10 Gifts for Employees While They Work From Home

1Gifts for Employees While They Work From Home

If you are searching for some great work from home gift boxes, Gifts for Employees While They Work From Home then Gemnote is the perfect spot. They have a variety of items that will surely fit anyone’s discriminating taste and style. Giving gifts or tokens to your staff who are working remotely is one way of appreciating their value to the company.

As you know, remote employee gifts are simple things that help you to keep your employees motivated. These gifts do not necessarily have to be overly expensive or fancy. You can give a tumbler, a baseball cap, a gift basket or whatever as long as you show recognition to employees’ great work. Whenever you reward your employees, you give them overall work satisfaction – and because of this you are likely to retain them. One of the best option is to shop gifts at online stores like Swag Bar.

Today, finding the perfect work from home gift package or care package for remote employees is easier because of digital stores and gift companies like Gemnote. These online stores help thousands of businesses in selecting and preparing gifts for their employees. Whether it is a reward for a job well done or a care package for remote employees, these are some of the perfect 10 Gifts for Employees While They Work From Home

  1. Phone Stand

This might seem simple but it definitely is useful for your staff who work from home. Since they can always browse their phones while working, why not give them this sleek phone holder. They will surely appreciate this because now they won’t lose grip or drop their smartphones while working.

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Phone Stand

  1. Coffee Gift Set

You know that one of the perks of work from home employees is their chance to have unlimited coffee breaks. This is why we know that this coffee gift set is just a perfect work from home gift package. They can have their perfect brew anytime.


  1. Live Air Plant with Planter

Who wouldn’t want an air plant on your workspace? This gives your staff that office feel even if they work in their pajamas. For work from home employees, having a clean, organized and professional looking space is necessary to make it conducive for a healthy work environment.


  1. Custom Fleece Blanket

What way to make working remotely more cozy than this comfy Fleece Blanket? This is not just a perfect gift for your staff who work from home but also one of the gifts for the self-employed friends that you know.


  1. Le Cord Headphones

Since your staff are working from home, you don’t want them to get distracted from unnecessary noise in their place; thus these cool headphones do the trick.


6.Native Union Eclipse Charger

This is definitely one of those useful remote employee gifts that you must give your staff. It’s a handy gadget that allows them to simultaneously charge their mobile phones and laptops. This is a sure win because it eliminates the need for extension cord and cramped working space.

  1. Custom Bluetooth Speaker

Some employees enjoy music surrounding their work space. This is why we suggest that you give this Bluetooth speaker to your employees. They can use it at home, while they travel or during weekend camping.

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  1. Art of Tea, Unna Bakery Cookies, Mast Brothers Chocolate Bar Gift Box

Still thinking of what to put in your work from home gift boxes? These Art of Tea, Unna Bakery cookies and Mast Brothers chocolate bar make the best goodies for those gift boxes. You can give them as gifts during Valentines, Mother’s Day or as reward for a great performance.

  1. Tile Sport Bluetooth Tracker

If you are thinking of the right care package for remote employees, make sure to include this Bluetooth tracker. It’s a handy gadget that everyone will surely appreciate. Just imagine working at home where all their belongings are scattered all over the place. It’s purely practical to have this tracker to make sure they never lose their keys or wallets. This device is connected to their smartphones so they can easily locate their keys or wallets in case they forgot where they put them.
Bluetooth Tracker =

  1. Business Traveler Set

Even if you have employees working from home, you occasionally have them attend important company meetings or conferences. For this purpose, we suggest that you include this business traveler set in your remote employee gifts.


Employees who receive memorable gifts — those you choose thoughtfully,give a sense of being acknowledged, and so they become more loyal to your company. In the long run, sending a work from home gift package to every remote employee will keep workers motivated and experience greater job satisfaction.