Where Are Americans Moving During the Pandemic?

Where Are Americans Moving During the Pandemic

Fifteen percent of the 25,000 Americans who’ve moved since March 2020 said they left because of the pandemic. The quarantine, lay-offs, and the emotional toll of the virus have prompted some people to relocate to the suburbs or country. Are you thinking about moving during the pandemic? We have compiled some key tips to help make the process easier for you.

Besides explaining what’s really happening with people moving during the pandemic, we’ll also discuss the state of the real estate market.

Then, we’ll talk about how to show your house or buy a new one safely and why you should consider air freight companies to move your stuff. It’s a service most movers don’t consider, yet it’s cheaper and faster for you.

Keep reading below if you’re ready to learn about how to move during the pandemic.

Has the Pandemic Forced People To Move?

You’ve probably read the news reports talking about a mass exodus from cities due to the coronavirus pandemic. Is this true?

More people are moving during the pandemic out of cities, but it doesn’t mean they’ll no longer exist in the future. Big cities will likely bounce back once things return to normal.

Data collected from the United States Postal Service has shown people are, in fact, moving to the suburbs.

For one, they’re looking for extra space and affordable housing. City dwellers are tired of paying such a large share of their income to live in cramped apartments.

The transition to remote work, which for many companies could be permanent, has also made it easier for people to work from anywhere. They no longer need to be located in the city center to correspond with employers.

According to the USPS, Texas and New York have had the most people leaving. In many of these cases, they’re relocating to the suburbs or countryside. Yet others are actually leaving these states.

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The two states receiving the most people are South Carolina and New Jersey. They’re less dense and share a border with bigger states.

It’s a Seller’s Market for Real Estate

Now is the best time to sell your home! The supply of homes for sale is the lowest it’s ever been on record, and the average property is selling in just 16 days.

Homes in the midwest are going especially fast, including places like Kansas City, Columbus, and Cincinnati. This is as more people leave major cities for smaller communities.

It probably won’t take long to sell your home if you plan to move soon. On the other hand, the market can get competitive as more people are vying for a smaller amount of available inventory.

We understand that you want to sell your home quickly but also get your money’s worth. Some sellers are intentionally pricing their homes higher for this reason.

The best thing to do is hire a local real estate agent who knows the market well. Their knowledge and experience will be key.

Here are some tips to help if you’re buying a home:

  1. Get pre-approved for a mortgage loan to demonstrate you’re ready to buy immediately
  2. Write a personal letter to the seller to show your interest
  3. Include an escalation clause in your bid so no one will offer more than you

One thing you should understand if you’re about to list your home or buy is that 2020 has completely turned the real estate market upside down.

Don’t expect things to be working the same as they did in the past.

Visit Potential New Homes Virtually

Social distancing and quarantine policies have made it difficult for homebuyers to visit a property in person. This goes both ways, whether someone is selling or buying.

We all know how important it is for buyers to see a home before they sign the dotted line. Luckily, new technology is making it easy to host virtual tours.

Realtors are using more social media to push out images and information about homes for sale. They’re also using tools like Facebook Live to host virtual open houses.

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It’s no charge to use Facebook Live. Some real estate offices are purchasing high-quality software to create 360-degree, high-resolution tours with chat features.

Another technique used by realtors and people selling their homes is a drive-thru closing, where buyers can inspect the home and receive the closing documents while observing good social distancing practices.

There has been an increase in the number of homes being purchased without the buyer ever seeing the inside. It’s not wise.

If given the opportunity, you should host or participate in a virtual open house or drive-thru closing.

Check Out Air Freight Companies For Your Moving Needs

Have you purchased a new house and now you’re preparing to move? A rental truck works if you’re only relocating a few miles to the suburbs.

But, if you’re going to a new state or country, you need something more. Your belongings can be delivered anywhere in the world by using air freight.

Choosing air freight over ocean freight will save you money and is faster.

This type of moving is ideal for large shipments. Freight staff offer door-to-door service and help you prepare all of the documentation.

All you have to do is sit back and let your items be delivered to you.

The best air freight shipping companies also employ technology to help you track your shipments and they’re certified by customs offices all over the world.

Are You Ready to Move?

Don’t let the pandemic deter you from moving. Don’t put it off if it’s been on your mind for years. The process has changed in 2020, but thousands of people are still doing it.

Now is also the best time to sell your home and relocate. More people than ever are moving to the suburbs or country. And air freight companies are a great option for moving your belongings.

You’ll have to take extra precautions when moving at least until the virus has cleared up.

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