Smart devices for the old people that improve life

In the age of high technology, gadgets have firmly taken their place in everyday life. It is generally accepted that they are mainly used by young people, and the seniors have nothing to do with them. This is an erroneous opinion. There is a category of devices designed specifically for old people. They can save a person’s life if he is alone. In this article, we will consider how innovative technologies can improve in-home care in Nassau.

The benefits of innovative technologies for the old people


In old age, a person is faced with a deterioration in health, often there are changes in the psyche: he is not able to figure out where he is, how to find his way home, and he can simply get lost. If the situation is aggravated by short-term memory loss, the old person will not be able to give his name or even the address. It may take a long time to figure out his identity and find relatives. 


To avoid unpleasant situations, old people are advised to use special bracelets that can have different functions. For example, pressure measurement function, GPS, panic button, etc.

Bracelet for seniors to measure blood pressure and pulse


Today, such a disease as hypertension is quite common. To detect it, you need to regularly measure the pressure. It is not so easy to carry out all the necessary calculations, especially for seniors. In this case, it is very convenient to use a tonometer-bracelet for old people. It greatly facilitates the process of collecting data, and its use does not cause any discomfort.


Benefits of using this device:


  • small size and easy storage;
  • instant pressure and pulse measurement results;
  • ease of use;
  • you can get the results of blood pressure measurements during exercise;
  • the date and time of taking readings can be fixed;
  • saving parameters;
  • accurate measurement, no error.
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A blood pressure bracelet for the old people works in a slightly different way than conventional blood pressure monitors with cuffs:


  • reading the speed of propagation of the pulse wave, 
  • electrocardiogram and other indicators. 


All received data is processed by the device. The display shows the result of the numerical values ​​of pressure and pulse. The main part of the model assumes that to achieve the most accurate result, you need to enter information about the gender, age, and weight of the user.

GPS bracelet for the seniors – a device for remote control


The GPS tracker for seniors provides passive protection. After all, those who have health problems can get injured outside the home: on a walk, on the way to the store. A bracelet with a panic button and a GPS function will tell relatives the coordinates of the location of a loved one. Thus, you can get information quickly and avoid a lot of problems and worries.


The device works on the principle of a GPS tracker: at regular intervals, it measures the coordinates of the owner’s location and sends them to a mobile phone or computer. There are bracelets with asynchronous triggering that send information not regularly, but on certain occasions:


  • received a signal from the shock sensor (triggered when falling);
  • an old person has gone beyond the boundaries of the geofence, which he must not violate to ensure safety;
  • received a request to determine the coordinates from the observer.


The main advantage of these devices is that they are safe for people, even with constant use, since electromagnetic radiation is many times weaker than that of a cell phone. They cannot provoke the appearance of any disease, on the contrary, their main purpose is to improve life, and make it safer and calmer.

Why do old people need bracelets with a panic button?


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Emergency alerts are designed to connect old people with family members, emergency medical personnel, or other healthcare professionals in the event of a threat to life, health, or in a special situation. It is especially advisable to buy an alarm bracelet for old people if they live alone. As a rule, all devices are simple and easy to use, and the necessary information is transmitted at the touch of a single button. Such gadgets provide seniors with an independent life and protect their loved ones from excessive anxiety.

Advantages of fitness bracelets for the seniors


A multi-functional smart bracelet is not just a popular sports accessory. First of all, it is a medical device that monitors the state of human health in real-time.


Options vary by manufacturer and model. However, the basic set of functions is the same for all devices in this category. Among them:


  • measurement of blood pressure and pulse;
  • counting the number of calories burned;
  • pedometer and distance measurement;
  • sleep phase monitoring.


The device helps old people to monitor their health by analyzing the most significant indicators, which allows them to abandon bulky devices and perform all measurements on time. 


Devices may have additional functions:


  • location determination;
  • measurement of body temperature and sweating;
  • respiratory rate control;
  • purpose of the task system;
  • alarm.


The most advanced and, accordingly, quite expensive models allow you to additionally assess the level of fatigue, sleep quality, physical activity per day, and even the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood. Modern fitness bracelets are protected from moisture, which allows users to wear them without taking them off.

Final thoughts


Wearable devices can be useful for both seniors and their relatives. They help the relatives of an old person to track the performance of his body and his location. Such devices are also effective in cases where relatives or a caregiver of an old person is not always next to him. If you are looking for a responsible caregiver for your loved one, Galaxy Home Care provides in-home care services. You can invite a caregiver to care for an old relative several times a week, or on a full-time basis with accommodation. You can define a list of responsibilities and voice wishes for caring for an old person.