Steps to Take Before Launching an E-Mail Marketing Campaign

email marketing campaign

If you’re trying to find new growth opportunities for your company, then an email marketing campaign is one of the best marketing strategies to adopt. However, to ensure your success, you must follow a set of must-do steps before launching an email marketing campaign. Here is a quick overview:

Create an Email List

If you want your email marketing campaign to be successful, then you need first to create an email subscriber list. This list has to consist of people or organizations that have shown an interest in your business, products, or services. They are called qualified leads.

One of the best ways to build a solid email list is by converting website visitors to subscribers. Build country-specific websites.

Define Your Goals

After you have created your email subscribers list, the next step of the email marketing campaign planning process is to define your goals. Normally, goals for such a campaign could be:

Why You Wish to Carry Out This Campaign

The first thing you need to identify is why you want to carry out such a campaign. Some common reasons are:

    • Developing a relationship with new potential customers
    • Increasing engagement
    • Taking care and offering exclusive deals to existing customers
    • Reconnecting with inactive subscribers
  • How Frequently You Plan to Send Out Emails

This has to be a balance between timely, regular emails, and too many emails that could have your entire campaign consigned to the spam folder.

  • What Types of Emails Do You Plan to Send Out?

There are basically 3 types of emails that you can send out:

    • Promotional emails that outline special promotions and sales
    • Transactional emails that give information to your subscribers, such as welcome messages, subscriber confirmations, etc.
    • Relational Emails that deliver on what you promised to give them – a free gift, a periodic email, etc.
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Select an Email Marketing Platform

If you are looking at creating more detailed campaigns, then you need to create self-sustaining email campaigns with autoresponders and email triggers.

For these types of campaigns, it is best to hire the services of an email marketing services provider. For these types of campaigns, it is best to hire the services of an email marketing services provider. Just like in the paid digital advertising industry, where you can find big platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Click2sell, and others, there are also multiple highly-popular email marketing services such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, GetResponse, SendInBlue and more.

Design Your Emails

Once you have decided on the type of email marketing campaign that you will run, segregated your target audience, and selected your service provider, you can then finally create your emails.

Here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind while creating your emails:


  • The subject line should be short and catchy
  • Ensure there is a hook right at the beginning of the email
  • Personalize your emails by addressing your subscribers by their names
  • End with a call to action

A well-designed email marketing campaign can increase your email click-through rate by as much as 50%, so it is worth making an effort to create a solid strategy.