What Are Fetishes and What are the 5 Most Common Fetishes People Have

It’s the 21st century, and discussing sex life is no longer a taboo topic. Or something you keep between the sheets when only the partners know about it. However, many people are becoming more open and eager to discuss their sex life with friends, relatives, or therapists to share a concern, solve an issue or ask for an opinion from couples with the same problem.

And many people have fetishes they’ve never discussed with their partners for fear they will judge them. So, how to handle such a situation where you eagerly want to express your desire or fantasy to your partner without offending them or sounding weird?

There are multiple ways to communicate your needs and fetishes to your partner, so follow along to learn about the most common ones people have and what exactly fetishes are.

What Are Fetishes?

A fetish is a sexual desire or excitement in response to a body part or an object that is not sexual. Such fetishes include feet, shoes, intellect, tattoos, piercings, obesity, etc. People with fetishes need to think about the objects of arousal to get excited and sexually aroused. Thus, have an orgasm.

For example, some people enjoy watching porn in front of their partners or seeing their partners satisfying themselves in front of them. In contrast, others fantasize about chatting with models or porn stars. 

But most men find feet extremely attractive. If this is your cup of tea, we’d recommend checking the best feet OnlyFans accounts and enjoying the feet pics of these incredible models.

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A fetish or a kink is something that it’s not included in the “acceptable” norms in society as part of sex life. It’s out of the ordinary.

Hey, we are not here to judge you; we’re here to help you identify your fetishes and learn how to share your needs with your partner.

Common Fetishes

There are many things and body parts that make people aroused. And learning about fetishes and kinks might be intimidating at first, so let’s take it one step at a time. Let’s learn more about the common fetishes in people that are commonly accepted and kind of normal.


Cuckolding is when one of the partners in the relationship sleeps with other people for the satisfaction of the other partner. Usually, heterosexual couples practice this fetish as a form of arousal. One of the partners usually gets excited about their significant other having sex with someone else.

To avoid heartbreak or the emotional damage that might come with it later in the relationship, the partner is not present during the sexual act. This means they are aroused by the thought rather than the actual deed of their partner.

If this idea turns you on, but you don’t necessarily want to risk your relationship and lose your partner, try exploring virtual sex or dirty talk with a third party.


Electrostimulation is the act of using electricity in the bedroom; in a fun way. The individuals might use an electric shock tool to shock the partner’s genitals. It’s a form of BDSM and can potentially harm the partner.

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If you’re into this type of stuff, get informed about the correct safety precautions and get consent from your partner before attempting anything.

3.Body Fluids

Many people fetishize body fluids like spit, breast milk, urine, ejaculate, or even feces. Most of the men had fantasies about spit, while the majority of the women included breast milk as part of their fetishes.

Some people even fantasize about having sex when the girl is on her period. As strange as it sounds, it’s not uncommon these days since many people have shared their impressions regarding their period sex.


Exhibitionism is when a person gets aroused by publicly exposing their private parts—or even having sex publicly in front of an audience. Many people find this type of fetish weird and unsettling, especially if it’s non-consensual.

If it’s consensual, the person that gets excited by it will start showing their parts in front of their partner and observe their reaction, especially if the spectator finds them attractive.

5.Role Play

Role play has become more of a normalized way of bringing excitement into the bedroom. However, it still counts as a fetish, and people get excited when pretending to be someone else.

This can be as simple as putting on a college girl’s uniform or construction worker clothes. Typical examples are a pool boy and a wealthy housewife, a doctor, a patient, etc.

Learn More

While many fetishes are shared among the population, we’ve learned a few things about these 5. To learn further about the topic, visit our blog.