How Technology Has Changed Our Lives?

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives?

Technology has been changing our lives completely since it was first used. Humans first invented things like hunting tools, clothes, fire, shelter, etc. for an easy livelihood. They were kings then, employing several technologies to enhance their lifestyle. But now, we have become slaves of technology, as there is nothing we can do in the absence of technology. This is how technology has changed our lives.

Currently, every day a new invention is being made, which is affecting our lives significantly. And technology has become such a deep-rooted part of the modern world that it is impossible to survive without it.

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives: On A Daily Basis

Technology has provided us with many necessities like cooking stoves, ovens, microwaves, fans, lights to name a few. And it has become such an integral part of our lives that it is impossible to count the number of times we use technology in a day. You can pay bills while sitting at your home, know about international and national news without interacting with a hundred people, amongst others.

However, we are more like robotic humans now who depend on technology even for the smallest things like walking (footwear.) Technology has also affected our abilities, for instance, we used to calculate huge digits on our fingers but no we need calculators even for basic calculations.

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives: Education

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives?

The education sector has changed tremendously since the birth of the internet. Now a student can get information regarding anything and everything by just typing it on Google. One can also read as many books without actually buying them. Additionally, education has now shifted from reading, writing to listening to audios, seeing the videos.

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Online education has made education accessible for anyone sitting in any corner of the world. Unlike previous times where people had to use dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, etc., people now can get any information on their phones, tablets, and laptops.

Using such technologies have not only made education convenient and fun for them but also make it easier for children to understand visual and practical explanations.

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives: Farming

Self-driving tractors, precision in water usage, GPS technology, etc., have made farming more sustainable and smart. Moreover, the invention of BT crops and GM crops have reduced the use of insecticides and pesticides significantly. Farmers are using apps to determine their level of production, water and fertilizer required, etc. Even cattle farming has become more efficient with technology.

Genetic modification of both plants and animals has resulted in increased and better production with decreasing their requirement of food and care.

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives: Business

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives?

Earlier, businesspersons needed to maintain a lot of paperwork and hundreds of files. But now, all their data is stored in laptops and computers, which have designated software to make certain jobs easier and incredibly faster.

One does not need to roam around in the street and convince people to buy their products anymore. The internet has also opened doors for marketing and selling the products and services of a firm globally, which means while sitting in the U.S.A., you can conduct business with the British. The option of online payment has made international trading faster, convenient, and safer.

 How Technology Has Changed Our Lives: Communication

Gone are the days when people had to wait for days and months for letters to arrive and travel for several miles to access a telephone. People living continents apart do not feel isolated and away from each other, thanks to video calling and instant messaging.

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Moreover, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have also made it easier to contact people all over the world in nanoseconds. Technology has eliminated lags and errors while communicating completely. Also, people nowadays express their emotions freely and are able to raise awareness about several issues by just posting online.

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives: Health

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives?

It was not uncommon for people to lose lives to simple things like delivering a child, tuberculosis, flu, etc. These days technological advancement like medication, medical equipment and tools has improved healthcare.

Diagnosing and treating diseases have become faster than ever. However, almost everyone is detected nowadays with diseases like high blood pressure, severe headaches, etc. that are results of tension and worry. Technology contributes to such diseases massively, as increased awareness and fast-paced lifestyle affect a person’s mental health significantly.

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives: Traveling

The biggest invention in history has to be the wheel. It not only has aided traveling but also has given birth to thousands of other inventions. It just takes a few hours to reach any part of the world.

Travelling has become excessively convenient and easier for us. Every day the automobile is working on and introducing more spacious and comfortable cars, trains, buses, flights, etc. The journey to anywhere in the world would not tire you as much.

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives: Lifestyle

Our lifestyle is changing from being active and outgoing to sedentary and isolated with the improvements in technology. A kid no longer goes to play in a park and uses their devices to watch videos and play games online. Even youth prefers to stay indoors to watch movies and series online rather than going out to meet friends. Because of widely available transportation, people have stopped walking even for the smallest distance.


Technology has definitely made everything easier and more convenient, although it is also affecting our mental peace drastically. With everyone displaying their lives online, we tend to draw comparisons and feel miserable about lacking certain things. Moreover, easy access to everything has made us lethargic.