A Brief Guide To Benefits For California Veterans

Brief Guide To Benefits For California Veterans

The Golden State of California provides its veterans with a number of different financial benefits and rewards as a ‘thank you’ for their years of service and for the brave work that they do keeping the country safe. Some of these are listed below so that any veterans residing within the state can take full advantage of them.

Family relief fund

To help out members of the California National Guard and / or their families, the California Military Family Relief Fund was set up. It provides short term grants where deployment and mobilization has a negative financial impact.

Disabled vets property tax exemption

For those veterans that are disabled or for the spouse of a disabled veteran that has now died, there is an exemption of $100,000 or $150,000 for those with an income of below $58,754 for property tax. There is no restriction of personal wealth where this tax exemption is concerned. However, it is only available on the primary property of the veteran or their spouse.

Employment Preference

Any veteran that has been discharged honourably from the American armed forces or the spouse of one that has been disabled, goes directly to the very top of the list for any job that they apply for.  

Vehicle registration fee waiver

Any veteran that is disabled, has been a prisoner of war (POW) or has received a Medal of Honor is eligible for their motor vehicle registration fees being waived. They are also entitled to free vehicle registration plates for a single vehicle, regardless of the number of wheels that it has or if it is used for private or commercial purposes. 

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Property loans

Veterans are able to get access to loans for the purpose of either rehabilitating, improving, or constructing any type of property. This can include a regular house, a mobile home, and even a farm. The loans come with interest rates that are very competitive, can be quickly processed, and even come with cover against natural disasters,such as earthquakes and wildfires. In order to be eligible, a veteeran must have 90 days of active service under their belt and be honorably discharged. 

Business fee waiver

Those veterans that vend, peddle, or hawk any goods / products from a fixed premises are eligible for having all of their business fees waived. This is also true of any other fees and taxes that they may be subject to for their business. The only exception to this is if the business involves the sale of alcoholic beverages. A veteran must have been discharged honourably in order to be eligible for this waiver.

If you are a US veteran that lives in the state of California and is having difficulty in being able to access any of these benefits and rewards that you are so rightly entitled to, then get in contact with Berry Law Veterans Law Attorney – California who can help you with any issues that either you or your spouse are having. You should not be stopped from getting what you are entitled to.