Substitute for Mirin: How to Ace Your Japanese Cuisine?

substitute for mirin

Time to look out for food? Well, now it is time to look out for it very well. Nothing can come to mind when you use the same ingredient for so long; it is difficult to think of a replacement for an ingredient so easy and fast and especially at the last moment while cooking meals. These thoughts run in your mind for what to do next. So, read through this blog and learn about the substitute for mirin.

The first thing that should be crossing through your mind is what is this mirin! You might know or might not know. And that is very okay. Mirin is actually a kind of rice-seasoning that is used in Japanese cuisine. If you have tried Japanese cuisine, then you must have tried mirin before. It is mostly used to put seasoning over your food or rice. It adds to the flavor of the rice and gives you amazing food to eat.

So, what is the substitute for mirin then? Time to find out about it and so you know what to use in your kitchen instead of mirin.

substitute for mirin

Rice Vinegar

You must be thinking that is rice vinegar able to do the work that mirin will be able to do! Since both Mirin and Rice Vinegar have an acidic nature, it works both ways. But apparently, mirin has the sweetness within it that rice vinegar lacks. So, when you are cooking, you can add up to half a teaspoon of sugar along with one tablespoon of rice vinegar. This will help to add the flavor to the dishes that mirin has to give to the different Japanese cuisine making them tasty.

White Wine

You never know what you go out of. But once you start cooking something, you cannot stop it either way. So, it would be best if you did something else. Then what can be done? You might find in your place white wine. Any brand should be there. If it is, then your cuisine is saved. You can easily use white wine, and it will add as much taste to your food as much as mirin. But since mirin is a bit sweet in nature, you have to add some quantity of sugar to bring the exact taste that mirin has to offer in your food.

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When you want to give a different taste to your Japanese cuisine, Sake can never do any harm to it. You can simply enjoy your food as Sake become the perfect substitute for your food. You will be able to enjoy all of your food with the perfect seasoning. In case you want the exact taste of mirin for the seasoning of your food, you can always try putting something else with Sake. You can use a little bit of fruit juice, maybe apple or grapes, and give it the exact taste of mirin. Isn’t it lovely? But if there are no fruits to add on to, a pinch of sugar is sufficient to mix with Sake.


Haven’t you heard of Vermouth as a replacement or substitute for mirin? Well, when mirin is not there, Vermouth does the work or the magic for you in your food. You get the exact acidic taste, and definitely, you can never forget to add some sugar with it to enhance the flavor of Vermouth, just like mirin. Quite an irreplicable combination and it can never be changed and will always be there in your house somewhere around the corner. Also, you can use dry Vermouth as well, and it will suit the seasoning well enough.


One must have heard of Sherry indeed. It is used as a substitute for mirin and is something that no one can doubt to add as a seasoning for your food. It in itself is best and does not need any add-on. Being the perfect combination for seasoning, you just need to add on a little bit of it, and the flavor is just not comparable. You can always try Sherry instead of mirin and would not regret your choice. You can choose the dried Sherry as well, and the taste would not even be that much different.

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Which can be the perfect replacement for mirin?

If in terms of taste and seasoning as well as availability, one must choose Sake as it is always available at home as well. And is also readily available. Its close resemblance in flavor makes it the best choice to be used.

Where to utilize mirin?

There’s no such specification as to where mirin can be used. If you want, you can use it in any of the Asian dishes or Japanese cuisine. Mirin is not there only to enhance the flavor of Ramen but other food as well. It gives all of the food the enhancement, and if you haven’t tried it already, you can do it.

Where to purchase from?

If you are looking forward to purchasing mirin, you can always check on different online grocery platforms. They are readily available there, and you can compare the price at different online grocery platforms. If you do not trust online methods, you might want to visit the nearest grocery shop or mart where you get the ingredient that you have looking for!

Final Thoughts

With this, we have come to the end of our blog! You must have found the information you were looking for, and hopefully, you were not disappointed with the answers you got. You can always try the substitute for mirin and find out the kind of flavor for your food. Please share it with those who want to know about substitutes for mirin!