Vivavideo Pro Apk: Features and Download Details

vivavideo pro apk

Videos have become an important part of our lives. We are all engrossed in apps like TikTok and YouTube is a go-to website we are always hooked to. In such cases, more and more people want to know ways they can create their own videos and make people see them online. Here, we will talk about vivavideo pro apk. We will tell you how you can download the app, the features in it, and how to use it.

What do you do with Video Editing Apps?

With social media creating a huge space of its own in the lives of people, it has somewhere become a daily routine of everyone to keep others updated of what they are up to. These updates are through statuses in the form of videos and photos. People now tend to keep the memories of their day to day lives captured.

Creating videos is one such ways to capture the moments. Now that almost everyone carries smartphones that captures good quality videos, gone are the days when people had to carry huge video cameras to do the same. As the quality of the camera of the phones increased, more and more people started to capture their happy moments.

As a result, many video editing applications were released specifically designed for smartphones to create quality videos. Amongst the sea of applications, what truly stood out amongst the crowd and became a very common name among the video makers is Vivavideo Pro Apk.

This is for the fact that it comes with features like no other applications provide that helps make the video created by the viva video app stand out from the other videos. The article, therefore, deals in-depth as to why the professional video makers and well as the aspiring video makers must opt for Viva video pro in comparison to the other applications available in the Play Store application.

What is Vivavideo Pro Apk?

Viva Video Pro Apk is one of the most used professional video makers, video editor, movie editor and photo slide show making apps present in the market for Android phones. It helps the video makers create wonderful and good quality videos, and lets them capture each and every moment they spend in the form of art.

The Viva Video pro application has over 200 million users present all over the world. Along with that, Google Play has ranked the application as the best video editing application in almost more than 100 countries several times.

The Viva Video Pro Apk allows the users to directly shoot a video from the application itself. The users can also choose to upload a video they want to edit. The users can choose to create a video by using many photos and videos. In this application, the users can cut videos and paste the same, choose and apply from the different options of filters available, apply various transitions that are present altogether making the video stand out from the others.

Once the video is made, the users or video makers can directly share the video they have created to Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and various other social networking sites.

What are the features of Viva Video Pro application?

The vivavideo pro apk is a better and updated version of viva video. One of the many reasons why it is a chosen application by many professional video makers is that it provides the users to choose from a variety of features.

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Some of the features of vivavideo pro apk are:
  • The vivavideo pro apk provides the users with an option of ‘Storyboard editing’. This option enables to trim and merge video clips.
  • The viva video pro application enables the users to directly share their video to various social media like Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Line, Whatsapp etc.
  • The videos edited on the application rightly fit the requirements of an Instagram video.
  • This application allows users to make videos of all kinds. These kinds range from collage slideshow or selfie video or a basic video.
  • The vivavideo pro apk lets the video makers create their own completely unique video. This is for the fact that there are various filters, transitions, music, FX, texts that the users can insert in the video. There is also a live dubbing option which gives it a professional video creating ability.
  • There are seven fascinating lenses. This lets the users be creative with even a mere selfie.
  • The video makers can blur the background putting more focus on their subject in the videos. This increases the depth of the video.
  • It attracts all the pranksters with nine creative lenses.
  • The video makers can also create slideshows with pictures turning them to a video.
  • The video makers can choose to save the video directly to the gallery by exporting the videos.
  • The application is also friendly and useful to the video makers running tight on budget. There are more than 200 free tools to choose
  • There are numerous collage tools to merge the clips and photos in one story that the users can use to make fancy videos.
  • The users in this version can create videos of any length.
  • The video makers can create videos without any watermarks.
  • The editors can instantly preview their work at WYSIWYG.

What are the benefits of using Viva Video Pro application?

What the users or video makers would definitely question is why should they choose vivavideo pro apk when there so many video editing apps available. Since there are too many editing applications available in the market, the video makers tend to choose the apps that in some way benefit them when compared to the others.

