5 Reasons Why Smokers Are Vaping Instead

5 Reasons Why Smokers Are Vaping Instead

Smoking is a harmful addiction for a significant portion of the population worldwide. It is a significant reason for mouth cancer, lung cancer, respiratory diseases, and other health problems. Though many people understand the health risks of smoking, its addiction is so strong that it is very difficult to leave it. Even if a person does manage to go a long time without smoking, a single puff of a cigarette is enough to send them back into the spiral of addiction. To help people get over the addiction to smoking doctors and therapists have started recommending vaping instead.

Differences Between Smoking and Vaping

Most people consider vaping to be as bad as smoking and there the stigma is still attached to it. However, there are hardly any similarities between the two. Let’s look at how vaping benefits the vapers:

  • No Tobacco: Cigarettes are made of dried tobacco leaves which are then wrapped up in a paper. While smoking, it is this tobacco leaves that are burnt to get nicotine. Vaping, on the other hand, is made of natural or naturally derived ingredients and contains no tobacco at all. Its components are vegetable glycerine, derived from vegetable oils, propylene glycol, flavoring, water, and nicotine.
  • Nicotine Optional: While smoking cigarettes is a sure way of getting nicotine, it is optional in vaping. There are different amounts of nicotine added in the vaping juices, and it is up to the vaper to choose the nicotine content they want to vape. The general range of nicotine available in vaping juices is from 24 mg per milliliter, which is closer to the nicotine consumed while smoking, to 0 mg per milliliter, which means the vape juice contains no nicotine at all.
  • Harmless: Vaping is proven to be nearly 97% harmless than smoking, and there are no long-term health risks associated with it or any of its ingredients. VG and PG are also used in the manufacture of various other food products and medicines. All the ingredients and chemicals in the vapor are tested to be safe for inhaling, and there are no toxic gases or burnt particles of tobacco inhaled.
  • No Second-Hand Smoke: A significant risk while smoking is that the smoke produced is a threat to the health of any person around the smoker because of second-hand smoke. There are no such harmful toxic gases produced while vaping and the vapor which is produced is safe and harmless if inhaled. Therefore, any person around the vapor is at no health risk.
  • Environmental Friendly: Unlike smoking, vaping does not produce any ashes or residues. Additionally, the vaping devices are made of plastic or metals and are long-lasting and recyclable.
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The Best Aspect of Vaping

Though cigarettes are also available in several flavors, the range of the flavors is not nearly as vast as that of vape juices. There are over 8,000 flavors of vape juices available. One of the leading brands is the Naked 100 vape juice. This California based vape juice manufacturer produces unique and exciting flavors of vape juices since 2016. These flavors include:

  • Naked 100 Really Berry: This Naked 100 vape juice contains the flavor of lemons, blueberries, and blackberries to give a sweet and tarty experience. You would start with the flavor of the berries when you inhale which would then be followed by the lemon.
  • Naked 100 Brain Freeze: This is one of the most selling flavors of Charlie’s Chalk Dust. It is produced by blending the flavors of strawberries, kiwis, and pomegranates. It provides a sweet and tart taste with a hint of cool mint.

Some More Details About the Vape Juice

Months of research and development goes into the making of Naked 100 vape juice ranges. Each of the flavors is in compliance with the strict rules and regulations of the FDA. They come in bottles of 60 ml and weigh 4.8 oz. The VG to PG ratio in the vape juices of naked 100 is 70/30. It is the perfect ratio to get intense, white vapors and the right amount of throat hit. You get the option to choose between the nicotine levels of 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg for each of its flavors.