The New PS5: What New Software Advancements Should We Expect?

New Software Advancements

The New PS5: What New Software Advancements Should We Expect?

It seems like a lifetime ago since the PlayStation 4 hit shelves. Indeed, the wait for the PlayStation 5 has been the longest for a next-generation console since Sony began making the device in 1994.

The PS4 was released in 2013, and the next edition is expected to drop for the holiday season in 2020. That said, one thing Sony has done well with all its New Software Advancements console hardware is to make the new model so advanced that it renders the preceding device virtually obsolete. Now, with there being such a lengthy gap between the fourth and fifth generations, huge things are expected from the New Software Advancements gaming station.

PS5 Rumors and Announcements

Sony notoriously keeps its cards close to its chest when it comes to releasing information about its projects, and prefers to drip-feed information when it feels the time is right. Between now and the release of the console – expected to be at some point between October and December 2020, the public will be able to piece all the small details together to get a reasonable idea about what they can expect from the revolutionary piece of kit. It goes without saying that the software developments on the PS5 will be astounding, and will instantly make the PS4 seem outdated when it is released.

It is expected that the new console will have a heavier focus on virtual reality. PlayStation VR was brought out for the PS4 and was a wide success. But the tech was optional for players, and only 4.2 million headsets were sold by March 2019. VR could end up being essential for the PS5, with a greater number of game developers working towards incorporating the software. Sony has also announced that the new haptic controllers will offer a more immersive experience, and should serve to give players a sense that they are feeling their surroundings within the game world.

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In terms of specifications that have been confirmed so far, the PS5 will have a bespoke 8-core AMD chipset, an SSD storage system, 3D audio, and 8K TV support. It will also have backward compatibility with the PS4, which can be presumed to mean that the disc drive will still exist.

Comparing the New Device to the PlayStation Classic

The latest major release from Sony was the PlayStation Classic, which came out in December 2018 to celebrate the 24th anniversary of the release of the original console. The Japanese company probably decided to bring out its nostalgic offering in response to the success that Nintendo enjoyed after releasing the mini consoles; the NES Classic Mini edition and the Super NES Classic Mini.

All of these consoles burst out into a market that was hungry for nostalgia after the success of Pokémon Go in 2016. This was coupled with the renaissance of other retro games and arcade classics like Pac-Man which are appearing more frequently in bars and clubs. This craze is still abundant today in various sectors of the gaming industry including iGaming. Indeed, the most popular online casinos are bound to offer at least a few retro and classic themed games, often in the genre of online slots. For instance, Betway Casino offers numerous nostalgic options including Diamond Empire and Cool Buck. Admittedly, the downside to the PlayStation Classic was the fact that it only came loaded with twenty games, whereas online hubs and newer consoles can offer hundreds.

The PS5 is likely to find ways to draw on gamers’ need for nostalgia, but the main attraction will be its futuristic draw. Sony is looking to change the way people play, and the method players consume games may be about to change. There are rumors that there could even be game streaming services similar to Netflix. If this is the case, it will mean that players have thousands of titles at their fingertips. There could also be a bigger focus on online games like Fortnite as well, as the eSports scene continues to grow.

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When the PS5 eventually hits shelves, there are likely to be some major game releases to accompany it. It is expected that Grand Theft Auto VI could be one of the marquee games to help launch the device. The Rockstar Games series has been on every generation of the PlayStation to date, so it would be fitting to have such a huge franchise involved with the next stage of the console.