Five Reasons Your Business Should Have a Blog

Business Should Have a Blog

Many of your potential customers want to do business with a company they know, like, and trust. A consistent blog presence can help accomplish all three of those things to generate new business. There are numerous benefits to publishing regular content, this article will touch on five crucial advantages.

At a minimum, plan to publish one blog post per month. Map out a loose calendar of topics for six months but remain flexible in case a pressing issue comes up that you would like to address. If writing regular content for a blog seems overwhelming or not in your wheelhouse, consider using a monthly blog writing service. Here is how a blog can help your business grow.

1. Establishes Expertise

Publishing regular blog posts containing quality content about your business area will establish credibility with your target audience. Your posts should not be sales pitches but rather informative content that is useful. Think about your core audience’s problem trying to solve and blog about valuable tips and tricks to help. It will build trust and the next time someone is looking for what you offer, your business will be top of mind. Nobody knows your business as you do, so let that shine through.

2. Provides Additional Advertising

In addition to posting a blog on your website, you can repurpose the content for an e-newsletter, social media post, or newspaper article. All these options will drive additional traffic to your website where you can have a clear call to action for your audience. You can also see what your competition is saying and more importantly what they may be leaving out that you can touch upon.

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3. Develops New Business

When you are consistently publishing valuable content on a blog, it is likely to get shared by current clients or anyone who found it useful. Using the right keywords can help people find you online. You can make some small changes over time to improve your search engine optimization.  If you are building an email list, a blog can be a great method to acquire email addresses. Using backlinks will help newer visitors to your site find previously published content. You can create a strong interest in your product or service with regular blog posts.

4. Strengthens Your Brand

Writing can take on a variety of tones. Blog posts can be a clear, concise way to convey what your company brand is all about. Create a consistent tone throughout your content strategy and showcase it in the blog posts. You can go more in-depth with what story you want to tell. Blogs are a great way to continuously grow your audience and allow them to get to know and like you. It’s an additional way to build a relationship with a lot of people at once.

5. Engages the Audience

Posting a new blog can be a great way to spark conversation with people interested in your topic. Engaging content will inspire your audience to leave feedback, questions, or personal testimonials. If you are posting your blog link on your social media page, ask a direct question to your audience to encourage replies. Audience engagement is valuable information that you can use to drive future post topics or better understand your customer. You might even ask people what topics they would like to learn more about, a simple way to plan content.

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A regular blog can be incredibly valuable to your business. The key is to remain persistent and publish frequently. Remember there are professional writing services if it seems too overwhelming to accomplish yourself. Consistent, thoughtful blog posts can make you stand out in your industry as a leader and grow your business.