What Are Live Views on Twitch? 5 Ways to Increase Them

Twitch has different types of views; there are live and unique views. Live views are views counted when streaming, including views from every source during streaming. Unique views include views of people who were there and left, thus calculating as another live view. 

Getting more views on Twitch requires hard work so that your channel succeeds. You may need to utilize organic marketing strategies and Twitch stream booster to increase your following and views. Once you have your core audience, building a community from there is much simpler. 

5 Sure Ways to Increase Your Live Views on Twitch

Do you have a Twitch account and need to increase the number of views and followers? The following are some of the things you can try out to get more viewers on Twitch.

  1. Choose Your Games Wisely

Whatever game you are playing, ensure you enjoy it. If you don’t, it means your viewers will be bored and thus lower the quality of your content. The game you pick should also be popular; unpopular games are less likely to get you the desired views. Choosing a popular game will ensure that most people who land on your content will know about it and thus improve your views.

  1. Keep Talking

Suppose you are starting your journey on Twitch and don’t have that many followers; keep talking. Even if you are alone and only a handful of people are tuned in, keep talking. Some users go through the smaller channels and look for people to connect with. Find interesting topics and keep talking; talk about yourself, your opinions, interests, and anything else to help you retain those followers. 

  1. Engage With Your Audience

Your viewers want to feel heard; engaging with them will achieve this; ask them questions. Since they will be hanging with you for hours, they want recognition; this will keep them coming back. You can ask them questions like how they are, do they like this stream, or what next game they want to watch. This bond will not only increase your views, but it will also retain the audience you have.    

  1. Welcome the Newcomers

You should also show the newcomers recognition and give them a warm welcome. This will help connect with your viewers. How you phrase your greeting will also set the tone for a conversation and get to know them. 

  1. Create Channel Rewards

Enticing your audience is an essential aspect of gaining an audience; you can bring in new viewers by giving them rewards in several ways. Don’t just use the channel reward that is already available; get different types of tips that will keep your audience around. Let them earn points and give them a chance to redeem them.   

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Growing on Twitch requires work; some options will work for you, and some won’t. You will have to market your channel and look for any opportunities that come your way. New Twitch users have difficulty getting followers; for this reason, it is wise you use other methods to gain an audience.