Why Discord Is Not Only for Gamers


Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app. Every day, people use it for different purposes: from planning a holiday to discussing artistic projects. Of course, the primary function of Discord is to ensure remote teams have all they need to produce quality work.

Because the messenger has some additional features, people often perceive it as an app for gamers. Discord doesn’t have a limitation on the number of participants: therefore, everyone can join a conversation from any part of the world; plus, it’s very convenient to use during online tournaments.

 In this post, we’re going to explore the benefits of Discord and prove it can fulfill any user’s needs. While being popular in the gaming community, the messenger is not inferior to its competitors. To learn more about Discord, visit Whop.

Overview: What Is Discord and Why You Should Know About It

Discord is like one big house, where some rooms are secured, and some are open. It means that to join a group, you need to receive an invitation first. Inside a community, people chat, have fun, or follow other patterns depending on the group’s purpose.

The main reason to choose Discord is to share common interests without a news feed. It doesn’t have an algorithm telling users what to see and whom to follow. People can just be themselves, speaking aloud about their fears and passions.

Discord’s interface is similar to Slack and Microsoft Teams. It combines large corporate platforms and learning hubs. It’s a convenient app where college students, for example, can find paper writing services for a term paper; job seekers can land an interview, and remote specialists can prioritize their tasks.

Part 1: Why Discord Is Perfect for Gamers

The so-called “servers” or chatting rooms at Discord can be used as a communication tool for game mates. Here’s the list of top reasons to choose Discord and get your game on:

  • You can keep a voice and video chat while playing a game.
  • The messenger isn’t tied to a specific platform – you can play on PC, mobile, or Xbox.
  • A handy “Streamer mode” is convenient for sharing your screen; its additional features include hiding personal and game info while streaming.
  • Want an inside scoop on your favorite games? Join a fandom and get ideas from other fans.
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The main competitor of Discord is Twitch – another platform for streaming yourself while playing. It’s useful for gamers who want to build a large audience by broadcasting live videos. But Twitch doesn’t have a chat function. Therefore, it won’t allow creating a community and connecting with fellow gamers.

Discord highly values the security of its members. While sharing sensitive information, you should prevent a personal data leak. Install one of the cybersecurity programs before your game screen is exposed. You can also mute or block someone offensive in the chat. This way, the server will stay a nice place for spending free time.

Part 2: Who Else Can Use Discord

There are plenty of communication platforms for corporate or personal use. You’ve probably heard of Slack, Skype, Hipchat, or something more old-school, like Ventrilo or TeamSpeak. Well, for your information, Discord surpasses most of its predecessors and can be equally used by teams as it’s used by gamers.

Discord’s new branding makes the interface more inclusive; it’s no longer a gaming chat but also a marketing platform. Due to recent statistics, almost 140 million active users open Discord every single month. The number is close to the size of Twitter users, showing a growing interest and influence in the app.

In a way, like-minded people connect to discuss a game. Discord attracts brands who want to engage with loyal fans. It offers quick customer service, and it’s certainly more convenient in a fast-paced environment of deadlines and urgent projects. Companies prefer Discord because it’s flexible, contrary to using Slack or sending emails.

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Among the biggest companies that chose Discord are Adobe, YouTube, and Newegg. It’s a leading decision for better time management because one app can replace a few less effective but costly software solutions. A new company tagline says Discord is “Your place to talk,” demolishing the old “gamer tropes” mindset.

In the 21st century, Discord is used in:

  • Software development,
  • UX/UI design,
  • Hiring process,
  • Digital marketing,
  • SEO optimization,
  • Client-oriented services.

The list can go on: the chat app is changing, with more people turning their sight to Discord. The core message is to connect and find like-minded individuals, making the app servers your room for improvement.

Part 3: Other Useful Features of Discord

The messenger offers lots of benefits you can’t get elsewhere – such as bots and moderating tools. It has free options alongside premium ones. In recent years, the statement “Discord is only for gamers” has become the biggest misconception among Gen Z representatives.

The messenger is mainly free: you can create servers and participate in group discussions for no charge. You can go live to share your screen with friends. You can create a private chat (up to 10 users) to set up a strict acceptance policy.

Additionally, Discord offers premium services, such as Nitro and Server Boosts. Nitro allows installing custom tags, using emojis on every server, and downloading large-size files. Plus, you get a discount for Server Boost, which includes better sound and video quality. All things considered, Discord can be adjusted to your lifestyle and needs.


Discord is a great chatting app connecting people around the world. It started as a messenger for gamers allowing them to gain a voice and expand an audience. It has later moved on towards new branding and partnerships. The messenger is much more than a gaming app now.

Everyone can use Discord for free and enjoy its features. It works great as a virtual workspace or a room for planning an important event. Using the app, you can find lots of like-minded people who share the same interests and hobbies.