10 Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

instagram marketing tips

Instagram is among the few vital social media platforms where approximately more than 90 million videos and still photographs are shared daily. Here, all Instagrammers, around 1 billion, are equally valuable. Every product, business, photos, videos are as good as any other on Instagram. After Facebook and WeChat, this platform tops the list with approximately 1000 million active users. These numbers are enough for a business to make massive efforts to capture its target audience’s attention.

To improve the reliability and value of this social media platform, here are the top 10 Instagram tips for small businesses:

A separate Instagram account for business:

Almost more than 70% of the United States Marketers are on Instagram to intensify their effectiveness and profitability. However, this can only be achieved when a business account is used for marketing instead of a personal one. A business account adds features to your bucket list that a personal account fails to do. For instance, Instagram Insights, Relevant Information, Instagram Ads, CTA button, and Instagram Shopping are only available for an Instagram Business Account.

Specify your business goal:

Instagram is a reliable block of the landscape for marketers. It can help individuals and groups achieve much more, with much less effort when used effectively. Marketing on Instagram is subjective for various businesses. Therefore, it is paramount to specify what your end goal is. Is it:

  • To generate fresh leads?
  • To help improve brand awareness?
  • To increase sales numbers?

The answer to these questions plays a pivotal role in determining your marketing strategies.

Know your target audience:

According to research, America has the greatest Instagram market having active users of ages between 15 and 30. However, this does not mean you need to stick to these numbers only. You need to specify your audience to persuade them by putting the brand message across effectively.

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Remarkable brand bio:

Instagram gives us 150 characters to create a first impression. Ensure it is amazing! Here are a few things that aid in brand recognition:

  • Brand Name: Almost 30 characters
  • Brand Username: Instagram handle for the brand
  • Brand Website: Specify your business URL
  • Brand Category: details regarding the business
  • Contact Information: CTA, Location, etc.

Your target audience will only connect to you if they understand what your brand stands for. Virtually, it is possible by providing crisp, direct, and valuable brand information.

Content that delivers visual balance:

Instagram is a social media platform where content is mostly visual. You do not need professional artistry for it, but precision is needed in terms of sharp and well-focused images. An eye-catching image on Instagram should revolve around these five elements:

  • Emotions
  • Stylish color
  • Hashtags
  • Right font
  • Relevance

In the case of videos, it is great to use an excellent video creator to capture the audience’s attention in just a 60 seconds window. For IGTV videos, the videos can be more than 60 seconds that you can use to deliver detailed product information, reviews, or interesting DIYs, etc.

Let the profile photo speak for a brand:

For brands, mostly, the profile photo is their brand logo. This adds to the brand visibility and credibility directly. Ensure to upload a picture with high resolution so that in case Instagram changes its profile picture display settings later, your logo still looks great and crisp. For a square logo, ensure it fits within the circular profile photo dimensions on Instagram; you usually need to zoom out your logo for this.

Constant color gusto:

There are a lot of brands on Instagram that follow a specific color palette. This color scheme adds to their Instagram feed by delivering a distinctive appeal. Figure out what works for your brand in terms of colors. As Instagram is all about visual appearance, your brand’s end goal can easily stand out by harmonizing it with exquisite color schemes.

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The font element:

Videos and images with text have become popular on Instagram over the past few years. This gives users the benefit of watching a brand video while keeping the volume off. If text is of paramount importance, then ensure your marketing strategy revolves around it. With the same color scheme, text font, and layout, it is easier to recognize a brand on this platform.

Follow these three simple yet useful tips to pick the right font for your images and video subtitles:

  • Determine a feeling for your brand: a brand message via images or videos will only be shareable if the audience can connect with it.
  • Have at least three font alternatives: it is always better to pick the best three fonts and build three different designs using these. Take a break and choose the best design that appeals to your eyes.
  • Pick the most readable one: the brand message will not come across if the font is not readable. Yes, the prettiest woo the audience, but for better engagement, readability has more power.
  •  Proper usage of hashtags:

On Instagram, hashtags play a vital role in enhancing a brand’s visibility. To maximize optimization, you can use up to 30 hashtags, but this is not a feasible marketing strategy. The ideal hashtag range falls between five and nine to intensify the discoverability horizon for a brand on Instagram. To find out which hashtags work for your brand, ask these three questions before assigning hashtags to an image or a video:

  • Are these hashtags relevant to my brand?
  • Are these hashtags specific to my brand niche?
  • Are these hashtags repetitive in some way?

Marketing via Instagram Stories:

According to research, one-third of the stories that are viewed on Instagram are related to brands. Most businesses use stories as a crucial element in their marketing strategy for Instagram. As these disappear post 24 hours, viewers expect brands to post real, raw, and authentic stories, unlike the feed. Remember, consistency is of paramount importance if marketing on Instagram via stories.

To Conclude:

Uncover the power of Instagram of your business by incorporating these ten unique tips into your marketing strategy. These can indeed help your brand in its growth, relevance, and engagement. So, what are you waiting for? Try these today and compare your brand’s performance!