Transportable Homes – The Latest Living Trend in New Zealand

For many centuries, we have relied heavily on bricks and mortar to build dwellings, yet there are options for those who wish to own their home and one is transportable homes. There are two main types; those that are built in a factory and delivered as a complete unit and those that come in kit form and are assembled onsite.

Modular homes

Typically made from composite materials, the modular home sits on a prepared concrete base and utilities are laid read for connection. The structure bolts to posts that protrude slightly from the base, ensuring a solid anchor. Indeed, you can buy transportable homes in NZ from an award-winning manufacturer and they issue a 50-year warranty on all their homes. Many people lease the land and that makes real estate purchase more affordable and let’s not forget that your investment can be relocated at any time. Of course, not everyone wants to relocate, you could find a 30×30 lease, which gives a total of 60 years. You could agree on a 5-year lease, which leaves the door open; relocating your home is not difficult; the team do it for a living.

Prefab homes

These are in kit form and are assembled onsite; made in the factory and quickly assembled by a team of technicians; the supplier takes on the responsibility for the concrete base and utility connections, as well as planning consent, so you really don’t have to do anything except move in. Using top quality materials, fixtures and fittings, the manufacturer issues a no-quibble 50-year guarantee on all products and that is a reflection of the workmanship and materials.

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Range of sizes and layouts

Search the web for, ‘transportable homes, NZ’ and check out the variety of sizes and styles. A single professional might want their workspace to be combined with their living space, with a Broadband Internet connection and fully solar powered. Why pay the high prices when you can make an investment in clean and renewable energy and recoup your investment in only 5 years!

Cost-effective property ownership

Renting is bad business and buying a traditional house is very expensive; owning a transportable home ticks all the boxes; your asset will appreciate in value, much the same as a brick-and-mortar structure. You have the freedom to relocate at any time, which is preferrable to being tied to a real estate property.