What Is In The Bag Of A High School Student?

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Preparing for the first day of school is never a simple task. Though we have been through a lot of school days, we bet that you still find it uneasy to decide which stuff to be put in the backpack.

How comes my bag be this heavy? – You asked yourself.

That is because you have just thrown every school supplies and textbooks into your bag.

Surprisingly, that is not how to do it! You just need some necessary pieces. And the key is to take out any supplies that you do not need for the day.

What we mean here, you will have to rearrange your bag every day!

Pencils Case

Of course, you need to have some dark pens or pencils to jot down teachers’ words at school. These are must-have stuff.

But when you have, like about three ballpoint pens and three pencils of different lead sizes, how can you find them in your big backpack in an instant? Not to mention that the pencil can be traditional wooden or mechanical ones.

So, you have to get yourself a pencil case. We recommend the hard-shell case for the best protection of your pencils’ lead or any brittle stuff.

Pencil case also gives you room for many more supplies, such as highlighter, eraser, pencil sharpener, short ruler, sticky marks, etc.

But remember to keep only the necessary thing inside the case. You will not need five highlighters of different colors to mark the notes!

Small Handy Items

There are some indispensable things that do not support the study, but still, you should have them in your backpack.

Mini size cleaners like hand sanitizer and tissue are never too much to spare. You can never know when you will need them.

Especially the tissues, they have numerous helpful uses in everyday activities. It can be used for a running nose, some food messes, or turning into a romantic handkerchief!


Lip balm is important too. Don’t you dare underestimate the bothersome of chapped lips!

You will also need some band-aids for unexpected situations. If you suffer from any allergy, you must place an epinephrine auto-injector on a secure place in your bag.

Reusable Water Bottle

You should always keep a water bottle inside your school bag to keep yourself hydrated all day long. Our body needs enough water to be able to think more clearly.

But you should not buy disposable water bottles from the school cafeteria; these plastic bottles are very harmful to the environment. 

A vacuum flask is recommended if you prefer cold drinks or hot coffee. Do not keep hot water in plastic bottles, even if they are the thick or durable types. Plastic will melt or release toxic chemicals, which can lead to a higher risk of cancer.

A small 21oz or 14oz water bottle is enough for your backpack. We believe that you do not need the big boy 32oz because water bottles can be refilled throughout the day.


This is not a crucial school supply that should be in your backpack all the time. In fact, it is only occasionally used when there is a special event at school, or when you have a lesson presentation.

A laptop can add significant weight to your school bag. Regular laptops’ weights range from 1.5 to 2.5kg, a number that is heavy enough to bend your back if you carry around every day.

And in case your school bag does not have a special-designed compartment to reduce impact, you will probably need a shock-resistant case to protect your laptop from the outside.

Emergency Money

When you already have a student identity card that allows you to use the city’s tram and school cafeteria with no cash, you will probably keep no money on you.

So why should you keep a small amount of money by your side when you are at school?

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Not only at school, but you should also have cash in your pocket for emergency use. By emergency, we mean the unexpected situation we never think about can happen at any moment. For example, when you lose your ID card!

Remember to keep them in a secure place in your bag, maybe with the band-aids in a small pocket.

Notebooks And Binders

Now we will come to the essentials for studying.

Notebooks, of course! Students need several different notebooks to write down what their teachers say at school and to do their homework.

The recommended number of pages varies for different subjects, but a notebook with no more than 200 pages is suitable to bring to school. Notebooks that are too thick will do bad to your back.

Binder will help you a lot by keeping your bag neat and clean. Put all the drafts or papers that teachers give you into the binder, but don’t forget to leave them out once they are no longer needed!

School Textbooks

school text book

Well, they are the must-haves. But they are also the main suspect of our back issues.

A school day may contain four to six (or more) separate subjects. Each of them requires a different textbook. Unlike notebooks, which you can choose the thinner and smaller ones, notebooks are bought in fixed volumes, so there is no way to reduce their weights.

One potential approach to solve this problem is the eBook reader. There are several copies of school textbooks online, which you can find on this prestige hocdot website. They also have school problems’ solutions and additional tests for students to review their studies.

Some Final Words

Students’ backpacks are becoming heavier and heavier every day. We hope that after this article, you will be able to rearrange your school bag with the essential supplies and make it as light as possible!

If you have any brilliant ideas to share about what’s in side my bag, please let us know!

Thank you for reading, and see you later!