Small Firm, Large Reach: How to Market Your Law Firm in a Few Easy, Effective Ways

Marketing for Lawyers

Marketing a law firm can prove to be challenging at times, but it’s the only way to cope with competition and reach prospective clients.

With the increased technology, online platforms are proving to be the most effective ways of marketing for lawyers and generally law firms, be it big or small.

Here is a guide on how to market a law firm and develop it into a big law brand.

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1. Make Use Of The Firm’s Local SEO

This is the most significant law firm marketing strategy. This process will involve optimizing your website to appear at the top of search results on Bing, Google, and other search engines.

Your clients should be able to easily access the name of your firm and the services you offer.

For example, if you offer advocacy for DUI, strive to make your company appear on the top of the search list for potential clients searching for “DUI lawyers in my town” on any search engine.

Potential clients are likely to click on your website and hire one of your lawyers.

Tricks To Establishing A Strong SEO Optimization

  1. Try to include the location of your firm in the subheading of your title pages.
  2. Make sure to include NAP in every page, preferably in the headers.
  3. Provide relevant content on your website. Include keywords mostly searched by your clients.
  4. Strive to get your links incorporated in other big websites that attract huge traffic. This will expose your firm to many prospective clients.
  5. Create an easy non-manual system through which prospective clients can contact you.

Leave your contacts on each of your online content. This includes your website, blog, or emails. Also, you have to improvise a quick response mechanism.

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This will include having a 24-hour operating customer care service.

Additionally, you can include an automatic response system for frequently asked questions. Clients with emergencies require prompt answers to there queries. Quick responses will help you attract such clients hence increased reputation.

2. Include Video Marketing

In 2019, video marketing is emerging to be the new effective strategy in reaching many potential clients. Personal and creative content is more convincing to clients.

Use of videos can transform the capability of a website to tenfold of what the bare text achieves.

Videos have a personal aspect. Incorporating it in your marketing strategy paints a picture of trustworthy and professionalism, especially in sensitive cases and where large amounts of cash are involved.

A potential client might get more convinced by videos even if he or she never intended to contact your law firm.

use of videos shows how real and intelligent you are to a prospective client.

Another advantage of using videos is they can be used in different social media platforms. This makes videos to be the most effective way of attracting more traffic to your website and social media.

In this era, people have little time going through all online content, especially lengthy reading content. capitalize on such busy clients by creating short videos of testimonials and services you offer. Post these videos on your website and social media platforms.

3. Consider Creating Different Pages For Your Services As a Strategy Aimed At Marketing For Lawyers

Whether your firm is an upcoming law firm or an established one, you need to have a specialized section of the different services you offer. For example, you can have sections for child custody, divorce, and estate planning.

It’s under these specific categories that you can find available layers for your legal issue. Create a drop menu for each category. The drop menu will contain all the relevant information or rather resources associated with each category. Within the drop menu, include an option of hiring the desired lawyer. The process should be simple. Hence a simple “Hire a lawyer here” option will be enough.

4. Invest In Quality Business Cards

This comprises one of the most underestimated law firm marketing ideas. It is through your contact information on your business card that potential clients can reach you. Thus, make business cards that are well detailed on the location and contact information of your law firm. Also, business cards have the potential of improving the brand of your law firm.

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It is recommended you include the logo of the awards your law firm has achieved. Don’t forget to include the link to your blog and website containing the firm’s testimonials. This will provide you with an opportunity to gain more referrals.

5. Make Use Of The Hold Time

What background music do you have for your callers during the hold time? What do your callers listen when they are on hold? It high time that you customize that hold time music to your advantage.

This is an opportunity to inform your callers of the history of your firm. Inform them of who the founders and partners are. Or, you can let the callers, who are your prospective clients, know the values, achievements, and mission of your firm.

6. Create a Follow-Up Program

Once in a while, send your old clients emails to know how they are doing. This is a marketing strategy aimed at reminding them of your existence. In case they face future legal issues, they are more likely to consult you.

As you can see, this is a perfect way of retaining your former clients. Get in touch with clients you have worked with before and ask for their opinion on the quality of your services. Through this, you will end up creating loyalty among your frequent clients who will end up bringing in more referrals.

Final Word…

Effective marketing strategies will likely reduce the hassle of gaining clients. So far, we have discussed the seven important strategies for marketing for lawyers and growing your firm.

As time goes, previously used marketing strategies are becoming outdated and hence ineffective. your firm can be offering the best legal services in town but fail to develop into a big brand due to ineffective marketing strategies.

Right marketing strategies will help you reach a wider potential market. For best results, don’t only focus on marketing the name of your firm but also the affiliated lawyers of the institution. Tell your potential clients of there capabilities and achievements.

For more information on how you can improve your marketing strategies, feel free to visit our website.