Hence, the benefits of using the viva video pro application are:

  • The viva video pro application lets the users create a more customized video. This is because it lets the video makers create a video without any watermarks, unlike many other video editing applications.
  • There are various transitions, music, effects that the video makers can use to create their video. This increases the quality of the video helping the video-makers to create unique and engaging videos.
  • The video makers while creating a video are often interrupted by unnecessary ads that pop up on the application. This hinders their video as it often results in breaking their concentration. Viva video pro application ensures that the application is free of pop up advertisements.
  • The quality of the video is good is ensured by the Viva video pro application. Viva video produces HD quality videos.
  • The viva video pro lets the video makers make a video of all lengths. There comes no problem in exporting videos that are lengthy.

How to make a video using Viva Video Pro application?

Viva video pro apk is one of the best applications to create professional and good quality videos in an easy way for Android mobile phones.

Here are the steps to create a video using the Viva video application:

  1. Open play store on the device.
  2. Search for and Download the ‘Viva video pro’ application.
  3. Once it is downloaded, the Viva video pro application automatically starts the installation process on the device.
  4. Once the application is open, two options pop up. One is for shooting a new video and the other is for editing an already existing video or photos. The video editor should choose one amongst the option depending on their requirements.
  5. The video makers can choose an already existing video from their gallery.
  6. The users can trim the video, add more videos from the options and once done, click on ‘Next’.
  7. The video makers would come across the options of adding themes and music.
  8. The users can choose their choice of transitions to give the video a more personalized and unique look. Adding a transition also lets the video flow in a particular way.
  9. Once the video is done the video maker can directly upload the video in social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, etc. They can also download the video in HD quality by exporting them to the gallery.
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How is Viva video pro different from Viva video?

The viva video comes in two different versions. One is the free edition and the other is the expert edition or pro edition. The differences between the two versions are not many or huge but some that make it quite different from each other.

The differences between the viva video and viva video pro are that:

  • Free from Advertisements: The Pro version of the Viva video ensures that no advertisements pop up when the user is editing the video. The free version of viva video has popped up ads that hinder the video-making skills of the video editor. This is for the fact that it unnecessarily breaks the concentration of the user.
  • Free from Watermarks: The free version of Viva video adds a watermark of them attached to the video. This makes the video lose its authenticity. In the pro version of viva video, the watermark is not added to the video. This lets the video makers create a more customized video.
  • Length of the video: The pro version of the Viva video application allows the video creators to create a video of as much length as they want to. Whereas, in the free version of the application the length of the video is limited to only 5 minutes.

Both the free version and the pro version of viva video are available on the Play store app. The video makers can get the pro version by purchasing to from the Paly store while the free version of Viva video comes for free.

Viva Video Pro Apk Download 2019

The Viva video pro apk download 2019 on the mobile phones is an extremely easy to do task. For this, the users need to go to the Play Store application on their mobile phones. On the search option, search for ‘Viva video Pro’. Open the application and click on Download. The Viva video pro application downloads automatically. Once downloaded, the application will install itself on the device and a Viva video icon will appear on the home screen of the mobile phone.

Or else, the users can download the Viva video pro application by clicking on this link.

How to install Viva Video Pro application?

Installing the Viva video pro application on the devices is an extremely easy task. Once the user searches for and downloads the Viva video pro application from the Play Store on the mobile devices, the application automatically starts with the installation process. If the application does not get installed automatically, click on the ‘Install’ icon.

Once the installation is done, a Viva video pro icon automatically appears on the home screen on the mobile phones of the users. However, the installation process will stop if there is not much space available on the device. Therefore, the users must ensure that there is enough space on their devices to install the application.

Viva Video pro apk is one of the best video editing applications present for the Android phones currently. According to reviews, videomakers are happy with the app. As the viva video pro application gives quality videos in an easy and effortless way, many Youtubers and bloggers use the platform instead of using complicated apps.

With features like controlling the speed of the video, sharing it easily on almost the social media platforms, trimming and editing and many more such unique features with the various features available, it is sure to become every video makers’ favorite.