3 Things to Know About Sweepstakes Casinos in the US

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Sweepstakes are online casino platforms that offer casino games like poker, blackjack, slots, etc. Unlike the regular online casinos that use real money deposited to gamble, sweepstakes involve punters using a currency called “sweeps coins” to gamble instead.

I am more than excited to share with you some significant things you need to understand about the sweepstakes casinos in the US. Relax! And enjoy this smooth sailing.

  1.   Sweepstakes Casinos Don’t Make Use of Real Money

This is the most important thing you need to know about sweepstakes. It is okay to feel confused if you are coming across this for the first time, but it is easy. This is how it works. So, as earlier explained, real money isn’t used. Here, there is a sweepstake model to be followed. Here is the twist: real money purchases gold coins, which act as the accepted currency. You must understand that these coins cannot be exchanged for real money.

However, when these gold coins are bought, for every gold coin purchased, the punter gets a “sweeps coins,” a form of bonus, which can now be traded for real money. These sweeps coins, which are not real cash, can be used to play any online casino game of your choice as long as it is available.

  1.   These Casinos Give Bonuses When You Sign-up 

One fascinating benefit of sweepstakes casinos is that each time a new punter creates a new account on any of these casino sites, he is rewarded with free gold coins and sweeps coins as bonuses.

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These gold coins, which are of little or no value, are given in large quantities in case the punter loves online poker or scratch cards, as he doesn’t have to worry about the risk involved in losing.

On the other hand, Sweeps coins are given in low quantity when a new punter registers. The amount of sweep coins given varies and depends on the casino site. This coin is what you can use to get real money. You can use these sweeps coins to play games, but the chances of winning are low. As these coins are usually a little, you can only get lucky. After all, gambling is a game of luck!

  1.   It is Legal in 49 States of the US

So many countries worldwide prohibit online casinos that use real money. Generally, the US gambling law varies from state to state, and each state is allowed to make various gambling laws, but it will interest you to know that the sweepstakes casino is legal in 49 states in the US, except Washington. With sweepstake casinos widely accepted and legal in 99% of the US, you can purchase gold coins from any of the 49 states in the US as much as you want and get the free sweeps coins you get after the purchase.


Does Sweepstake Casino Use Real Money?

Sweepstakes casino doesn’t use real money, but the real money is used to purchase gold coins, which you will get sweeps coins after the purchase. These sweep coins can eventually be used to win real money if lucky enough.

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Are Sweepstakes Safe?

Although real money is not involved, you will still need to submit your personal information from your Name to your Email, Phone number, and Bank details when purchasing gold coins. So, you must be very sure of the casino site and review the site properly so you do not lose your confidential information to scammers. 


If you want to practice your skills at slot games, poker, or other games, I recommend the riversweeps casino. Plus, you even get a chance to win real money. There are numerous ways to get these sweeps coins, so punters are not limited to purchasing these coins.