Funny Marco Age, Biography, and Net Worth 2024

funny marco age

We all know Marco Summer as Funny Marco. Because this influencer uploads contents where most of them are too funny to handle. People even call him a prankster. This social media influencer has been entertaining the public for a long time. So you must wonder, What is Funny Marco age?

Funny Marco is now 31 years old, but he looks younger than that. However, that’s not our only question. We have a lot more to know about his biography, early life, personal life, net worth, etc. Stay tuned to know everything about him.

Full Name Marco Summers
Age 30 years
Gender Male
Birthplace  Missouri, South States of America 
Nationality  American 
Religion Christian 
Ethnicity  Afro-American
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 80 kg
Sexuality Straight
Zodiac sign Gemini
Marital status  Unknown
Children 2
Profession Social media influencer 
Net worth $1 million


Who Is Funny Marco?

Funny Marco’s fans know him in different ways, like Youtuber, content creator, and social media influencer. He came to limelight mainly because of his Youtube channel. There, he posts amazing content with utmost entertainment. His fans also call him a prankster as his entertainment contents include hilarious pranks. Perhaps you know that Funny Marco uploaded a video, Kansas City, in 2018.

This video went so viral that Marco started getting recognition in the media in a click. Marco was funny and entertaining since childhood, he even used to make pranking and entertainment videos with his friend. Now he turned his interest to a earning source. 

funny marco age

What Is Funny Marco Age?

Funny Marco was born on June 19, 1993. So now, in June of 2024, he will be 31 years old. His birth date and month says that his zodiac sign is gemini.

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What Is Funny Marco Net Worth?

Funny Marco’s most of the earnings come from his content creation on YouTube. Besides, he posts engaging contents in Instagram and Tiktok which pay him a handsome amount. Apart from content creation, he is involved in selling merchandise and has a retail business of hoodies and T-shirts. All his earnings, expenditures, assets, liabilities, etc makes his net worth around $1 million.

What Is Funny Marco Ethnicity? 

Marco Summers was born in the United States of America, and he is black. So his ethnicity is Afro-American.

Early Life

Funny Marco’s real name is Marco Summers. He was born on June 19, 1993, in Kansas City, Missouri, United States of America. Marco hasn’t disclosed much about his parents, but one thing he mentioned is, he has a very supportive family. In an interview, he said that he has a twin sister who looks like him. The interview was with Chris Brown. Later on, Marco proposed to Chris Brown to have a baby with his sister, but he denied.


Marco Summers started his career as YouTuber. He opened his Youtube channel in January of 2018. But before that, he used to make videos with his friend, BLVCK. You will see BLVC in many of the uploads by Marco.

Say it luck or hard word, Marco came to limelight in the year when he opened his Youtube channel. Thanks to his video Kansas City first 48, that created a hype among the viewers. Now, he has more than 1 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. This channel is mostly about comedy, pranks and entertainment. 

Marco also posts interview videos, but for that, he opened another Youtube channel, named Open Thoughts. You will see many famous faces in his interviews, like Chris Brown, Rapper DaBaby, and many more. His second Youtube channel has more than 550 subscribers.

Marco Summer has not only built his stature in Youtube, but also in Instagram and Tiktok. On Instagram, he has more than 5 million followers, and on Tiktok, he has more than 2.5 million followers. You will see many engaging contents of him in these social media platforms.

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Personal Life

Like Marco hasn’t disclosed much about his family, he hasn’t disclosed about his personal life too. So there is no clear report of Marco’s marital status and how many girls he dated so far. But yes, he is the father of two children. His daughters’ names are Millian Summer and Island Summer. I know it’s surprising to hear that Marco has two children although he has no wife according to him.

We got the information about his daughter when he posted a story in 2023 about his second daughter Millian. In the same year, Marco posted another story on father’s day, where there was his two daughters and a woman. Marco’s fans are assuming that the lady would be Island and Millian’s mother.

funny marco age

Frequently Asked Questions On Funny Marco Age

What is Funny Marco’s sister’s name?

Marco mentioned in the interview with Chris Brown that he has a twin sister, named Ashley.

Where does Funny Marco live?

Marco Summer is currently living in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America.

What is Marco Summer’s height?

Marco is 5 feet 11 inches, and in centimetres, it is 180.

What is Marco Summer’s weight?

Summer is 80 kg, and in pounds, it is 176.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about Funny Marco age, net worth, biography, early life, personal life, and so on. Let’s agree that the name Funny Marco actually suits him. His content is so funny and hasmany pranks that you can’t resist laughing. No doubt, his hard work and passion for his work is paying him off, that’s why he is a million dollar owner by content creation. We suspect Marco is owning more as he is involved in other earning sectors. Like merchandise selling, retail business, paid partnerships, etc.

Day by day, Marco is gaining more followers in social media platforms, and more subscribers in his Youtube channel. Also, he has a great skill to entertain the public. So it won’t be surprising for us if he gains more fame and shows us a higher net worth in the next year.