On the contrary, if you wish to continue as a web developer only, then you develop your JavaScript HTML and CSS skills to become a pro at it.

Alternatively, you can try to create a game as well. For this purpose, you need to learn C# or Lua. In the case of mobile app development, you must get a good hold on Java for android and Swift/Objective-C for iOS.

10 Steps guide on how to develop an app

Below we have listed a 10 steps procedure on how to make an app for beginners. You need to follow the procedure and develop your skills to become a professional app developer.

1. The Idea or the Crisis

You need to look into the world of application to figure out whether there is a need for a new application that could suffice the crisis. Besides, do you have a constructive idea of building an app? If you are backed with a strong idea then how to develop an app for beginners will be an easy task. If you don’t have a constructive idea then you must look for a loophole or a problem. Entrepreneurs take up the problem and solve it in a way that most of us can’t imagine. To become a successful entrepreneur you must do the same as well.

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Suppose you need to go somewhere but you don’t have a car and there is no public transport available. Under such conditions, you can hire a cab through an app installed on your smartphone. In this way, you need to look at the problems to get a strong way out to solve them.

2. Identifying the Requirements

Another important aspect of creating an app is identifying the requirements or need. You need to research and understand the demand for the purpose on which you are making the application. If you wish to get an idea about how your app will help the people, you can get a gist through the Google Keyword Planner Tool. To properly develop an app you also need to build a landing page. This, in turn, will help you broadcast your idea and create user interest with the help of email signup.

3. Layout of Features

To validate your app idea you need something which will create a sense of interest in the minds of people. For this purpose, you need a layout of the features your app will offer to people. Create a well-documented data to showcase the features and application tools. Besides, you can also use a wire-framing tool to get this done. The more detailed your data is, the better are the chances of developing an amazing app. Moreover, do not forget to include the process of navigating through the app. This, in turn, will help the users to have a clear picture of the application and its features.

4. Eradicate the Non-core Features

It is not always necessary to provide every detailing about the app you wish to develop. Once you have prepared the layout, take a good look at it and point out the non-core features. These features are generally the least required information which you can remove from the layout. It is best to deliver the core values of your app.

Another important aspect is to not include all the features at first. For instance, if you are launching an app, surely it will need updates. Keep some features at hand which you can roll out with the future updates of the app. This, in turn, will help you create a good market value for the app and keep the users engaged as well.

5. Setup a Design

The primary purpose of how to create an app for android or iPhone is to create an app design. Most investors and entrepreneurs focus on basic design as the first step towards developing an app. The design of the app doesn’t only make it look good but also determines the comfort level of the users. If you have poor app design, users won’t like to use it. You must have a creative and comfortable app design so that the users can enjoy using the app.

6. Hire Developer or Designer

You just cannot single-handedly develop an app. To do this, you need help from experts and create your team who will work with you on the app. It is recommended to hire a designer or developer. They have their skills and ideas which will eventually help you make a better app. You can hire them by searching online, check their profile, previous work and credibility.

7. Make a Developer Account

It is very important to have a developer account(s). When you have a developer account, it will give you access to certain app stores where you can sell your app. Just like you can browse the internet for how to create an app for iPhone or Android, you can also search for how to make a developer account.

8. Integrate Analytics

The analytics help you in tracking downloads, retention for your application, user engagement, etc. For this purpose, you can seek help from tools such as Localytics or Flurry. Localytics is a free as paid tool whereas Flurry is a free tool available online.

9. Feedback and Improvisation

When you have created the app and it is available on the different app stores, the next goal is to monitor user feedback. This, in turn, will help you rectify errors, roll out new features according to user demand, etc. Besides, changes and enhancements are constant for any application. The feedbacks will help you develop new features for the app and rank it higher among other apps.

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10. New Features

The first version of the app is not the last. If you want to draw attention to your app then you need to schedule planned updates for the application. These updates will not only enhance the app performance but will also add new features. Most people search online on how to create an app and make money. Well, keeping your app updated with new features is a great way to make money. The feedbacks and analytics will help you understand whether the features are effective or not.

The above-mentioned steps are for you to understand, work on your skills and ideas to become a professional app developer.

How to create an app and make money?

Here you can get hold of a couple of app building software which will help you develop an app. You can use them and build your app. There are a set of patterns by which these software help you make your app.

1. Appery

Appery is a cloud-based app building software which will help you create apps for iOS and Android. This is the answer to your question, how to create an app for android or iPhone. The software includes of Iconic, Apache Cordova and jQuery Mobile. The best part of this app-builder is that you don’t have to download and install anything as it is cloud-based software. To build the UI you can access the visual editor off this software. Here you can drag and drop the components which later on will auto-generate codes for the dropped in components. Further, you can also store data in the cloud database and use any REST API.

The Appery plug-in catalog allows you to add powerful functionality and create your private plug-ins. This app building software has a $60 per month plan for professionals and $135 per month plan for a team of developers.

2. The App Builder

This app building software has two different approaches for events, employees, brochures, and clients. If you wish to design the intranet app for a certain company then this is the platform that can help you. There is an online toolkit for you to develop an app through this platform. Alternatively, you can also seek help from the training section of the app builder to define the structure of the app and fill it with content, features, etc.

The App Builder also has active directory integration which enables you to login along with existing user groups and credentials. Besides, if and when you plan to launch a newer version of your app along with some prompt updates and features, this software can do it in a click. Updates can be published in less than a minute for android and iOS through this platform.

3. App Machine

App Machine is another app making software for you available over the internet. If you don’t know how to create an app for iPhone or Android then this is your destination. You can combine a variety of features for your app by using the drag and drop interface. This includes data, images, videos, etc. Further, you can link your app with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This software allows you to design your software in a unique style. Here you can take full control over the layout design by choosing your preferred icons, colors, navigation path and fonts. There is a Previewer feature that allows you to check the progress on designing made by you.

App Machine gives you access to scan different websites for potential content that can be transferred to the app. Besides, you can test the performance of your app under this software. Once the app is completely ready for launch, you can analyze the user data, promote and publish the app as well. The usage charges of this software is $49 per app built which can exceed $69 with the Plus plan.

Final thoughts

To conclude, you can build your app if you have the necessary tools at hand. Moreover, you can seek help from the internet or professional app developers to get the required information. There are many other app building software available over the internet which you can access too.