Trend of Online Jewellery Shopping in India

Jewellery Shops online

There has been an exponential surge in online jewellery shopping in India during the past few years. This trend is expected to further rise in the coming times. The massive shift in consumer preference is because of the dynamic changes in shopping habits, and the customer is also more aware and astute, as far as quality and trends in jewellery are concerned.

The brand name is a great player in the field in comparison to the newbies in the industry. However, cajoling the customer into buying jewellery online has not been easy even for the biggies in the industry. The customer’s ever-growing demand for variety and innovation has set the competition soaring. Also, the increase in buying capacity of the customer has become an important aspect and has brought in the shift in the buying trend. Today’s customer is ready to spend more on the jewellery, but the customer is not reckless as far as spending is considered, especially when it comes to online jewellery shopping. The customer is not only looking for the value of money but is also likes to spend wisely.

Being the largest consumers of gold in the world, the Indian customer still acts conservatively when it comes to investing in gold jewellery. This means that gold still holds precedence over the diamond, precious stones and other metals. The major chunk of jewellery shopping is captured by ceremonial or bridal jewellery, but people are gradually warming up to the idea of fashion jewellery, office jewellery or day-to-day-wear options. Diamond jewellery has been in the market, and the shopping trend has gradually emerged for over a decade, but platinum and silver are still finding their way in the jewellery market.

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Customers are no longer interested in the concept of one-size-fits-all and thus, more and more emphasis is laid on customised jewellery options. The hunger to stand out or own a signature piece of jewellery is becoming the latest fad. Most online stores offer all these features to their customers. Also, more and more people are opting for subtle and sleek designs rather than going in for elaborate design option. The demand for gold jewellery is more prominent in southern and eastern states with more conventional and traditional jewellery patterns and designs such as Maharashtrian jewellery. The northern and western parts of the country prefer more white gold and diamond jewellery options as these help in showcasing modernity, style and status.

Easy accessibility and availability along with saving the customer’s precious time and energy, the online jewellery store trend is here to stay and will see a substantial increase too. The customer’s ultimate control over shopping that is from choosing the design to the method of payment acts as a big advantage.  And not depending on the sales executive to give thorough information about each and every jewellery piece offers full control to the customer. Better deals, more variety, try and buy option and various such options offered at online stores are taking the online jewellery business by storm and it is just a beginning!