What To Know About Cascais Portugal Real Estate

Cascais is a coastal town located on the Atlantic coast of Portugal. The amazing beaches and culture make the town a popular area for foreigners to buy Cascais property. It’s also close to Lisbon. 

Cascais is not just a great place to visit; it’s also a fantastic location to invest in real estate. The climate is mild, and there are several activities to do in this region.

In this article, you can find out the various options available for Cascais Portugal real estate. Let’s get to know more about the region.  

Cascais Region

This is a very lively town that offers cultural and historical places to visit as well. For example, Nossa Senhora da Assunção church and Castro Guimarães Museum are some of the famous structures here. 

In addition to cultural legacies, Cascais offers various cafes and restaurants to spend time in as well as a vibrant nightlife. The beaches in Cascais make the area suitable for water sports like kayaking and surfing. These are some of the reasons that people, including foreigners, choose to buy Cascais real estate.

The region is around 35 minutes away from the Lisbon Airport, and it offers a mild climate like many places in Portugal.

Advantages of Buying Cascais Portugal Real Estate

There are many benefits to buying Cascais Portugal real estate. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Easy access to Lisbon: Cascais is just a short distance from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. This makes it easy to access all the amenities and services of the city, including international airports, train stations, and shopping centers.
  • Beautiful location: Cascais is located on the coast of Portugal, which means that it has stunning views of the ocean and beautiful beaches. The town is surrounded by natural parks and green areas, making it an ideal location for those who enjoy the outdoors.
  • Cultural and historical significance: Cascais has a rich history and culture, with many museums, galleries, and historic buildings to explore. The town is also known for its lively arts scene and music festivals.
  • Great investment potential: Cascais has a thriving real estate market, with properties that offer great investment potential. The town is a popular tourist destination, which means that there is a high demand for rental properties. 
  • Possibility to get residency in Portugal: Portugal has a Golden Visa program that provides residency upon investment. So, buying Cascais Portugal real estate is one of the options to get residency. The program allows you to bring your family with you as well.
  • Outdoor activities: Cascais is known for its excellent golf courses, sailing clubs, and water sports. The town also has several natural parks and hiking trails, making it an ideal location for those who enjoy outdoor activities.
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Cascais Property For Sale

Cascais is a highly sought-after location for real estate investment due to its proximity to the beach, excellent restaurants, shopping, and golf courses. There are several types of Cascais real estate for sale including apartments, villas, townhouses, and plots of land. 

The price of properties varies depending on the location and the type of property. For example, properties near the seafront and town center can be more expensive than others. The average price of a property in Cascais is around €500,000, but prices can reach up to €10 million for a luxury villa as well.

Buying property abroad can be complex for you if you’re a foreigner. To succeed in this process in a smooth way, it’s advisable to work with a professional agent. In this way, you can gain both time and money. 

Also, it’s advisable to make research about the Cascais property for sale regarding the size and type. In the meantime, you can arrange your budget according to the market, and eliminate the ones that are not suitable. 

In short, buying Cascais real estate can benefit you in many ways. Go and start looking for some of them today!