How to be a Harajuku Girl Aesthetic outfits

Harajuku Girl Aesthetic outfits

Harajuku is a street style project, the most creatively exciting and fantastically interesting, from pastel colors to monochrome bright rainbow colors, Tokyo’s wild and bizarre street style. This blog is about How to be a Harajuku Girl Aesthetic outfits.

In 1996, a new fashion was born in the vicinity of Harajuku, Tokyo quarter in Japan, it was a street fashion revolution in Japan from Gothic to Kawaii (cute). How to be a Harajuku Girl Aesthetic outfits-

Although styles have changed over the years, street fashion is still widely known in Tokyo.

The Harajuku style began to represent Japanese fashion for everyone and more and more of the world – it is an electrically colorful style, like toys or fruits, exaggerated by the influence of various trends and complemented by cartoon prints.

Today the Harajuku Clothing brand is becoming popular among the youngest in the world. Inexpensive clothes became available to those who previously did not know where to get a free street style.

In addition to this, Japanese street fashion has entered popular pop culture (Gwen Stefani for “Harajuku Girls”), an American singer called her Harajuku Lovers concert tour. Avril Lavigne with his hit “Hello Kitty”, demonstrating this unusual style.

Harajuku Clothing

The K-Pop fashion is sometimes very similar to the Harajuku style, but more conservative, not the most famous “pedestrian paradise” in Tokyo, although each group undoubtedly corresponds to its own codes in clothes and accessories.

Harajuku style was never one. For example, the Gyaru group strongly discolor their hair, this is an artificial tan, artificial eyelashes, and bright clothes, they adorn nails and surprise with spectacular makeup with black and white eyeliner, bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces and platform shoes – their concept is that while you are young you can try everything, then you will grow up and you will no longer be so free. This 70s style is back again.

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K-Pop fashion

Another Kawaii Lolita subculture or Gota Pastel in Harajuku is the style of the doll, the princess who chooses pink or other pastel colors (such as lavender, pale blue, light pink, mint green, pale yellow, etc.), a skirt below the knees and more closed clothes. Today, Kawaii style is becoming very popular in Europe and America. Many girls find themselves a lot of friends, joining the Internet in groups, this gives a sense of camaraderie and self-esteem.

They can be found on Tick Tok and on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. They can buy anything on the Internet and share it in their new outfit photos and videos. It becomes a lifestyle, immersion in the subculture 24/7. This individual, wild, creative style strongly connects followers around the world. Fashion is important, but smartphones are even more important.

Until recently, these subcultures were hidden and underground, now they are popularized and commercialized, widely distributed among the masses.

Digital globalization, progress, and sensory overload have played a role and Harajuku’s popularity has grown, bringing together enthusiasts from around the world. Japanese Kawaii Harajuku Clothing somehow attracts Western girls, even if they have never been to Japan and learned about this subculture on the Internet online.

Today, Harajuku style is a mixture of Japanese and Western styles, sometimes a more conservative, soft Grunge and Aesthetic are added, but free and not dictated by any brands, emphasis on the bright color of the rainbow and fruits.

 Lilo goth and Kawaii Monster

Futuristic cyberpunk and Amalgama, Lilo goth and Kawaii Monster, Harajuku Graffiti, as well as the Anime 絶 対 領域 style, which translates as “Absolute Territory” – the gap between socks and skirts/shorts – while initially, it was just a thing like Otaku anime (based on the Absolute Field from the Neon Genesis of the Evangelion) used to describe the anime girls.

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Pleated cropped skirts and shorts quickly became a real hit in Kawaii Anime fashion and more and more represent Harajuku in different countries.

Pleated cropped skirts and shorts

Japanese street fashion affects the west coast of the United States.

Firstly, the relatively large disposable income available to youth, this was made possible due to the fact that young people live at home with their parents, reducing living expenses. Today you can easily find many really interesting things in Harajuku Clothing of monochrome color and advanced design, combine the Japanese style and Western trends in Europe.

Harajuku Clothing often collaborates with popular artists and designers and use limited-edition as a sales strategy.

Harajuku Clothing

The children of Harajuku send the message “They can and will dress as they want.” This movement is against the rules and regulations in fashion. Choose what you like and mix it all together – this is Harajuku style. Any accessories and any hair color are suitable. If you like your outfit, it’s good enough and you can dress completely different every day.

The younger generation does not want to look bored, dress in conservative “fast fashion” stores and have a simplified wardrobe of neutral color, to be a “whisper of personality”, I think this will change the world for the better and contribute to the pursuit of fashion.

Be a Harajuku Girl.

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