Gate Systems 101: An Informative Guide for Better Understanding Entry Gates

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If you’re considering how you can improve security for your business, you’re not alone. Crime against businesses, which includes robberies, burglaries, and arson, costs American companies hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

Rather than waiting for a potentially ruinous attack on your business, you may want to invest in a gate security system to keep the criminals out.

Gate systems are a common component of a wide range of businesses, due to their fact that they are highly effective at deterring criminals and making your property more secure.

If you’re considering a gates system of your own, you may be at a loss over where to start. If so, read this comprehensive guide to commercial security gate systems to learn how to keep your business safe.

1. There Are Several Different Types of Gate Systems You Can Buy

First off, it’s worth noting that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to automated gate systems. Different businesses have different needs, which is why the gate system market has developed into such a varied field.

Before you start to feel overwhelmed by choice, here are the main types of gate system that you should consider:

  • Slide Gates: These are the gate systems that you most often see outside of parking garages or office complexes. They lift up and down to allow authorized vehicles to pass through and can prevent access when necessary.
  • Lift Gates: Think of these as automatic shutters, of the kind you may see on the cover of banks or department stores. They are ideal if you do not have the space for slide or swing gates.
  • Large Gates: These are for serious security purposes only. Large gates can weigh several tons and reach a height of hundreds of feet.
  • Heavy Duty Swing Gates: These compact swing gates provide dense protection for small spaces, ideal for small businesses in built-up urban areas.
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2. Your Gate System Will Require Maintenance

When shopping for electronic gate systems, people often don’t realize that your gate systems will require regular maintenance if you want them to stay secure.

Fortunately, there is a highly professionalized industry catering to the maintenance of entry gate systems, that will keep your gates in perfect order throughout its usage.

Maintenance for gate systems is not something that is required too often. An annual routine maintenance check should be sufficient.

3. There Are Multiple Benefits to Having a Security Gate System

Installing a gate security system in your place of business has more benefits that just keep criminals out. Here is how you can benefit:

  • Security: Most obviously, security gate systems will keep your business safe, secure, and under your control. Your property, source of income, and employees will enjoy enhanced protection.
  • Safety: Theft is no the only risk that security gates reduce. A gate system will reduce the risk of injury to yourself and your employees, by ensuring threats are kept at bay.
  • Insurance: The insurance industry knows that gate systems are a strong guarantee of security. Increased security can mean lower insurance costs for your business.
  • Convenience: Gate systems can vastly improve access to your property for yourself, employees, customers, and third-party workers. They can provide an easy, secure route for entry. This can save you time and money.

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