What Is Email Marketing? The Ultimate Guide

email marketing

Marketing comes in many shapes and sizes: social media, influencers, blogging, video, and visual are some prime examples. But what about email marketing? Many people, for some reason, believe that is dead.

They couldn’t be more wrong: email marketing is alive and well and continues to be excellent for both lead generation and conversion. Do you think that email marketing is obsolete? Or maybe you’re interested in learning how email marketing works?

Either way, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll give you the lowdown on email marketing. What it is, why you should incorporate it into your marketing strategy, and how you can make it as effective and productive as possible.

Just read on, and get ready to send the best professional messages of your life.

About Email Marketing: A Bit of History

This is exactly what you’d expect it to be. It involves writing a commercial email and sending it to a list of users to get them interested in your products or services. However, there is much more to email marketing than sending basic, generic emails to your subscribers.

An effective email marketing strategy takes into consideration a variety of factors. For example, it targets specific customer segments, crafts personalized and informative messages, and includes a compelling call to action.

If you think that it is a new tool, then you might need to think again.

With the internet becoming more used and widespread, and email turning into an easy and effective way to do business, mass email communication emerged in the 1990s.

At first, though, most of it was classified as spam. For this reason, marketers had to put on their creative thinking hats. They needed to come up with clever, catchy, and convincing ways to turn mass emails into an effective marketing instrument.

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Cue email marketing as we know it today. There are several types of it, and each one of them serves a different purpose. You can use promotional emails to showcase a specific product or service and make the reader want to learn more about it.

Or you could send an informative email marketing campaign such as a newsletter. This will be useful to keep your clients in the know of any exciting changes or opportunities happening within your company.

Another example of email marketing is review requests. These are particularly suitable to strengthen the engagement, loyalty, and retention of established customers who have bought from you in the past.

Why Should You Use Email Marketing?

Even though email itself is not a new tool, it remains a very powerful and cost-effective way to generate more leads and boost conversion. Any business should take advantage of email marketing and include it in the bigger picture of its marketing strategy.

Think about it: with minimal effort, you can reach out to a huge number of old and new customers, increase your brand visibility, and boost your profits. After all, most of us check our email account multiple times a day, every day. So, if your email is well-crafted, highly-customized, and eye-catching, it can have huge business potential.

Of course, you’ll need to put some strategic thinking in place, as we are going to show you in the next section.

Some Genius Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

We mentioned earlier that, in the beginning, email marketing services were considered akin to spam. As annoying as it is, many non-marketing people still hold similar beliefs.

So, before you even start to write the best email marketing campaign of your life, you need to take care of one crucial aspect: spam testing. Once you’ve ensured that messages sent from your email account do not qualify as spam, you can proceed.

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A great email marketing tactic is personalization. Who wants to receive dull, generic messages that don’t speak to us directly? So, get to know your customers, and write some content that will make them feel special.

You also want to make sure that your subscribers have actually opted to receive marketing communications from you. So, focus on building an email list that only includes users who have expressed a real interest in your brand, and who have decided to subscribe voluntarily after visiting your website or learning about you.

Another essential aspect to keep in mind is the frequency with which you’re going to send out your email campaigns. Is it going to be once a week, once every two weeks, once a month? You decide, but make sure to stick with it so that your customers don’t feel overwhelmed, pressured into buying, or even annoyed!

Last but not least, you’ll want to diversify your content. Don’t send out promotional emails all the time: alternate them with newsletters, surveys, brand stories, social media content, and feedback requests. This will be crucial to keep customer interest and engagement high and will make them more eager to hear from you.

Ready to Supercharge Your Email Marketing Strategy?

Are you are serious about defining a successful marketing strategy? Then. you don’t want to miss out on the opportunities presented by email marketing. A clever, well-crafted, and professionally-executed email marketing campaign can be a phenomenal way to attract new leads and boost conversion.

Of course, it works best when it is accompanied by other digital marketing strategies, such as social media, blogging, and video. Also, you will need to learn some insider tricks for your campaigns to be effective and profitable. Just follow our tips and ideas above and you’ll be well on your way to success.

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