Twitter Ads for Business: Underutilized and Underrated 

Twitter Ads for Business

If you know about online marketing, then you’ve inherently been exposed to digital advertising. Digital advertising takes many forms, from paid, free,  and in-text placements to interactive, static, and–perhaps most popular of all–video formats. No matter what suits your brand, there are plenty of methods that will help you get your message across. – Twitter Ads for Business

Every digital marketing strategy has its advantages; all you need to do is draw up a sustainable marketing plan and you’re already one step closer to massive growth. However, it might seem like the digital advertising world is saturated with the same kind of ads and every company has the same ideas and concepts. So, what’s the solution to an industry where every brand has similar advertising strategies? 

Try something different, of course.

Twitter Ads 

It might surprise you that social ads are among the most underutilized paid ad types; especially in an age where social media is the norm. There are so many social media apps and platforms that some sites have not been fully explored in terms of their digital advertising potential. There’s so much more to digital marketing than running Facebook or Google ads but, unfortunately, not every brand is fully utilizing the opportunities waiting for them on platforms like Twitter. 

Twitter is a very worthwhile contender in the world of digital marketing, and here’s why: 

Although statistics show that the platform is a perfect playing field for active members, some still think that Twitter users don’t engage with brands, but this is far from the truth.

Types of Twitter Ads 

Twitter generates a large percentage of its revenue from advertising and it is easy to see why. Twitter ads come in many different forms, and they offer brands a way to engage with their audience and get to know their wants, needs, and likes. 

  • Carousel Ads – Twitter Ads for Business
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Twitter offers brands the option of placing up to 4 pictures or videos in accordance with Twitter ad specs within a single tweet. Then, users can click on the link embedded within the tweet, or visit the brand’s Twitter page for more information. You can also visit Increditools for more correlated information. 

  • Takeover Ads – Twitter Ads for Business

Your ads can be the first thing that Twitter users see once they open the app with takeover ads. You can run a trend takeover campaign where your ads are alongside trending topics; making sure that any user who clicks on the conversation would see your brand and ads. Timeline takeover and Twitter takeover ads are an almost surefire way of ensuring success with your ads. 

  • Video Ads – Twitter Ads for Business

Twitter offers the video ads option for brands who wish to target their video marketing efforts to a specific demographic at a particular time. Together with sponsored posts, brands can choose the method which is right for their brand.

Advantages of Twitter Ads 

Twitter ads are a must in your business’s marketing strategy, and here’s why: 

Instant Engagement 

Twitter is a social media platform that is particularly known for its fast-paced nature. Something is happening on Twitter at every given second, and the app is abuzz with different accounts live-tweeting political topics, or getting locked in heated arguments about sports and entertainment. The high engagement on Twitter means that brands that interact regularly with their customers have higher chances of seeing success in their marketing efforts. 

Keyword Targeting 

Keyword targeting is one of the best things that exist in the world of digital advertising. With keyword targeting, brands can ensure that their ads meet the right people who have shown interest in their products or services. Keyword targeting allows brands to target people who have tweeted with a particular word in the past, joined a hashtag conversation, or even interacted with tweets containing a specified keyword. With some of the other social platforms, this kind of targeting is impossible. 

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Unique Features 

Twitter is one of the social media platforms that offer multiple ways of interaction between brands and their customers. The platform offers the App button, which allows users to click a button to take them straight to the app store where they can download and install your app. Similarly, there is also a polls feature for more targeted user engagement, as well as branded hashtags and conversation buttons. 

Tweet Targeting 

Just like keyword targeting, this type of marketing allows brands to target Twitter users who have previously engaged with their tweets. Rather than sending out generic ads to everyone on Twitter, this advertising method is perfect for narrowing down not only people who have seen your promoted posts, but also people who engaged with them. This is an even more efficient advertising method to further filter out the percentage of users who are interested in your brand. 

Tailored Audiences 

Brands can send out Twitter ads to customers who only follow certain accounts. There are third-party websites where you can download the follower list of any Twitter account and from here, you can create your tailored audience for your Twitter ads. 

Twitter Ads are Cost-Effective 

There is little worse than spending a large chunk of your advertising budget on a sponsored ad, only for it to do little in terms of generating leads. Twitter ad rates are reasonable and offer brands full control of how they manage their campaigns and paid tweet promos. Brands wishing to start on a smaller scale can also enjoy what the platform has to offer as there is no minimum budget on the platform.   

Growing your business means that you should be willing to explore various areas in your marketing efforts. There is no denying the massive reach brands can enjoy using Twitter ads, it’s all a matter of finding what works best for your brand and exploring options. Brands looking to run advertising campaigns on Twitter are better off with a social media manager who can dedicate their time to keeping up with the fast-paced nature of the platform. And with a carefully crafted marketing strategy, there is no reason why your Twitter ads should not be a success.