7 Ways to Avoid Listing Your House on the Market for Too Long

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The use of effective methods for selling a home can make the difference between your property being on the market for days or months. Your goal should always be to sell it as soon as possible for the listing price, if not higher. There’s a lot to consider if you want the sale of your home to be expeditious. Take a look at the seven tips below that can help to ensure your house is not on the market for too long.

1. Find an Experienced Realtor

One of the first steps to take is finding an experienced realtor. It’s important to find a qualified professional that knows how to sell property in your area. By finding someone that has a proven record of success, you’re more likely to attract buyers. An experienced realtor can help you understand what works and what doesn’t work. They can answer any questions you have and develop a strategy for selling your home quickly.

2. Sell at the Right Time

It’s important to understand the market, including the right time to sell your home. You should know whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market. While you can certainly sell your home for the listed price in a buyer’s market, it will usually depend on the area where your house is located. This is something that your realtor can help you ascertain. Another consideration is the time of year. There is a rise in home sales during the spring and summer months, which means you’re more likely to sell your home faster during this timeframe. This is beneficial because people think there’s something wrong with a property when it’s been on the market for too long.

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3. Remove Your Personal Belongings

When prospective buyers show up for an open house, they should be able to imagine themselves living in the property. If your personal belongings are still there, it’s more difficult for them to visualize the property as their own. You should remove photos and all other personal items so that your home looks more like a showroom.

4. Rent a Storage Unit

Most homes have a lot of furniture. In fact, it’s usually more than what should be left in the house while it’s on the market. The easiest way to declutter your home is to rent a storage unit. A storage until will enable you to put all of your personal belongings and extra furniture in one location. Keep in mind that you’ll need to remove things from the closets too and a storage unit is the perfect place to put everything.

5. Clean Your House Thoroughly

Cleaning your home when it’s for sale requires a much deeper clean than what would otherwise be necessary. You’ll need to deep clean every room so that it sparkles. This includes the floors, sinks, bathtubs and every other inch of your home. You might consider hiring professional cleaners that can do a much more thorough job.

6. Choose the Right Price

The speed in which your home sells will often depend on whether or not it’s priced right. The pricing of your home should be based on the market as opposed to what you think it’s worth or what you need. There’s a lot of information provided online to help you ascertain the right price. Your real estate agent will also pull comps that will provide the information needed for pricing.

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7. Make Minor Repairs

There are some instances when minor repairs can go a long way when selling a home. This doesn’t mean you need to remodel a room. Instead, you can make small changes, like replace doorknobs or a light fixture. You can replace the mailbox and paint the front door to give the outside of your home a minor facelift. It’s about making sure your home looks polished.

It’s never good for a property to be on the market for too long. These tips can help you avoid common mistakes made so that you can sell your home speedily.