What’s The Future Of Online Gambling Technology?

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Online gambling has made significant progress over the last few years, and it’s grown massively too. Online Cricket Betting ID industry has developed so much that many have begun to wonder what the future of online gambling technology could be. If you’re interested in discovering how it’s developed so far and what its future might be, keep on reading. 

Laptops, Computer, Smartphones & More

When online gambling first launched, it was limited to basic internet websites on desktop computers and laptops. Following the launch of smartphones, casino operators and game developers began to focus on creating mobile-friendly content and games, essentially allowing registered users to play anywhere and at any time, provided they have an internet connection. Today, all online casinos and the majority of casino games are made with mobile players in mind, giving users complete freedom over how and when they play. 

Future Online Gambling Gadgets


According to Smartphone Casinos, developer NetEnt has already released the industry’s first virtual reality video slot. Compatible with Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR headsets, the game offers an in-depth experience by placing you directly into the action with a fully animated Gonzo. The game also features a full 360-degree view, which you’ll need to use to check the game’s paytable. 

In addition to NetEnt, SlotsMillion has launched a VR casino, which is compatible with Oculus headsets. The SlotsMillion VR casino website allows users to walk around a virtual casino set on the 80th floor of a skyscraper in a futuristic city. Users can play a total of 40 slots from developers like NetEnt, Play’n GO, and more, but unlike the Gonzo’s Quest VR game where you’re dropped into the game, the slots available at SlotsMillion’s VR casino are simply played on a large screen. 

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The gambling industry’s use of VR technology is still in its early stages, but we could see more game development studios create and release VR-compatible games in the coming years as virtual reality headsets become more accessible to gamers. We could also see casino operators follow in SlotsMillion’s footsteps, launching VR casinos that offer a combination of an online and brick-and-mortar experience. However, it may be some time before all of this becomes a possibility.


Smartwatches have been around for several years now, allowing you to take phone calls, send messages, listen to music, and access numerous other apps. We could eventually see smartwatches offer gamers the ability to play online casinos games, similarly to the way online gambling can be done with tablets and smartphones. 

Although the small screen may make playing games a little difficult, many people may enjoy the ability to play games on a portable and easily accessible device. Like with VR games and casino websites, however, it may be some time before we see casino game developers create content for this.

There are plenty of directions the online gambling industry can go in with future technology. As noted, VR casinos and casino games are already available, but casino developers and operators have not yet launched anything compatible with smartwatches. We expect this to change in the coming months, however, as smartwatches increase in popularity and game developers and casino operators look to break industry norms.