Apps Like Dave: Best Cash Advance Apps to Use

Apps Like Dave or Dave is an online banking platform that allows you to manage all your finances in one place. The app aims to solve a major problem — overdraft fees, by enabling clients to pay $1 per month for an overdraft fee protection up to $100. It also supports other banking features, like checking account history, balance, etc. If you are looking for apps like Dave, we have got you covered.

Here’s a list of some of the best Dave alternatives you can use to manage your finances effortlessly.

FlexWage: Apps Like Dave

FlexWage offers financial wellness and payment solutions for employees. The platform comes with four features. The first is OnDemand Pay, which allows you to offer your employees on-demand access to their earned wages. The second is FlexPay, which enables you to deposit tips instantly. Pay Card is the third one, which lets you replace paychecks with digital solutions. The fourth is Sum180™, which helps you track your finances easily.

If you’re looking for a solution that helps you offer better employee experience and peace of mind,


Floatme claims that it has helped members save over $50 million in overdraft fees with cash advances. You can give up to $50 cash advances between paydays without the need for any interest or credit checks. Floatme supports over 10,000 institutions, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, USAA, Regions, Capital One, PNC, and more.

Apps Like Dave
Apps Like Dave

If you need some extra cash before payday, Floatme gives you access to that extra cash instantly. The tool also comes with powerful visualization features to visualize when and how much you are spending.

Varo: Apps Like Dave

Varo Money is an online banking solution that allows you to create a bank account and unleash the limitations of traditional banking solutions. With Varo, you can get rid of credit checks, minimum balances, monthly fees, and overdraft fees. And you get all these benefits with one account. If you want to take more control over your money, Varo is one of the best picks for you.

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A Varo account gives you a plethora of benefits. You get a contactless debit card that you can use anywhere. Varo provides 24/7, branchless mobile banking, allowing you to send and receive money instantly. Whether you want to get more with direct deposits, stretch your paycheck, or grow your money, Varo has got you covered.


DailyPay is an on-demand pay provider that enables you to manage all your employee wages in one place. You get access to proprietary, top-notch payment technology that connects over 6,000 banking endpoints. The primary offering of DailyPay is payroll services, mainly earned wage access.

Apps Like Dave
Apps Like Dave

If you’re looking for a platform that provides users access to 100% of their unpaid income, DailyPay does that for a mere $2.99 fee. The platform doesn’t charge any registration or monthly amount. You only pay a small fee when you make a transfer.


Many people feel the credit system is rigged against them. If you’re one of them, Empower is a fantastic solution for you. It’s a powerful solution that helps you get instant loans while improving your credit.

Empower has three products. The first is Empower Cash Advance, which allows you to borrow up to $100 instantly without the risk of interest, credit checks, or late fees. The second is Empower Thrive, which lets you borrow up to $1,000 instantly at a 0% APR. It also enables you to build credit over time. The final one is the Empower Card, allowing you to open a debit account and get cash advances for up to two days.

Brigit: Apps Like Dave

Brigit is a financial management platform that allows you to manage all your finances in one place. You can get up to $250 worth of cash advances instantly without interest or credit checks. Plus, you can pay it back whenever you want without any hidden tips or fees. In addition to saving money, Brigit helps you improve your credit score by up to 60 points.

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Apps Like Dave
Apps Like Dave

Additionally, Brigit comes with a wide range of financial management tools to understand and improve your credit. You get access to full credit reports, along with cover for up to $1 million in case of identity theft protection.


You don’t have to get your earned money anymore, claims Earnin. It provides users access to their earned money instantly without waiting or penalties. If you want to make a payday per your choice, Earnin is the right app for you. It gives users instant access to their earnings, with a generous limit of up to $500 per pay period.

Besides, you can do a lot more with Earnin than just get cash advances. It allows you to stay on top of low account balances and pay faster without delays. Earnin also claims that their solution has helped reduce 84% stress during COVID-19 and improved spending by 74%.


Let’s end this list with Chime, a cash advance and banking app that offers fee-free overdrafts up to $200. One of the products offered by Chime is SpotMe, a banking solution that offers up to $200 worth of purchases without an overdraft fee.

With Chime, you can also get paid early by setting up a direct deposit and receiving your paycheck up to two days in advance. If you want to get paid earlier than some of your co-workers, Chime is a fantastic pick for you.

Chime charges no hidden fees, along with no overdraft fee, monthly fee, foreign transaction fee, or minimum balance requirements. Moreover, Chime supports over 60k fee-free ATM outlets. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to manage your finances and build your credit, Chime is the perfect solution.

Wrap Up: Apps Like Dave

Dave is an amazing cash advances app, but there are other apps that offer a similar or even a better experience. If you’re looking for apps like Dave, the above list of apps has got you covered. You can check these out and find the one that best suits your requirements.

So, which service did you like the most?